1500 views on Youtube in August... hiring new staff!

Just enjoying my 1500 views on youtube this month. 5 out of 23 video channels have over 2000 combined views this month. Not including article, podcast, blog, authority and social media views. And I'll do it for you. Call me. Sincerely, Dean.

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A tweak brings more traffic.....

Just watching my youtube hits go up and up. Having fun with words. Perhaps we will hear that the keyboard is mightier than the sword! Not really, I just wanted to see how that sounded.

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Property Managers Bed Bug Special, New York,

I am talking to a lot of Property Managers who say to me that they did not bring the bugs into their building. Bed bugs are spreading like a forest fire because of these divisive approaches. By the time you figure out who is to blame your infestation will have gone from a single unit to multiple units. Then whose problem will it be? EVERYONE'S.
Get on the Program, join forces and let The Property Mangers Bed Bug Special help you out!
This is Dean at 1 877 411 0053.

Freeze Bed Bugs-Cryonite Spray

4 Property Managers, Columbus OH, New York NY, Toronto ON, Bloomington IL, Manchester NH, San Francisco CA, Durham NC, Vancouver BC, Chicago IL, Denver CO

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I don't sell, I teach.

I think of my job as an educator more than a salesman. If I sell something to someone who is unhappy with their purchase, then it is going to cost me time and money to reverse that process. And it leaves me with a dissatisfying feeling, like karma indigestion. Blurg!

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See Live Hungry Bed Bugs Bite Me!

There you go, we’ve got some dead bed bugs, got a few live ones and they can smell me, so they are crawling around in here. Ohhh, they are hungry! A couple of them are, anyhow. There’s a good sample of an exoskeleton that they shed. Exoskeleton: the protective or supporting structure covering the outside of the body of many animals, such as the thick cuticle of arthropods. That is something that you’ll find lying around the apartment. The dark spots are excrement, Excrement: waste matter discharged from the body, so you’ll see that on your sheets or you’ll see that on your pillow case. Oh, I can feel it biting me right through the lid of this thing. You can see that we have a very thin lid and there are a few bed bugs inside. These are on loan from a Pest Control company and you can see them crawling around in there. They can smell me through the lid, where are they? Focus, focus, focus! There they are. A couple of them are hungry. They want to feed every several days. You can see how fat they are and full of blood. They have recently fed, but they are picking up the heat signature of ME. So there you go. This is what they are all about. They come out early in the morning and that’s when they like to feed. These are the signs you are going to see of them all around your place. Check your mattress. Your first line of defense is your mattress because if you block them out of your mattress and box spring they have nowhere to live (not completely true, but what I meant to say was that they will no longer be living so near to their food source-YOU!)…nearby and they have to travel. This is Dean, with restassuredmc.com, the allergyguy.com talking about bed bugs, how to kill bedbugs, how to get rid of bed bugs and all the telltale signs of bedbugs and bed bug spray. O.K. that’s it! You can see them crawling at youtube.com/Restassuredmc



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Dorm Essentials have Changed to Kill Bed Bugs...

There are many new groovy dorm essentials to have on your list when going to campus this year. Unfortunately some students will be carrying uninvited guests known as bedbugs. And they will spread quickly to those who have not protected themselves. It’s not your fault but you will be left with the problem if you do not pay attention!

Bedbugs were originally brought to North America by European colonists and their presence has been documented on the island of Jamaica since 1720.This is not a history lesson! O.K., you're right, it is! But one that will save you from blood, sweat and tears...and the ultimate humiliation.

“U.S. college campuses are really the perfect setting,” noted entomologist Richard Cooper. “We have large numbers of students coming from all over the country and, in fact, all over the world every semester, and it’s inevitable that somebody is going to bring bugs with them. And once the bugs are introduced, they can rapidly spread because of all the interactions students have visiting each other’s rooms.”

University Village Sucked Dry!

Colleges and Universities across the country are reporting a scary increase of bedbugs infesting dormitories, and the problem only gets worse when they hitchhike on their coed hosts going from room to room. They also travel very fast through cracks in the walls and electrical sockets.

One of the earliest newspaper articles about bedbugs in the US was from 1905 in which the writer describes clothes and mattresses “turned-out” in the sun and caked with eggs. With large numbers of students coming from all over the world it is inevitable that someone will bring bedbugs with them. Once the bugs are introduced, they spread rapidly with all of the interactions of students socializing in each others rooms. But how can anyone stop that from happening? Duh!

Dormitory Living in the 1950's

In the 1950’s because of the use of DDT, Bedbugs were believed to be extinct. It is believed that chicken farmers in 3 US states were the first victims of the latest outbreak. Workers unknowingly carried the bugs to their barracks and they spread from there. Bedbug populations in the United States have increased by 500 percent in the past few years and continue to grow year after year

Boy's Dormitory or Girls Dormitory

Stanford and Ohio State have had infestations and went so far as to clear out dorms. Texas A&M also had to spend a considerable amount of money to combat an infestation. Prevention is the key and the first line of defense if knowledge. The second line of defense is a mattress cover for bed bugs. If they can’t get in, they can nest. And if bedbugs are in, then they can’t get out to feed and they die.

You can’t control the actions of others, but you can protect yourself and Rest Assured. See our special pricing on Lab Tested Mattress Covers for Bedbugs.





1 877 411 0053

Get a 5% discount for reading this. The Secret Code word is Dean. Mention it or enter it in the coupon box for lab tested, bed bug proof mattress covers and accessories.


