Website Design in Ottawa with N-VisionIT

As the Internet continues to evolve, more consumers search for new products and services, more businesses create a presence and the expectations change. Website Design in Ottawa with N-VisionIT has been evolving with the demansds of online marketing since before Facebook. Think of your grocery store. All grocery stores compete on the price of milk. If you have the lowest price, you will get more customers. But when you get inside the store to buy the cheapest milk, it’s not up front, close to the checkout, it is shelved in the farthest corner away from the checkout, so that you have to pass all of the other items for sale to get it. Then on the way back to the checkout, you see bread, which you know you are going to need eventually, so you grab a loaf. By the time you reach the checkout, your arms are overflowing with numerous items and the store has turned a small purchase into a large purchase.

Some would say that is deceiving, but really the store was helping you by pointing out a variety of other items that would be complimentary to the milk that you purchased. So now, instead of just having a glass of milk, you can have a sandwich to with it. This is good for the consumer and smart business practice.

With ninety-seven percent of consumers going online to research new products and services, the traffic is there. On the other hand, less than forty percent of businesses have a real presence online. The important part is that most of those consumers are searching locally so they can go to the bricks and mortar building, and purchase the items that they just researched. So, there are more people looking for products and services than business to supply those products and services.

If you are not being found online, then you might want to rethink your strategy. Equally, as consumers become more astute and refined, it is no longer in your interest to have a “Done it Myself” website, if you want to build and serve your clients. That would be like telling your clients that you know the product due date has passed, but it should be fine.

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Invest Ottawa is The New and Improved OCRI for Business

If you are in Business in Ottawa, then you may want to pay attention. After 30 years OCRI has a new mandate and Invest Ottawa is it’s name. Mayor Jim Watson gave the keynote speech emphasizing a stronger focus on economic development.

With an increase in spending, inclusion of travel and tourism, non-technical small business development and film and television departments, it is a sincere investment for local businesses.

See some of the people involved in the New and Improved OCRI for Business via The Shotgun Show

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More Sex, More Satisfaction, More Sanity

More Sex, More Satisfaction and More Sanity. On the surface you say “yea, right”, as if to say that such things are only reserved for the wealthy and movie scripts. Who has the time, who has the money and who cares? You do. Not only do you care, but deep in your heart, buried under that old suitcase full of disappointment and hiding behind those bags of misery are dusty memories of “unrealized potential,” the stuff that gives light to hope.

But wait; before we drag it all out and throw it on like an old suit, perhaps we should revisit what was, and what is. You’ve somehow managed to get to this point in your life and it took compromises to get here. On the one hand you gained things that you needed, things that you never knew you needed and a few precious things that you wanted. On the other hand, you lost track of your dreams, you forgot to remember what originally drove you and were separated from the “you” that was last seen running into the setting sun with a dog named Fred. Woof!

Ok, grab another box of tissue, cause we’re going to get through this together. At this point you have gained a life and a family and really only lost a Fred, and your favorite sneakers.

So, I can hear you thinking, “what does this have to do with more sex… and what were the other two things?” That would be More Sex, More Satisfaction and More Sanity and the 3 are not mutually exclusive. In fact they are very inclusive, meaning that one feeds the other and the other feeds the last and the last starts all over at the beginning again. “What comes around, goes around” is more likely an easier way to say it. Or, how about, “you get OUT what you put IN.”

Now, lets dust off that suitcase and crack it open again. Inside, you will find it full of all of your potential, still waiting for you. But in this case, you have time and experience on your side. So, if BIG was possible then, then GIGANTIC is possible now. All you really need is a guide to walk you through it. I won’t kid you, it’s a process, and processes mean that there is some very worthwhile work to be done. You may have to dig deep or change a few bad habits, but if I can do it, then you can too. The best way to get somewhere new is to have someone show you, who has already traveled the road. That’s where I come in, Leigh Kole Johnson. If you’re like Mick Jagger and you can’t get no satisfaction, then it’s time that you did. And the only thing standing between you and AWESOME you, is YOU!

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Live Longer with Relationship Help from Heartmanity

It’s not a secret that today’s world has put an enormous amount of pressure on relationships. The concept of “normal” has been buried with the Cold War and no one is immune from needing Relationship Help. If you are not experiencing Relationship Problems, challenges with Dating Relationships, Marriage Relationships or a Teenage Relationship, then you may want to take your own pulse just to ensure that you are amongst the living.

