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Ottawa Social Media Marketing...

Ottawa Social Media Marketing, using video for lead capture and follow up.

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Ottawa Mixed Martial Arts Gyms

N-1  Muay Thai Kickboxing Academy

401 Preston Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1S 4N1
Telephone: 613-233-6981

Ottawa Mixed Martial Arts Gyms

During the early 20th Century, boxing and jujutsu matches were popular in the Pacific rim and across Europe. In Japan these contests were known as American style fighting and were managed under points of decision, best of three throw downs or victory by K.O. or submission.
1n 1936 a heavyweight boxer and an experienced wrestler competed in a mixed arts match which the wrestler won in  less than a minute.  After World War 1 the popularity of fighting waned and the sport divided into 2 branches called Shoot and Show. In the Shoot category, fighters competed to win and the Show category evolved into modern “professional” wresting.
And then, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, Bruce Lee introduced the concept of combining multiple physical arts to the west. Lee believed that "the best fighter is not a Boxer, Karate or Judo man. The best fighter is someone who can adapt to any style, to be formless, to adopt an individual's own style and not following the system of styles." Amongst many groups, including UFC, Bruce Lee is considered to be the father of Mixed Martial Arts.
MMA or Mixed Martial Arts competitions started in the United States with the UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, in 1993.  Since then athletes have won using many styles of Martial Art including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and  Japanese Shooto.
N1thai mixed martial arts gym is about fitness, defense and exhibiting discipline through the art of physical expression. They are the foremost school in Ottawa, ON with the best instructors and the most comprehensive training that is designed around the student. Drop in or call Dave at to learn how we can be of service to you and your needs for MMA lessons, Muay thai Kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing and yoga.

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Cute and Creepy Bed Bug Christmas Songs

They’re cute, they’re creepy and they sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Cute and Creepy Bed Bugs Christmas Songs and Music Online are designed to entertain, but they also create awareness around a growing and serious problem. Like Santa, bedbugs will visit many homes this year and they will be naughty, even if you’re nice. This year, as odd as it seems, give the gift of protection for Christmas with out X-mas Specials. Our mattress covers for bed bugs are Bed Bug Bite Proof, Dust Mite Proof, they wick away moisture, are Fire Retardant and Water Proof. The exterior is made of Polyester stretch knit which is coated with a polyurethane membrane on 6 sides. Not 2 sides or 4 sides, but all 6 sides including the top, bottom and the side panels. It also has a special 3 sided zipper that closes more tightly than a regular zipper. And to top it all off, there is an interior flap and an exterior seal that prevents bed bugs from getting in or out, even if the zipper is not 100% closed.
Our encasements have no seams, pockets or folds and only need to be washed every 3 to 4 months if there is no bed bug problem.  Cover will stretch up to 2".
Between washings, simply wipe down with a damp cloth or vacuum with each linen change.  Use hot water to wash but avoid using bleach. Dry on medium heat and should be a part of any students dorm essentials package.
Whether you are a traveler or a homebody and with all of the travel during the Christmas season,  you will want to use a Bugstop Suitcase Cover which are specially designed to stop bed bugs and their eggs from entering your suitcase. Diligently encasing all clothing, bags and belongings while traveling greatly reduces the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home or from place to place.  Bugstop encasement's are made of polyester stretch knit designed with a three-
sided bed bug resistant zipper patch and flap. It allows easy access to your clothes and belongings while zipping out bed bugs.  After using your suitcase cover just fold it up and place it in the pouch that is included.  When you get home throw the pouch and cover into the dryer for 15 minutes to kill any eggs or live bugs.  Your suitcase is the number 1 method of bedbugs getting into your home. Reach us toll free at 1 877 411 0053 or find us online at The Allergy Guy or Rest Assured MC. This is dean.
Cute and Creepy Bed Bug Christmas Songs, like Alvin and the Chipmunks, Like Santa, bedbugs will visit many homes this year and they will be naughty, even if you’re nice.

christmas music online, Christmas songs, christmas music and bedbugs.

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Hey Mitch...

Thanks for getting back to me. The power of what we do is to use Google’s algorithm in conjunction with multimedia. Look at Youtube as an obvious example. Where does Google rate Youtube content in its algorithm? Well, Google bought Youtube, and obviously considers video a high priority, therefore the content and keywords within videos on Youtube play a significant role in the overall equation. The few businesses that are taking advantage of this are getting serious results. The funny part is that they are obviously guessing at keywords, they use home videos and they are only exploiting one of seven potential media avenues.  


Example 1:      My Keyword research for, a mixed martial arts school in Ottawa, revealed “MMA Lessons” as one of the search strings to pursue. Click for Google results for MMA Lessons Ottawa and click for Ottawa MMA Lessons. Either way n1thia has a video thumbnail with Google page 1 results. What is more catching… plain text or a video thumbnail? Their website is not to be found, but they have a stronger presence than any other site on page 1. What is that worth?

