Hey Mitch... regarding your question “Do you do SEO?” the answer is “Yes,” but the real question is “HOW?”


First you must understand that SEO is based on keywords. The Google-bot looks for anchor text on your site and in your information and assesses your website accordingly. Of course there is more to it than that and no one really know what the “secret sauce” is. But, we are able to recognize patterns and Google wants us to figure it out, because they are just trying to keep us honest or authentic. It used to be that you could put any keywords on your site and businesses were getting massive amounts of traffic. But if your business is about RRSP’s, then what value is there in attracting people who are searching for cauliflower?


Keywords are as easy to understand as bedbug, bed bug, bedbugs, bed bugs. There are four variations on the word bedbug. One of them gets 80% of the traffic.

Translation: When people search on the internet for something related to bed bugs, they use one of those spellings 8 out of ten times.

So, if you are using the most common spelling then you will rank more often and in the right places. If you are not, then you are wasting a lot of time and effort on dead words. Proper keyword research is paramount to your online success and you will be hearing about it endlessly from now on. Don’t even get me started on the power of misspellings and where to hide them in you site!


So, your options are to run out, find some keywords and pay a fortune to rewrite your website with the keywords in the right place and hyper-linked and labeled and dusted and cleaned. But really, if you are like most website owners, you have already done that a few times and your enthusiasm for such things ranks up there with cleaning the gutters during a blizzard.


Google already recognizes a number of sites as being authentic and ranks a backlink from these sires as having more credibility. So, how do you get backlinks from these sites? Actually, it is very simple. Google wants us to be sociable, which is why they recently changed their ranking criteria to include Facebook and other social media bookmarking sites. They also want us to communicate in all media so that people who like to watch can see it in video, people who like to read can read it in articles, people who like brevity can see and read it in blogs and people who like to listen can hear it in podcasts.


What I do for my clients is unveil the keywords that are valid and useful to their business. Then I create videos, articles, podcasts and other media around those keywords. Lastly, I place all of this material in traffic, online.


Then as the Google-bot crawls the web, it finds your information where it never found you before, it makes a note to itself that you are being sociable, that you are presenting authentic communications that are relevant to your subject and it fees this information into its vast data network. So the next time that your keyword comes up, there you are.


So, yes, I do SEO.


PS We haven’t talked about Yahoo, Bing, Youtube or any of the other major search engines yet….

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