Does it really need to be so hard? And all at once? Whomever you are having relationships with at home, at work, at gatherings… don’t worry, you are not alone. Do you feel the same about these people as when you first met them? Not likely. Time changes all things, people experience new things and relationships go through metamorphoses. It is most likely that you are experiencing challenges because the rules have changed, but they forgot to forward you the new ones.

In most cases, as we go through physical and emotional changes, we are unaware of them ourselves. It’s no ones fault, it is just what happens in life.

Some changes are good and others –not so much. Do you work too much because it is more satisfying than being with your partner? Is your relationship on cruise control, and you don't like where it is heading? Most complain about the other defending themselves, blaming each other, fighting and arguing, feeling hurt, putting each other down and mistrusting each other. If you recognize any of these signs,
then we need to talk, because there are simple solutions that you can employ before it goes one disagreement too far.

Most couples are in conflict over the same situations, over and over. They want to love each other but just don't connect anymore, and no matter how hard they work at it, they just feel stuck. In Heartmanity's services for couples, you will learn how to be honest in a respectful and loving way, honor differences in each other rather than fight, use conflict as an opportunity to get closer, communicate so that you are heard and appreciated, increase your connection and love for each other, let down your guard and work together for resolution, stop pretending everything is okay and start getting happy. Contact me and lets get you moving forward again. Both of you!

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It’s Business in Ottawa with the Entrepreneurship Centre

Looking for Business in Ottawa? The Entrepreneurship Centre IS Business in Ottawa! “Invest Ottawa” is the Ottawa Centre for Regional Innovation which is locally known as OCRI. It is Ottawa’s leading member-based economic development corporation for fostering the advancement of the region’s globally competitive knowledge-based institutions and industries. It is Business’ best friend with programs, support and education to further business growth with the assistance of Municipal, federal and provincial government, membership, professional development programs and private sector contributions.

The Entrepreneurship Centre is an initiative of OCRI, dedicated to helping Ottawa entrepreneurs make informed decisions about starting and growing their businesses. The Centre aims to promote Ottawa’s economy, through the development of products and services that encourage entrepreneurship and support business growth.

The Centre has a staff of dedicated business professionals, who provide advice and counsel to entrepreneurs on a variety of levels. As well, the Centre provides links to other business organizations, seminars and entrepreneurial events, online training and many other tools and resources to assist the budding entrepreneur.

A new program of the Entrepreneurship Centre, iProfit, has been designed to assist growth stage businesses reach goals and objectives through the help of selected mentors from the business community. The Centre works with each business individually in crafting a personalized mentoring program. Once business applicants are screened and accepted, a mentor is provided to work through selected issues. A unique feature of iProfit is the online portal where mentor- business and Entrepreneurship Centre business advisor- can work and collaborate in a secure, efficient environment- thus saving time and creating an effective tool in moving along issues and solving critical, time sensitive concerns.

The Centre is supported by 2 main funding partners: the City of Ottawa; the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation; as well as 4 major sponsors: RBC Royal Bank; Logan Katz LLP; Low Murchison LLP; Mediaplus Advertising. Find us at 80 Aberdeen St., Ottawa, ON, K1S 5R5, 613-828-6274, and move your bsuiness into the 21st Century!

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Business Development in Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry ((tag:Business Development, Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry County )

The Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Community Futures Development Corporation doesn’t exactly fit on a Business Card in a font size that is readable with a magnifying glass, but you’ll love us for what we are willing to do for you.

SD&G CFDC is a community-based not-for-profit development and investment agency governed by a volunteer board of directors. Our mission is to Create and retain jobs within SD&G and Cornwall, to Stimulate private sector investment in business, Encourage new, innovative approaches and new technologies in private sector business, Assist private sector firms in improving their competitive position and Contribute to the diversification of the economy within the SD&G and Cornwall area. If you are in Business, or thinking of starting a company, then you need to contact as son as possible, because we can help.