Example 2:      Keyword research for revealed that variations on “bed bug killer” would be highly trafficked with acceptable competition levels. They needed to focus regionally for maximum effect and find a niche in a very busy subject in New York City. With a website this could take years to accomplish, but we managed to park them right downtown on page 1 with 2 video thumbnails, same video two different sites, no competition…and an article right below from Articlesnatch, one of many article sites that we use.

90 Day/10K    BTW the Restassuredmc Youtube channel has recently had its 10,000th view. We achieved that in just 3 months. Multimedia combined with email campaigns and traditional advertising will give your clients huge results and allow them to dominate their region. Equally, videos can be as simple as a slideshow or incorporate educational, marketing and advertising, prompt viewers to a free guide, create an FAQ series, take advantage of popular trends, entertain and exude any style.


That is a start of what we can do for you and your clients.

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Ottawa Jiu Jitsu Training and Techniques…

You know the world has changed. Remember when you used to dream about taking control of your life, about pursuing your dreams, about feeling confident all of the time?
Well, there are some old world truths that still ring true today and you can find them at Just get yourself down to 401 Preston Street and avail yourself of Ottawa’s most comprehensive Boxing Gym that teaches MMA Classes and Muay Thai Kickboxing, gives Martial Arts Lessons, Boxing Lessons, Jiu Jitsu Classes, Boot Camps and Yoga.
Just see front desk Dave and he’ll take care of you.
n1thai is a full service facility with classes for men and women in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. Engineered by Eddie Bravo, the 10th Planet system continues to revolutionize Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It teaches chokes, manipulations, submissions, sweeps, guards and counters. Additional aspects are taught with technical and progressive onus. When the fight hits the floor and even from your back, you will learn how to effectively pacify your opponent. There are also women’s only classes which provide the standard curriculum in a contemporary environment.
Meet Michael Basset who Began taking Muay Thai under Kru Carver in 2003 and attended  Oregon Muay Thai Camp in 2006 and 2007. Soon after that Michael received his Instructors Certificate for Muay Thai. Meet Kate Rafter who is one of the instructors. She began taking Muay Thai under Kru Carver in 2003. After attending Oregon Muay Thai Camp in 2006 and 2007, it wasn’t long after that Kate achieved he Instructors Certificate and has been helping people to learn Muay Thai ever since.

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Bedbug Insurance for Property Management Companies in New York

With bedbugs at Victoria’s Secret, Nike Shoes, Abercrombie and Fitch, movie theaters, libraries and Howard Stern’s Office, it was only a matter of time before the blame started to fly. So it comes as no surprise to see bed bug legal action being taken against the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. Property Management Companies are wondering how they can protect their clients from bedbugs and protect themselves against litigation.
There is no silver bullet for bedbugs. There is no “cure” for bedbugs. Like many pests, they will not be eradicated easily because it is their planet too and like cockroaches we will probably find that bedbugs are better suited to surviving than we are.
There are several options for Property Managers when it comes to killing bed bugs. There is heat, which requires raising the temperature of the building above 120 degrees. The obvious drawbacks are that it is costly, labor intensive and very inconvenient for tenants.
Then there is steam. It is cheap, but not nearly as effective as other options because it is limited in application. It uses water vapor at high temperatures which might discolor fabrics and loosen wallpaper or paint. And it will leave a lot of moisture build up in cracks.
Pesticide, on the other hand, is easy to apply but it requires licensing. Although the cost of the chemicals is not expensive, the technician is and pesticides are not overly effective on eggs, which means that your initial problem will disappear until the next brood of eggs hatch and your technician will be returning for another battle. The effective life of Pesticides is  approximately 6 months as bedbugs adapt to the chemicals and become resistant. Not only that, but if you are running a hotel, then you will need to shut down rooms around the affected area and loose revenues on all of those rooms. This can be very costly.
The final solution is to Freeze Bed Bugs with Cryonite. Cryonite was developed in Sweden and uses CO2 gas to create a bed bug killing snow that flash freezes bedbugs, cockroaches and destructive flour beetles from the inside out. Since it is a bi-product of natural fermentation processes, it is naturally occurring and therefore organic. In fact, you are exhaling it as you read this  article.
The advantages to using Cryonite to kill bedbugs are  that it is easy to use, is economical at a penny per square foot for application, it can be sprayed directly on electrical outlets which are like highways for bedbugs, there is no smell, no ooze, will not stain fabric, can be sprayed on food preparation areas, you can control when and where you need it and you can occupy rooms immediately after spraying. Assurance is insurance.
Get the full story by calling 1 877 411 0053

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Hey Mitch... regarding your question “Do you do SEO?” the answer is “Yes,” but the real question is “HOW?”


