Custom Athletic Screen Printing Montreal

Finding Custom Athletic Screen Printing in Montreal is cheaper and easier than ever.

When it comes to team sports, your identity is what defines you and your athletic jerseys are the most prominent definition of that identity. Around the world the greatest sports franchises are built on their colours, their names, their numbers and their logos. And although you may not be playing for millions, your identity as a part of a team is worth millions.

Lets face it, no matter what you pay for Athletic Screen Printing, it has to look good, because it instills confidence in the wearer and win or lose, it helps to look good in the post game celebration.  Techniques for screen printing have come a long way since team sports were invented. There is a broad range of specialty products for customizing any type or style of athletic jersey, t shirt or garment. Using a variety of specialty inks and printing techniques it’s possible to create special effects that will make your image stand out!

There is a 4 color process print for photo realistic images, high gloss ink for a wet-look print, glow-in-the-dark for eye catching designs, and vintage style discharge prints which produce an incredibly soft-hand feel. There are also a number of other processes and combinations that make your idea possible, no matter what you are imagining. There are also water-based inks that will give your garments a very soft-hand feel, which gets softer the more you wash it!

But teams are only limited to sports. What about Paramedics, Firemen and Police Departments? These are also teams that need to be readily identified. One of our specialties is the decorating of safety garments for use in the technical fields of Law Enforcement, Fire Prevention, Emergency Medical Services and Security fields. We use specialty inks like Retroreflective, Fire Retardant & Fluorescents. We also carry 3M ® Reflective vinyl for custom cad-cut graphics that can be heat applied to many articles that are impossible to screenprint on.

Get your team the right identification. And if you are wondering what 5 Color spot print is, are looking for metallic and fire retardant ink, inkless dye, custom appliquéd felt letters for custom team shirts, athletic jerseys or Custom Athletic Screen Printing in Montreal, then look no further.

Custom Athletic Screen Printing Montreal for fire retardant ink, inkless dye, custom appliquéd felt letters, custom team shirts, athletic jerseys or Custom Team Shirts,

Custom Apparel and Team Jerseys.

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