This is your teeth speaking: Your face is too dark ...

Your face is too dark without us…

Hello, this is your teeth speaking. We are the team that makes up your smile and we want to say that we love you, and we are here to brighten your face. Remember that your smile is directly connected to your confidence which is directly connected to your success in life. You can easily brighten your face by getting us polished with teeth whitener. And when we are all bright, the sun will bounce off of us like a beacon that reaches out into the world when you smile.

Think of it as a safety issue. Like if you were ever riding in the Andes and your alpaca broke down, then you were stranded in the middle of nowhere and they sent out a plane to search for you and suddenly the sun broke through the clouds and you smiled and the light bounced off your incredible smile and the pilot saw it and landed and brought you fresh sandwiches and took you back to town,. Wouldn’t you be happy that you got your teeth whitened?

Besides, we love the feel of biting into crisp things after we are all smooth and shiny. The molars want me to tell you to send in some more crunchy stuff, they need a workout. It’s true, one of them is looking bloated, and you don’t want it to get around town that you have fat molars!

Remember; get your teeth whitened because we love you.

Love always,

Your smile

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