First you must understand that SEO is based on keywords. The Google-bot looks for anchor text on your site and in your information and assesses your website accordingly. Of course there is more to it than that and no one really know what the “secret sauce” is. But, we are able to recognize patterns and Google wants us to figure it out, because they are just trying to keep us honest or authentic. It used to be that you could put any keywords on your site and businesses were getting massive amounts of traffic. But if your business is about RRSP’s, then what value is there in attracting people who are searching for cauliflower?


Keywords are as easy to understand as bedbug, bed bug, bedbugs, bed bugs. There are four variations on the word bedbug. One of them gets 80% of the traffic.

Translation: When people search on the internet for something related to bed bugs, they use one of those spellings 8 out of ten times.

So, if you are using the most common spelling then you will rank more often and in the right places. If you are not, then you are wasting a lot of time and effort on dead words. Proper keyword research is paramount to your online success and you will be hearing about it endlessly from now on. Don’t even get me started on the power of misspellings and where to hide them in you site!


So, your options are to run out, find some keywords and pay a fortune to rewrite your website with the keywords in the right place and hyper-linked and labeled and dusted and cleaned. But really, if you are like most website owners, you have already done that a few times and your enthusiasm for such things ranks up there with cleaning the gutters during a blizzard.


Google already recognizes a number of sites as being authentic and ranks a backlink from these sires as having more credibility. So, how do you get backlinks from these sites? Actually, it is very simple. Google wants us to be sociable, which is why they recently changed their ranking criteria to include Facebook and other social media bookmarking sites. They also want us to communicate in all media so that people who like to watch can see it in video, people who like to read can read it in articles, people who like brevity can see and read it in blogs and people who like to listen can hear it in podcasts.


What I do for my clients is unveil the keywords that are valid and useful to their business. Then I create videos, articles, podcasts and other media around those keywords. Lastly, I place all of this material in traffic, online.


Then as the Google-bot crawls the web, it finds your information where it never found you before, it makes a note to itself that you are being sociable, that you are presenting authentic communications that are relevant to your subject and it fees this information into its vast data network. So the next time that your keyword comes up, there you are.


So, yes, I do SEO.


PS We haven’t talked about Yahoo, Bing, Youtube or any of the other major search engines yet….

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5 Reasons why you want your video to go viral...

1.  Bragging rights.

2. There is no such thing as bad advertising.

3. You can advertise your other videos on your own channel.

4. You are ready for 10 or 100 or a 1000 new customers/day

5. Google rewards this type of attention and it will help your channel.


Next: WHAT is as IMPORTANT as WHERE and HOW.



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5 reasons why you don’t necessarily want your video to go viral…

1.  Your business is local.

2.Irrelevant online inquiries will waste your time.

3. It may distract you and your resources away from existing clients.

4. You will attract a lot of the wrong kind of attention.

5. How many new customers can you realistically handle? 10/day, 100/day, 1000/day?

Next: WHAT is as IMPORTANT as WHERE and HOW.



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The Best Muay Thai Training in Ottawa is…

N1thai, at 401 Preston Street, is the most comprehensive Boxing Gym that teaches MMA Classes in Ottawa, Ontario. It features Muay Thai Kickboxing and Training, Martial Arts Lessons, Boxing Lessons, Jiu Jitsu Classes and Techniques, Boot Camps and Yoga.

Training is student focused is designed to maintain health, build confidence, teach self defense or prepare you for the ultimate challenge. Classes are combined with men and women taking part with a variety of fitness levels. Previous experience and conditioning are not required, but if you already have experience then N1thai can take you to the next level.

Muay Thai Techniques are known as The Art of Eight Limbs. The focus is to develop the ability to strike with the hands, feet, knees, and elbows. Muay Thai fighters are known for their incredible power and utilizing kicks, knees, punches, elbows, clinching, standing, wrestling, trips and throws. Training is performed on Thai Pads, Focus Mitts and the Heavy Bag using boxing gloves and shin pads.

Kickboxing normally emphasizes kicks, punches and boxing with competition requiring kicks to stay above the waist. Kickboxing is a complete fitness which utilizes all of the muscles in the body. It is a fantastic workout that will improve your balance, coordination and confidence. Thai Kickboxing is extremely good for self-defense that focuses on common unarmed attacks. It teaches you how to control an opponent at close range. In a very short window of time you will develop the skills to be confident in a self-defense situation.

Once again we would like to thank Khun Kruu Bob Carver for his commitment to the sport and for setting the bar to the highest level so that we may excel. If you want to get to the moon, you need to aim for the stars and the liftoff begins at N1thai.

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Discount Mattress Covers for Bed Bugs in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cincinnati, Chicago

Bugstop Discount Mattress Covers for Bed Bugs are protection from dust mites, bed bug bites, are silky smooth, they wick away moisture, are hypoallergenic, fire retardant and water proof. The exterior is a silky smooth Polyester stretch knit which clings to your mattress and wicks away moisture leaving you to rest in a clean, safe environment.  The interior of the encasements are covered on 6 sides with a light, but highly effective polyurethane which is flexible, quiet and guaranteed bed bug proofThe encasement is sealed using a specially designed, three sided zipper that is impenetrable by bed bugs or mites. It also has a proprietary inner flap that acts as an impenetrable wall, should the zipper not be 100% closed. The encasements have a Lycra-type stretch-ability that leaves them free of seams, pockets, folds and bunching.

