Ottawa Youth MBA

The YouthMBA for Youth in Ottawa is a unique life-skills program for teens. MBA stands for Youth Minding their Own Business, as in Business. "This program is definitely made for teens!" It is a nine-month, after-school program for middle-school teens offering personal fitness coaching, customized challenges and networking opportunities. "I like the life stories that the guest speakers are telling us. They make me think about my future."

The YOUTH MBA program will help to cultivate and nurture future Canadian business leaders, in partnership with the business community. "We learn so many cool facts that we don't learn in regular school." The concept is to work together to identify, nurture and mentor local teens to reach their full potential and to provide them a real life-skills learning environment within hosted business environments. "The positive attitude I take away from the program is helping me to face the challenges ahead."

The future is coming! Actually, it has already arrived, we just got a little distracted by the details. If you have children, then you know that they continue to explore and dig and understand the world that is developing around them. "The professionals involved show us how to take care of ourselves and show us a better path to follow to avoid life's tripwires." If you have teens then you know that your ability to influence them has diminished. In fact it seems that anyone in the world, as long as it isn’t you, can be an authority on any subject. "The activities are hands-on and is a better teaching method than in school." But you also will understand that this is the bird leaving the nest, spreading their wings and attempting to establish their own measuring stick of life. Then, as sure as there will be another top 40 musician beyond Lady Gaga, another all-star hockey player, another Prime Minister there will also be another generation of Business Leaders and they are currently living amongst us. "I'm learning so many good life skills. I remember them because the activities are fun."

In the future, they will be the people to orchestrate and finance the creation of vaccines, products and services to make our lives easier and one of them will come up with a groundbreaking concept that changes the world. And that is what the YouthMBA Program is all about. Nurturing youthful ideas. "This is an amazing program that helps me plan for a better future."

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