Ottawa Executive Business Coaching with Robert Hargrove 2

Hello, my name is Robert Hargrove of Masterful Coaching. Over the past decade I have helped to deliver over $7 billion in new revenue to clients with equally exciting profit windfalls. I regularly get requests from owners of small and medium-sized businesses to help them grow their revenue, but my rather lavish rate structure makes my coaching virtually unavailable to them. I normally charge Fortune 500 CE0’s, and Venture Funded Silicon Valley Start Ups astronomical rates. $100K to $300K a year, plus in some cases a percentage of their increased revenue. While I love working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, my expensive consulting rates have made this impossible… until now!

Several months ago, I met Eric Deschamps of Breakthrough Coach, and he challenged me to change my thinking about this so that I can do what I really love... Help small business owners like you! He said, “Robert, there is a way YOU CAN help the more deserving, ambitious and success-destined small business owners in Ottawa… IF you’re open to a bold and utterly “experimental” approach.”

So together we came up with a plan to recruit a small, “elite” group of entrepreneurs, say, a dozen seriously focused, ambitious and dedicated business owners. I thought "What if?” What if we developed a group-mentoring version of my "one-on-one" private consulting model, and mentored 12 ambitious, well-deserving entrepreneurs in a unique, live “group setting” for one day a month over a 15-month period?

Here is the answer to that “What if?” We are creating a powerful and unique small business growth accelerator that will tackle a wide range of opportunities and issues. And we are launching that group right here in Ottawa through Breakthrough Coach! The objective is to engage in breakthrough thinking to take you and your business to a different place. Our goal is to help you experience a significant BREAKTHROUGH in your business in 100 days or less, and to repeat that cycle every 100 days! Just imagine what your business could look like 12-15 months from now!

We want work with a special group of CEO’s, founders, and business owners… We are looking for individuals who refuse to be average and are determined to be industry game-changers and trendsetters! Our goal is to attract owners of small to medium businesses that have a track record of past success and who are convinced that they are destined for far greater achievements.

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