If you do not have an infestation of bedbugs, then the covers require washing every 3 to 4 months. If you have an infestation then it is recommended that you leave your encasement on your mattress and box spring for at least one year, in order to kill any bugs that may be inside. Between washings you can simply wipe down the cover with a damp cloth or vacuum with each linen change.  Use hot water to wash the cover, do not use bleach and dry on medium heat.

Measure your mattress before you call as mattress dimensions can vary sometimes, but don’t worry our covers will stretch up to 2 inches to accommodate any discrepancies. Covers come in 4 mattress thicknesses, from queen mattress and box spring covers to crib mattress covers. We guarantee that nothing will get and nothing will get out of you mattress, box spring or pillow when encased with Bugstop. This is Dean, toll free at one, eight seven seven, four one one, zero zero five three.

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Clients are looking for you....right HERE.

Are you missing Podcast attention... me make it easy for you to get attention in video, podcast, blog, social media, article and authority traffic. How many billboards would you like on the information highway?

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Muay Thai Kickboxing, Ottawa-MMA Lessons, Boxing Lessons, Jiu Jitsu Techniques, Wrestling and Yoga

Muay Thai Kickboxing, Ottawa -- MMA Lessons, Boxing Lessons, Jiu Jitsu Techniques, Wrestling and Yoga

I want to thank Khun Kruu Bob Carver for giving me the opportunity to take on the leadership of such a successful academy. I also want to thank him for his commitment to the Art of Muay Thai. Although Mr. Carver will be pursuing other interests, we are fortunate that he has agreed to continue to work with and support the N-1 Thai Boxing Academy.

So, where is Ottawa's first Thai Kickboxing Academy going from here? Naturally, many of you have ideas of how we can improve the academy, and I want to hear all of those ideas.  In most endeavors, communication is a key to success, and it is certainly true for the future development of the Thai Boxing Academy. Working together, we can develop and provide the best educational and training tools in the industry for our members and instructors. So let me hear from you.

You can expect some new things from the N-1Thai Boxing Academy this year. To start we are pleased to announce the move to a new larger location located at 401 Preston Street, at the corner of Beech. I look forward to renewing my deep and personal commitment with all the members of the N-1 Thai Boxing team, to ensure you have the best possible training experience.

We are writing a new student workbook which will be introduced in the coming months.  We'll also be reviewing the certification process to ensure proper development. We're pleased to announce the development of an online member support center. The website will also list a complete class schedule of upcoming additional curriculum and plenty of extra resources. As you can see, there are a lot of new things in the works. We're committed to delivering new, state-of-the-art products soon. But most importantly, we are committed to providing even better customer service and support than we have in the past.

Finally, to our members, I pledge my dedication to the Thai Boxing Academy and to ensuring its success. I invite all Thai Boxing Academy members to contact me by e-mail with any questions, concerns or just to say hello. This is the time for the Thai Boxing Academy to grow and maintain our leadership position in Thai Boxing around the world.  I am also pleased to announce our commitment to providing Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA Lessons, Boxing Lessons, Jiu Jitsu Techniques, Wrestling and Yoga. I look forward to seeing all the members of the N-1 Thai Boxing Academy team in the near future.

Yours truly

Naaron Fijalkowski

President and CEO


401 Preston Street

Ottawa, ON


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Need your help for 3 minutes and 6 seconds, between now and Wednesday.

Hey everyone....
Have you heard me blathering on about 3100 youtube viewers this month and the positive impact that it has had on our business? If not then see 184 New Clients/24hrs. So, now that I have figured out a few tricks, I am on a mission to get Youtube to feature one of my videos, and I need your help. What I need is for as many people as possible to go to and watch the top video that has the word Creepy in the title. Let it play all the way through and presto, you are finished. Then we will see what impact this has on Youtube along with a few other tactics that we are employing simultaneously. Let me know if you have on Twitter or Facebook.
We will let you know if this worked.

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Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg during Ad Week... #2. Video: Upload videos about your cause as video is really powerful.

Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg during Ad Week gives three tips for social causes on Facebook. 1. Virality: Encourage sharing by tagging photos, for example. 2. Video: Upload videos about your cause as video is really powerful. 3. Insights: Use Facebook's analytics to learn what content most resonates with users.
Online video marketing is largely untapped by the average business and quickly becoming the medium of choice for advertising. Of course, there are right ways and ineffective ways.... I can help you with that.
Dean @ 613 222 1947

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See Bed Bugs SUCK MY BLOOD! Latest Video-Control Pest-Pest Service to Kill Bed Bugs-Freeze with Cryonite Snow


Property Management Companies, Hospital, Government, Facility Managers or cleaning companies can now control pest and pest service fees by killing bed bugs, cockroaches and beetles through freezing with Cryonite snow.

