PODS Moving and Storage in Ottawa

PODS Moving and Storage in Ottawa provides storage units that are made of a steel frame with specially designed, aluminum skin panels. The top is a translucent, durable polymer material that allows ambient light to pass through which illuminates the inside of the container. Plus, there is a light-weight steel roll up door.

At PODS Ottawa, we bring the container to you, place it in a convenient spot and leave you to load and unload at your own convenience. Unlike standard roll-off containers that tilt and drag, PODZILLA's innovative design keeps the contents level as the container is gently loaded and unloaded onto the delivery truck. And unlike a rental truck, there are no ramps to ascend with heavy loads, no strenuous lifting and no moments of panic when unloading. The advanced hydraulics simply and securely raise the PODS container with your belongings onto the PODS' truck, lower it onto the bed, secure it and away it goes. For self-storage in Ottawa, we store the container in one of our secure Storage Centers.

PODS Ottawa storage units are designed to accommodate a typical household. Larger households will require multiple storage units. In general, each 8x7x7 container may accommodate 1 room, each 8x8x12 container may accommodate 2-3 rooms, and each 8x8x16 container may accommodate 3-4 rooms. As every household is different, the customer is responsible for assessing the container capacity for their belongings. Container sizes are approximate with the 8x8x16 container reserved for long distance moves. Our scheduling technology permits flexible delivery and pick-up days for convenient loading and unloading. PODS containers can be delivered and picked-up based upon the day of your moving requirement, schedule permitting.

PODS Ottawa provides moving and storage in Ottawa and services to most major markets. Moving longer distances may require the movement from one secure facility to another. PODS Ottawa is the ideal solution to pack and unpack your belongings only one time and store them in our secure warehouses when needed. When moving in Ottawa you will find that most movers pack and unpack your possessions several times when moving and storing them. We recognize the need to offer loading and unloading flexibility and we do not limit the time the PODS container can stay on your property. In some areas local ordinances may be applicable, so you may want to check with your local authorities.

877-770-PODS (7637) PODS moving and storage in Ottawa with storage units for moving in Ottawa. Our storage units are bright with an easy roll up door. Easy self storage and moving with PODS Ottawa.

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