We are funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry and also leverage capital from Federal Departments and Provincial Ministries for project initiatives. We also leverage the strength of the Business Community including The Economic Development Officers Working Group, The City of Cornwall Economic Development department, The Eastern Ontario Training Board, Le Réseau de développement économique et d’employabilité de l’Ontario and The Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre.

The programs are available to municipalities, not for profit corporations, first nations or businesses based within Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, including the City of Cornwall. The Business Development fund to supports the creation of new jobs for both youth and non-youth Interns, funds to support training and skills development, funds to support innovation and adoption of innovative information communication technology and funds to support business planning and market development opportunities. The Community Innovation program supports community led economic development activities that enhance and diversify the local economy and develop opportunities for sustainable economic growth and employment. We also support Collaborative Projects, which have impact across a broader regional level across southeastern Ontario and require an investment by at least two of the fifteen Community Futures Development Corporations serving southeastern Ontario. Contact us today at 613 932 4333, 26 Pitt Street, Suite 207, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 3P2, and get your business on the map.

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eCommerce and Web Development Design

The two are not mutually exclusive. In other words, if you understand how consumers browse websites, what they expect out of the experience and create a process that leverages that information, then you will serve your clients better and complete more sales.

Ease of use is the keyword for eCommerce and Web Development Design. Just like a book, if you do not connect with your audience to go to page two, then something is missing. It is the processes that move consumers to the next step. It’s not manipulation, as some would tell you, but a conscience catering to the needs of the individual. The cornerstone to the process is understanding why we shop, what we expect from an online purchasing experience and feeding those needs. Navigational structures, usability and intuitive design will help them have a concise and rewarding experience. There are well-developed Internet-based technologies and techniques that have been developed over the last two decades that will help you and your clients accomplish this.

There are usability checklists that can be used to evaluate the user experience, which are like maps that reveal avenues of repeated success or failure. Once identified, like roadways, they can be repaired, rerouted or rebuilt to allow an ease of flow to the given destination. Aspects to be considered are intuitive layout and structure, visual appeal, cross-browser compatibility, efficient-downloading, proper branding and effective calls to action where they are most effective. Of course, not all web designers in Ottawa or anywhere else in the world have accumulated the experience that allows them to fully understand these processes and tend to focus on only a few of the aspects. Get the right process in place and make it easy for your website visitors to do business with you.

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Brand Your Biz Online Marketing New York

The Marketing Paradigm has shifted. Whether you know it or not, nearly all consumers use online media when researching new products or services. Think of it: where do you turn when you are looking for a doctor, furniture, shoes, household goods, specials, information, ideas, entertainment, or a brief respite from your day? The Internet. Like it or not, it is here to stay and continues to grow exponentially on a daily basis. Welcome to the future. If you had any doubts about it, you can put them to rest right now.

If you have a business, you are in luck. Most consumers go to the Internet to search for new products and services, but only a fraction of those make a purchase online. If you have an online store, don’t fret, because the numbers of people who are having positive user experiences making purchases online are growing exponentially as well. But let’s face it, not many of us are buying shoes online, because we need to try them on. But, consumers looking for where to buy shoes, or where shoe specials exist or local vendors that sell a specific kind of shoe or ideas for new shoes are online in large numbers. So, if you are a shoe vendor and your online presence is lacking, your competition is going to be found.

But have no fear, as we are only at the beginning of the online marketing swell, and since the Internet is changing so quickly, there is always room to capitalize online. But you need to do more than have a site. Everyone has a site, and since the rules change so frequently, it is important to do more than have a website. Over 2 billion people watch videos on Youtube every day, which speaks volume to video marketing. Unlike yesterday, video production and broadcasting were expenses that the average business could not afford. Today, it is cheaper than it has ever been, and much more effective. Not only that, but very few businesses even know how to get involved. That is where experience comes in.  Brand Your Biz with Online Marketing.

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How to Find Love

He knew that something wasn’t working out well when it came to understanding How to Find Love, because the love he found was also the love he lost. He wasn’t miserable, but he could see it from his front door. The number one reason for loneliness is waiting for the right person to come along. People say, “Suck it up,” but that is no way to treat yourself. When you employ that as a strategy, you separate yourself from the pulse that will lead you to what you need to find. That line of thinking will keep you where you are, and haven’t you spent too much time alone in that empty room?