Pest control using Cryonite is as easy as hooking up a BBQ and operating a pressure washer. It uses CO2 gas, which is readily available from your local gas company. CO2 is used to make soda pop bubble, is made into dry ice and is also applied like sand blasting to clean buildings.

Cryonite takes the liquid carbon dioxide and through a special process, turns it into snow. But here is the trick. Not long ago, CO2 was unsuccessfully used to freeze bedbugs. Bed bugs and cockroaches are covered in a hard skin that is called an exoskeleton which protects them from extreme temperatures. As they applied the CO2, it did not freeze them fast enough, allowing the bugs to go into a suspended state. While the bugs were hibernating the problem appeared to be solved and the good people resumed their normal sleeping patterns... until they all woke up.

So, having said all of that, what makes Cryonite snow different is that it produces two unique and instrumental snowflake sizes that penetrate the hard exoskeleton and flash freeze our unwanted visitors. It is also effective in killing the larvae and the eggs, something that has been giving other methods of extermination a challenge. Think of it… kill the eggs and they are gone forever, not just for now.

Other advantages to freezing bed bugs with Cryonite snow is that has no hydrogen molecules. Yes, I am sure that I have your attention hanging on my every word. Translation: Hydrogen molecules are what you get with water and since there are none in CO2 there is no risk of staining upholstery or clothing, there is no transmission of electrical current if you happen to spray it on electrical devices, it is odorless and it will not leave any chemical ooze.

So what are you waiting for??? Call me, Dean, toll free at 1 877 411 0053 or find me at dean at restassuredmc dot calm.

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Latest Video-Chicago Bedbug Summit-Pest Control for Property Managers-Freeze Bed Bugs with Cryonite

The Chicago Bed Bug Summit was a great success, raising awareness and providing options for pest control, extermination and the obliteration of bed bugs. We all knew that once bedbugs had invaded the sanctity of Victoria’s Secret, the evil bugs would need to be exterminated.

Adding insult to injury they also violated the pristine environments of Abercrombie & Fitch and challenged Nike by “just doing it” in their New York store.

America can only take so much of this type of insolence so this week America was exposed a myriad of solutions to annihilating the annoying pests. Bed bug extermination methods use heat trailers to bake them, frying them, chemical pesticides, tracking them down with Scooby the Bedbug sniffing dog and starving them with mattress covers for bed bugs. But, by far, the most interesting method was Cryonite, which turns CO2 gas into a snow that freeze bed bugs.

 “Cryonite was developed in Sweden and has been in use in Europe and Australia since 2005,” explained Lorne Chadnick of, the only licensed Cryonite distributors in North America. Their patented machine takes liquid CO2 and produces tiny snowflakes. Bedbugs have a hard outer skin that is called an exoskeleton and is very much like a space suit, in that it protects the bugs from extreme temperature changes. Therefore Cryonite’s claim to fame is that it produces two snowflake sizes that are able to penetrate their armor and rapid freeze them from the inside out.

Aside from being effective, the Cryonite process is also one of the most environmentally friendly pest control methods on the market. The snow is made from CO2 gas which is widely used in the creation of soda pop, it does not leave a residue or chemical smell, it does not stain fabric or furniture, it dissipates quickly and it can be safely used around people. If you have ever been to rock concert or the science center where you saw dry ice roll off the stage like fog, then you have seen what Cryonite is made of.

What about the recent EPA/CDC joint statement on the use of Pesticides in bed bug control? Another bonus with using Cryonite is that it is not a restricted substance. There is no licensing required, so for the first time Property Management Companies can take control of their pest management with a highly effective weapon. When you think you may have a bed bug problem, you can attack it immediately without having to call a pest control company, without having to close rooms, without having to wait hours or days, or displace your tenants… it is a concept that some Property Managers are having trouble understanding. DDT is gone, wake up, the future is here!

So, the next time that you are drinking a soda at a rock concert, think of Cryonite. More info can be had at or by calling Dean toll free at 1 877 411 0053.

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184 New Clients in 24 Hours... and see the blood sucked out of me, really!

184 new clients.


184 opportunities to make an impression, to plant a seed, to inspire, to educate or to convince, that you are the best company to service their needs.


What business could not profit from such an increase? 184 is the number of views that our Youtube Channel,, had in the last 24 hours. That is 184 new and returning people "walking through our store." How many do you need?


 We had viewers from specifically targeted areas in the US and CN and the age of our viewers fit the demographic that we needed to reach. We are on course to have over 3000 visits by the end of this month on our Youtube channel...not including our other 90 communication channels that incorporates podcast, article, blog and 20 social media sites.

Not only are we speaking, but people are reading what we have to say, hearing our message, watching our moves and sharing it with their friends. I think that we have arrived. How about you?

Our latest video...

