184 New Clients in 24 Hours... and see the blood sucked out of me, really!

184 new clients.


184 opportunities to make an impression, to plant a seed, to inspire, to educate or to convince, that you are the best company to service their needs.


What business could not profit from such an increase? 184 is the number of views that our Youtube Channel, youtube.com/restassuredmc, had in the last 24 hours. That is 184 new and returning people "walking through our store." How many do you need?


 We had viewers from specifically targeted areas in the US and CN and the age of our viewers fit the demographic that we needed to reach. We are on course to have over 3000 visits by the end of this month on our Youtube channel...not including our other 90 communication channels that incorporates podcast, article, blog and 20 social media sites.

Not only are we speaking, but people are reading what we have to say, hearing our message, watching our moves and sharing it with their friends. I think that we have arrived. How about you?

Our latest video...

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