Welcome to the state of change that is the 21st Century. It’s a new beginning for everyone. Things have changed and opportunity abounds, if you are willing to get out and look for it. But before you run out the door, lets brush the crumbs off your jacket and tuck in your shirt. In other words, a series of events brought you to the point where you are reading this article. And what you did yesterday does not define you unless you repeat it tomorrow. How you see the world around you is defined by what you learned and what you learned was not necessarily your choice since most of it was absorbed when you were too young to understand choice, and it was the only game in town. It’s not your fault. But how you apply it, is.

In order for us to move forward, we need to unlearn a few things and add a few tools to our toolbox.

The first step is understanding yourself. This is easier than you think. With a few simple questions, you can get a whole new perspective on your situation. The Best Advice Your Mother Never Gave You gets to point immediately and provides simple and effective ideas to break you out of the stall, understand who you are and get you moving forward to the relationships that you want and need.

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Essential Elements of Website Design Ottawa

If you are a business owner there are a few things you should know by now. 1: The Internet s not a passing fad. 2: 97% of people use the Internet to find information about new products and service. 3: Most consumers use the Internet to search for products and services to find locally. 4: An increasing number of consumers are making online purchases from local vendors. 5: Your website is the cornerstone to your web presence and having a poor design can do more harm than good.

We are now a decade into the 21st Century and if you are a business without a web presence, then it is an excellent time to start. If you are a business with a web presence, then you will know that the rules have changed. Not long ago having pictures on your site was considered to be progressive. Today, consumers want to find what they are looking for in as few clicks as possible. This means that your website needs to be properly designed to be inviting, informative and easy to navigate. These are the Essential Elements of Web Design in Ottawa, New York, London or anywhere else in cyberspace.

Website design has developed over the last two decades to include text, pictures, video, lead capture and even pages that are a complete Flash Website. The Do It Yourself modality is no longer acceptable for businesses that are truly interested in converting interest into sales which makes partnering with the right Web Designer more important than ever. Finding Web Design Companies that are able to deliver effective website, mobile apps, video, SEO and social media marketing will separate your business from the increasing number of competitors and increase your rate of conversion. The new Main Street is online, and when you understand how it works you will find that there are very few businesses that know where to find it. We are Nvision IT, online at Better Websites. For the past twelve years we have helped hundreds of businesses, just like yours, build an effective presence on the new Main Street. Let us draw you a map to online success.

NvisionIT,  613 722 1965, is a Website Design Company in Ottawa and on several continents. Specializing in Mobile Apps, Lead Capture, Flash Website Design, Social Media Marketing and Webpage Design.

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Online Publishing with Wiseologie

If you are an accomplished author, publisher or novice writer then you know that there is an audience out their across this planet that are waiting to discover your message, story or inspiration. After you have dug deep, fought the good fight and assembled a collection of words that grabs the reader and leads them through to a conclusion, that that is actually the easy part. Getting your work the exposure it deserves requires a completely different set of skills. As the old saying goes, “Sell your strengths and buy your weaknesses.” Now read it one more time.

You don’t go to the doctor for your accounting and you don’t call a carpenter to bake your bread. But if you do, then there is nothing wrong with that, but this article may not be of much help. Thank you for reading this far and we wish you all the best with the future. But if you are asking yourself “How Do I Get Published?” or are wondering “Where to Get Published,” are thinking about “Writing a Book,” looking for a “Publishing How to,” wondering “How to Publish,” or how you can “Become a Writer,” then you may want to keep reading.

Now that humanity has entered the 21st Century, you may have noticed that few things have changed. Communism has collapsed, Reality TV has given birth to stardom without talent and bygone rockers collect pension cheques while on tour. The message is that the rules have changed, and when it comes to publishing your manuscript, those rules have changed too.

The vast and complex publishing industry had developed over millennia to become an impenetrable maze for most people. But like other media paradigms, all is a brave new world on this side of the Century change. WiseNotes is an affordable and innovative approach to marketing your book, or any of your previous titles by bringing life to your back listed books and re-purposing the content. Their mission is to help solve challenges associated with dispersing your message on a planetary scale by leveraging the power of new media that was not available to the average writer before the turn of the Century. Online Publishing with Wiseologie is a word to the wise.

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