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Response to National Geographic youtube video Bed Bugs

See our live hungry bed bugs at

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We need some friends at Restassuredmc on Facebook

FYI I am doing a considerable amount of work for Restassuredmc regarding bedbugs. We have around 100 Youtube views/day from the demographics that are most important to us. We could use some more friends on Facebook at Restassuredmc



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1500 views on Youtube in August... hiring new staff!

Just enjoying my 1500 views on youtube this month. 5 out of 23 video channels have over 2000 combined views this month. Not including article, podcast, blog, authority and social media views. And I'll do it for you. Call me. Sincerely, Dean.

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A tweak brings more traffic.....

Just watching my youtube hits go up and up. Having fun with words. Perhaps we will hear that the keyboard is mightier than the sword! Not really, I just wanted to see how that sounded.

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Property Managers Bed Bug Special, New York,

I am talking to a lot of Property Managers who say to me that they did not bring the bugs into their building. Bed bugs are spreading like a forest fire because of these divisive approaches. By the time you figure out who is to blame your infestation will have gone from a single unit to multiple units. Then whose problem will it be? EVERYONE'S.
Get on the Program, join forces and let The Property Mangers Bed Bug Special help you out!
This is Dean at 1 877 411 0053.

Freeze Bed Bugs-Cryonite Spray

4 Property Managers, Columbus OH, New York NY, Toronto ON, Bloomington IL, Manchester NH, San Francisco CA, Durham NC, Vancouver BC, Chicago IL, Denver CO

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I don't sell, I teach.

I think of my job as an educator more than a salesman. If I sell something to someone who is unhappy with their purchase, then it is going to cost me time and money to reverse that process. And it leaves me with a dissatisfying feeling, like karma indigestion. Blurg!

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See Live Hungry Bed Bugs Bite Me!

There you go, we’ve got some dead bed bugs, got a few live ones and they can smell me, so they are crawling around in here. Ohhh, they are hungry! A couple of them are, anyhow. There’s a good sample of an exoskeleton that they shed. Exoskeleton: the protective or supporting structure covering the outside of the body of many animals, such as the thick cuticle of arthropods. That is something that you’ll find lying around the apartment. The dark spots are excrement, Excrement: waste matter discharged from the body, so you’ll see that on your sheets or you’ll see that on your pillow case. Oh, I can feel it biting me right through the lid of this thing. You can see that we have a very thin lid and there are a few bed bugs inside. These are on loan from a Pest Control company and you can see them crawling around in there. They can smell me through the lid, where are they? Focus, focus, focus! There they are. A couple of them are hungry. They want to feed every several days. You can see how fat they are and full of blood. They have recently fed, but they are picking up the heat signature of ME. So there you go. This is what they are all about. They come out early in the morning and that’s when they like to feed. These are the signs you are going to see of them all around your place. Check your mattress. Your first line of defense is your mattress because if you block them out of your mattress and box spring they have nowhere to live (not completely true, but what I meant to say was that they will no longer be living so near to their food source-YOU!)…nearby and they have to travel. This is Dean, with, the talking about bed bugs, how to kill bedbugs, how to get rid of bed bugs and all the telltale signs of bedbugs and bed bug spray. O.K. that’s it! You can see them crawling at



PS Get a 5% discount for reading this. The Discount Code is Dean. Mention it or enter it in the coupon box for lab tested, bed bug proof mattress covers and accessories. Or call us, Toll Free 1 877 411 0053.

new York, Toronto, Boston, san Diego, san Francisco, Cincinnati, los Angeles, Brooklyn, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Pittsburg, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Detroit, fort worth, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, el Paso, Washington, Milwaukee, charlotte, Baltimore, Memphis, Austin, san José, san Antonio, phoenix, Houston, Las Vegas, Louisville, Portland, Oklahoma city, Tucson, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Kansas city, Fresno, Sacramento, long beach, mesa, Virginia beach, Miami, Omaha, Cleveland, Oakland, Raleigh, Colorado springs, Tulsa, Minneapolis, Arlington, Honolulu

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Dorm Essentials have Changed to Kill Bed Bugs...

There are many new groovy dorm essentials to have on your list when going to campus this year. Unfortunately some students will be carrying uninvited guests known as bedbugs. And they will spread quickly to those who have not protected themselves. It’s not your fault but you will be left with the problem if you do not pay attention!

Bedbugs were originally brought to North America by European colonists and their presence has been documented on the island of Jamaica since 1720.This is not a history lesson! O.K., you're right, it is! But one that will save you from blood, sweat and tears...and the ultimate humiliation.

“U.S. college campuses are really the perfect setting,” noted entomologist Richard Cooper. “We have large numbers of students coming from all over the country and, in fact, all over the world every semester, and it’s inevitable that somebody is going to bring bugs with them. And once the bugs are introduced, they can rapidly spread because of all the interactions students have visiting each other’s rooms.”

University Village Sucked Dry!