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Cincinnati: Mattress Covers Kill Bed Bugs! (Secret Code: Dean)

We are not exactly sure when they arrived in Cincinnati, but they are certainly here now. Bedbugs were originally brought to North America by European colonists and their presence has been documented on the island of Jamaica since 1720.

One of the earliest newspaper articles about bedbugs was found from 1905 in which the writer describes clothes and mattresses turned-out in the sun and caked with eggs.

In the 1950's because of the use of DDT, Bedbugs were believed to be extinct. But the effects of DDT can still be seen today. It is believed that chicken farmers in 3 US states were the first victims of the latest outbreak. Workers unknowingly carried the bugs to their barracks and they spread from there.

Bedbug populations in the United States have increased by 500 percent in the past few years and continue to grow year after year. The cause of this resurgence is still uncertain, but increased international travel is considered to be a contributing factor. They are spreading rapidly because most people aren't aware of a problem until they have an infestation. By that time they have unknowingly transported the bugs to multiple other locations where the process is repeated.

As far as killing them with chemicals, a United States study of bedbugs revealed that that many types have grown resistant to insecticides. Bugs were collected from across the country and were found to be several thousands of times more resistant to pyrethroids than average laboratory bedbugs. Cincinnati Bedbugs have been found to be the most resilient to deltamethrin than the bedbugs in Florida. Scientists attribute this to nerve cell mutations which in the Cincinnati City variety of bedbug are 264 times more resilient.

Get a Lab Tested, Bedbug Proof Mattress Cover for Bedbugs and sleep Rest Assured.



Secret Code: Mention my name or enter in Coupon box and get 5% discount on Lab certified, bed bug proof mattress covers and accessories.


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New York! Mattress Covers to Kill Bed Bugs First Line of Defense!

New bill will be more help in getting rid of landlords that getting rid of bed bugs.

There has been a bill passed that will require New York City landlords to tell prospective tenants a properties bedbug history.  Once signed into law, landlords will be obligated to inform potential tenants whether the unit has been infested within the previous year.

Bedbugs do not discriminate between rich, poor creed, religion or geography. So it would be a bill that does not discriminate either. There will be disclosure forms supplied by the landlord that will be monitored by the State Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

The bill passed despite opposition from some Republicans who, Ms. Rosenthal said, argued that the disclosure would stigmatize buildings and drive property values down.

Complaints about bedbugs in New York City have escalated to the point that they cannot be ignored. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development fielded 11,000 calls regarding bedbugs to the 311 help line. In the same time period in 2004 there were 537 calls and confirmed infestations have risen over 4,000 last year from 80.

There are fears that the reports will drive down property values and place a stigma on properties that are experience a problem. There has also been a bill introduced that will give bedbug victims a 15 percent credit on the state personal income tax, for up to $750, to compensate for replacing furniture infested by bedbugs. Of course replacing furniture and clothing only exacerbates the problem and spreads the infestation even further.

There are cost effective ways to prevent and combat bedbugs that include mattress covers for bed bugs, bed bug spray, hypoallergenic mattress covers, bed bugs traps, bedbug detection devices and an arsenal of counter measures. The most important weapon is understanding bed bugs. Want to know how to kill bed bugs in New York? Get the facts at resatassuredmc.com and theallergyguy.com.




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Toronto: Kill Bed Bugs with Lab Tested Bedbug Proof Mattress Covers! (40% OFF if you mention Dean)

I love everything about Toronto : great food, great entertainment, beautiful people and a great vibe. But all of that in the shadow of a growing problem that has become an epidemic. Toronto Public Health reported a 1,000% increase in the number of bedbug complaints. This is no joke!

Then I found out that is an epidemic that happening across North America and the rest of the world.

Bedbugs are blood sucking insects that are related to cockroaches. DDT nearly made them extinct in the 1950’s, but it almost made us extinct too. They are tiny as infants and are difficult to detect with the naked eye. They feed on blood and prefer humans to any other creature. They have been around since the dawn of time, but our forefathers had everyday means of limiting their spread.

They move quickly from place to place, travelling on clothing and in luggage or furniture. You can catch them anywhere and once you get home they multiply quickly and spread throughout your living area. Your landlord, neighbors and friends aren’t going to admit that they have them because they feel humiliated. They move through a city with no respect for social standing, economic status or geography.

When you discover bedbugs, do not throw your belongings in the garbage. This is extremely costly and there is no guarantee that the bugs will not return and destroy your next crop of stylish garments. As a matter of fact, this will only increase their proliferation. There are effective solutions.

Start by cutting off their FOOD SUPPLY-YOU! Encase your bedding with a Lab Tested Mattress Cover for bed bugs, pillow encasements and a box spring encasement. They are very affordable and effective.

Then trap them, lure them or cook them with steam. It is not difficult to lock them out of your life. Be reactive or proactive, but Rest Assured.





1 877 411 0053


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Hello, this is your teeth speaking…

You only get one smile and it says so much. Some smiles say “come here” and others say “go away”, but it is important that your smile says what you want it to say. It could say “bring me more ice cream,” or “I think you’re beautiful.” And you are even more beautiful when you are holding two ice cream-one for me and one for you!

Our smile at Dental Ottawa Dentist says that we are the best at surgical and topical teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns, implants, false teeth, bridges and gum lifts. But what we really excel at


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