Colleges and Universities across the country are reporting a scary increase of bedbugs infesting dormitories, and the problem only gets worse when they hitchhike on their coed hosts going from room to room. They also travel very fast through cracks in the walls and electrical sockets.

One of the earliest newspaper articles about bedbugs in the US was from 1905 in which the writer describes clothes and mattresses “turned-out” in the sun and caked with eggs. With large numbers of students coming from all over the world it is inevitable that someone will bring bedbugs with them. Once the bugs are introduced, they spread rapidly with all of the interactions of students socializing in each others rooms. But how can anyone stop that from happening? Duh!

Dormitory Living in the 1950's

In the 1950’s because of the use of DDT, Bedbugs were believed to be extinct. It is believed that chicken farmers in 3 US states were the first victims of the latest outbreak. Workers unknowingly carried the bugs to their barracks and they spread from there. Bedbug populations in the United States have increased by 500 percent in the past few years and continue to grow year after year

Boy's Dormitory or Girls Dormitory

Stanford and Ohio State have had infestations and went so far as to clear out dorms. Texas A&M also had to spend a considerable amount of money to combat an infestation. Prevention is the key and the first line of defense if knowledge. The second line of defense is a mattress cover for bed bugs. If they can’t get in, they can nest. And if bedbugs are in, then they can’t get out to feed and they die.

You can’t control the actions of others, but you can protect yourself and Rest Assured. See our special pricing on Lab Tested Mattress Covers for Bedbugs.



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Cincinnati: Mattress Covers Kill Bed Bugs! (Secret Code: Dean)

We are not exactly sure when they arrived in Cincinnati, but they are certainly here now. Bedbugs were originally brought to North America by European colonists and their presence has been documented on the island of Jamaica since 1720.

One of the earliest newspaper articles about bedbugs was found from 1905 in which the writer describes clothes and mattresses turned-out in the sun and caked with eggs.

In the 1950's because of the use of DDT, Bedbugs were believed to be extinct. But the effects of DDT can still be seen today. It is believed that chicken farmers in 3 US states were the first victims of the latest outbreak. Workers unknowingly carried the bugs to their barracks and they spread from there.

Bedbug populations in the United States have increased by 500 percent in the past few years and continue to grow year after year. The cause of this resurgence is still uncertain, but increased international travel is considered to be a contributing factor. They are spreading rapidly because most people aren't aware of a problem until they have an infestation. By that time they have unknowingly transported the bugs to multiple other locations where the process is repeated.

As far as killing them with chemicals, a United States study of bedbugs revealed that that many types have grown resistant to insecticides. Bugs were collected from across the country and were found to be several thousands of times more resistant to pyrethroids than average laboratory bedbugs. Cincinnati Bedbugs have been found to be the most resilient to deltamethrin than the bedbugs in Florida. Scientists attribute this to nerve cell mutations which in the Cincinnati City variety of bedbug are 264 times more resilient.

Get a Lab Tested, Bedbug Proof Mattress Cover for Bedbugs and sleep Rest Assured.



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New York! Mattress Covers to Kill Bed Bugs First Line of Defense!

New bill will be more help in getting rid of landlords that getting rid of bed bugs.

There has been a bill passed that will require New York City landlords to tell prospective tenants a properties bedbug history.  Once signed into law, landlords will be obligated to inform potential tenants whether the unit has been infested within the previous year.

Bedbugs do not discriminate between rich, poor creed, religion or geography. So it would be a bill that does not discriminate either. There will be disclosure forms supplied by the landlord that will be monitored by the State Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

The bill passed despite opposition from some Republicans who, Ms. Rosenthal said, argued that the disclosure would stigmatize buildings and drive property values down.

Complaints about bedbugs in New York City have escalated to the point that they cannot be ignored. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development fielded 11,000 calls regarding bedbugs to the 311 help line. In the same time period in 2004 there were 537 calls and confirmed infestations have risen over 4,000 last year from 80.

There are fears that the reports will drive down property values and place a stigma on properties that are experience a problem. There has also been a bill introduced that will give bedbug victims a 15 percent credit on the state personal income tax, for up to $750, to compensate for replacing furniture infested by bedbugs. Of course replacing furniture and clothing only exacerbates the problem and spreads the infestation even further.

There are cost effective ways to prevent and combat bedbugs that include mattress covers for bed bugs, bed bug spray, hypoallergenic mattress covers, bed bugs traps, bedbug detection devices and an arsenal of counter measures. The most important weapon is understanding bed bugs. Want to know how to kill bed bugs in New York? Get the facts at and



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Toronto: Kill Bed Bugs with Lab Tested Bedbug Proof Mattress Covers! (40% OFF if you mention Dean)

I love everything about Toronto : great food, great entertainment, beautiful people and a great vibe. But all of that in the shadow of a growing problem that has become an epidemic. Toronto Public Health reported a 1,000% increase in the number of bedbug complaints. This is no joke!

Then I found out that is an epidemic that happening across North America and the rest of the world.

Bedbugs are blood sucking insects that are related to cockroaches. DDT nearly made them extinct in the 1950’s, but it almost made us extinct too. They are tiny as infants and are difficult to detect with the naked eye. They feed on blood and prefer humans to any other creature. They have been around since the dawn of time, but our forefathers had everyday means of limiting their spread.

They move quickly from place to place, travelling on clothing and in luggage or furniture. You can catch them anywhere and once you get home they multiply quickly and spread throughout your living area. Your landlord, neighbors and friends aren’t going to admit that they have them because they feel humiliated. They move through a city with no respect for social standing, economic status or geography.

When you discover bedbugs, do not throw your belongings in the garbage. This is extremely costly and there is no guarantee that the bugs will not return and destroy your next crop of stylish garments. As a matter of fact, this will only increase their proliferation. There are effective solutions.

Start by cutting off their FOOD SUPPLY-YOU! Encase your bedding with a Lab Tested Mattress Cover for bed bugs, pillow encasements and a box spring encasement. They are very affordable and effective.

Then trap them, lure them or cook them with steam. It is not difficult to lock them out of your life. Be reactive or proactive, but Rest Assured.



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Hello, this is your teeth speaking…

You only get one smile and it says so much. Some smiles say “come here” and others say “go away”, but it is important that your smile says what you want it to say. It could say “bring me more ice cream,” or “I think you’re beautiful.” And you are even more beautiful when you are holding two ice cream-one for me and one for you!

Our smile at Dental Ottawa Dentist says that we are the best at surgical and topical teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns, implants, false teeth, bridges and gum lifts. But what we really excel at

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This is your teeth speaking: Your face is too dark ...

Your face is too dark without us…

Hello, this is your teeth speaking. We are the team that makes up your smile and we want to say that we love you, and we are here to brighten your face. Remember that your smile is directly connected to your confidence which is directly connected to your success in life. You can easily brighten your face by getting us polished with teeth whitener. And when we are all bright, the sun will bounce off of us like a beacon that reaches out into the world when you smile.

Think of it as a safety issue. Like if you were ever riding in the Andes and your alpaca broke down, then you were stranded in the middle of nowhere and they sent out a plane to search for you and suddenly the sun broke through the clouds and you smiled and the light bounced off your incredible smile and the pilot saw it and landed and brought you fresh sandwiches and took you back to town,. Wouldn’t you be happy that you got your teeth whitened?

Besides, we love the feel of biting into crisp things after we are all smooth and shiny. The molars want me to tell you to send in some more crunchy stuff, they need a workout. It’s true, one of them is looking bloated, and you don’t want it to get around town that you have fat molars!

Remember; get your teeth whitened because we love you.

Love always,

Your smile

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We speak Teeth at Dental Ottawa Dentist

Hello Ottawa Teeth…

You found yourself here, reading this line of text, so I assume that you are looking for the best Dental Clinic in Ottawa. You truly need to consider Dental Ottawa Dentist. We provide the best care in dentistry for Ottawa and the NCR. Our patient care concentrates on providing sedation dentistry, teeth whitening, dental hygiene, dental bridges, caps and the best general Dentistry in Ottawa.

What are your teeth trying to tell you?

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This is your teeth speaking about Teeth Whitening...

Hello, this is your teeth speaking.  I have managed to get the teeth and the lips and the tongue to work together so that we could send out this message. So, here it is. Um, we are the team of teeth and we just wanted to say hello and we love you. We are working very hard to be a part of your winning smile and the overall look and by the way, you look fantastic today and we just want to tell you a few things. 1. The taste buds never stop talking about the cheesecake you sent in last week and we would like to request more of that. Some of the team would also like something crunchy because that is fun for us; it’s a little work out. Also, maybe, we have Bob in the back, I don’t know if you remember him. He is a hard worker, a molar and he has a bit of a headache and he is keeping us awake. So, maybe you could take us to see a dentist and maybe they could fix Bob’s headache- and that would be good for all of us. And that is all from the mouth right now, and we just wanted to say have a great day. We are behind you, or in front of you, all the way.

Love always,

Your smile.

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Ottawa Cosmetic Dentistry

This is your teeth speaking...

Find the best Ottawa Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry Ottawa  is the foremost resource for finding answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Dental Myths, The New Painless Procedures, what you need to know about Teeth Whitening in Ottawa, Dental Hygiene and which Ottawa Dentists are best suited to your needs.

Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Questions you Should Ask at...

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Find out what your smile is saying at Dental Ottawa Dentist.

According to a recent survey, 90% of people consider the smile to be the most important attribute of your persona. Teeth, smiles, gums, breath are all a part of your personality and what you tell the world about yourself. Poor teeth destroy self-confidence, bad breath keeps others from getting close, bad gums are trying to tell you something and poor oral hygiene is like a billboard to the world. What is your billboard saying? Get control of your message and tell the world what you want!