Marshall McLuhan on DIY

As technology advances, it reverses the characteristics of every situation again and again. The age of automation is going to be the age of 'do it yourself.' Marshall McLuhan

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Focus on success

They say behind every great man, there is a great woman. For Ottawa entrepreneur Pat McGowan, her name is Alexa.

McGowan is president of InMotion, an Ottawa-based film and video production company. Alexa is short for the ARRI Alexa, one of the first motion picture cameras that is completely digital. InMotion recently added the camera, which costs about $60,000 U.S., to its growing inventory of gear.

Digital cameras are a huge advance for the movie industry, because the elimination of film allows for much faster editing. An Alexa was used on the third instalment of the Transformers franchise.

“Traditionally commercials, TV dramas and feature films have been shot on film,” said McGowan. “HD video did not give practitioners the tools they needed to express themselves, to create a product that looked like a feature film. The Alexa is the first camera to do that.”

Traditionally HD video cameras were prone to showing over or underexposure in a picture. Film has the ability to retain details even when the exposure is not ideal.

More than a camera, however, it is a “true end-to-end visual production system,” McGowan says. The Alexa stores footage on data cards that can be transported to any computer with an editing program and instantly reviewed.

“It’s changing the game,” said McGowan. “A film can be shot here, and edited in Copenhagen, and it would take three hours.”

InMotion is the first to bring a camera like the Alexa to the Ottawa region, one of many steps the 31-year-old company, which McGowan took over in 1996, has taken to compete on an international scale. It recently moved its headquarters across Boyd Avenue, near Carling Avenue, to a bigger, 4,300-square-foot facility that boasts a 1,000-sq.-ft. sound stage that McGowan calls Ottawa’s only “Hollywood grade” effects stage. He designed it himself, drawing on a background in audio production.

The improvements have helped InMotion vault to the top of the growing Ottawa film production industry.

Roch Brunette, general manager of the Ottawa-Gatineau Film and Television Development Corporation (OGFT), says InMotion is the “only true-to-life studio we have with a controlled environment, proper lighting, electrical wiring and expertise.”

Adds Brunette: “It’s a daring a move — it’s been a while since we’ve seen a local company grow like that.”

The expansion was necessary. McGowan says InMotion has tripled in size and is projecting $3.5 million in sales this year. InMotion employees 15 full-time workers, with another 15 to 30 working on contracts. The company is currently involved in a large undertaking, making 2,000 short educational shows for the government of Ethiopia.

According to OGFT, $23 million was pumped into the region’s economy in 2010 through various film productions, up from just $9 million the year before. Still, the industry is much smaller than the film business in Toronto or Vancouver, where hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year.

“We are starting to see some small and medium-sized feature films come to Ottawa. If we can fill some of those infrastructure gaps that we have, we will see a great growth phase here,” McGowan says.

This should be of great interest to any business that values the quality and impact of an image. The key mission of an image is to catch the eye and lead the viewer through a series of images and sounds and then deposit them at the other end with a message, a feeling or a concept. That is the power of film and video.

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According to Marshall McLuhan "Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century." I wonder what he would say about the Internet?

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Sexy is subjective....


This is the latest camera that makes video look like film. Really! Now that is some kind of Sexy!

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Spring has sprung...

spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where da birdies is?

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Best in Class Companies.... Local Directory Marketing

Best in Class Companies use Local Directory Marketing for leveraging recent changes in Search Engine Algorithms, getting your business locations found more easily, increasing traffic and making sales. For more ideas and a FREE White Paper, go to


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Best in Class Companies... Video

Best in Class Companies use Online Video Marketing for increasing visibility, leveraging power beyond the limitations of their website, reaching the growing mobile market and increasing social authority. For more ideas....

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Facebook Landing Pages

A Facebook Landing Page can be a great way to capture leads and disseminate information.

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Best in Class Companies... Strategy


Best in Class Companies have a Social Media Marketing Strategy where they engage with prospects and customers on their terms, build a ‘tribe’ of followers and establish authority in their field for their business. For more IDEAS on what you need to do to be Best in Class...

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Best in Class Companies...

"Best in Class" Companies are leveraging Social Media through Lead Capture and Automated Follow Up. You can more ideas here...

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Vintage Retro Furniture Ottawa

Vintage Retro Furniture Ottawa specializes in supplying period furniture for home staging, theatre, film production and television production in the Ottawa Carleton Region. It was the 50’s, the 60’s and the 70’s. The cocktail was king, Elvis was king and we were all lost in space. Sputnik was born, we walked on the moon and Apes ruled the future. And all of those amazing memories are trapped inside of the Retro Furniture that we retrieve from the past for your future.

The White Monkey is the home of the grooviest collection of used vintage retro furniture in the Ottawa and Carleton region. Our discerning pickers only choose the most stylish contemporary furnishings from the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's.
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Ottawa Vintage Retro Meubles
Vintage Retro Meubles Ottawa se spécialise dans la fourniture de mobilier d'époque et le home staging, le théâtre, la production cinématographique et télévisuelle dans la région d'Ottawa-Carleton. Il a été les années 50, les années 60 et 70. Le cocktail est roi, Elvis était le roi et nous étions tous perdus dans l'espace. Spoutnik est né, nous avons marché sur la lune et des grands singes a jugé l'avenir. Et tous ces souvenirs incroyables sont piégés à l'intérieur du mobilier rétro que nous extraire du passé pour votre avenir.
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SEM Ottawa

SEM Ottawa

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. That is the craft and science of creating websites and media to satisfy the requirements of search engines. Each search engine assesses websites by reading the text, titles and media that is on your site and across the web.

SEO has changed a lot in the last few years. It has gone from being worldly to being local. After all, the average small and medium business does business within specific geographic regions. Some marketers have difficulty understanding the intricacies of search engine marketing and for you there are third party agencies to manage your search marketing.

The term "Search Engine Marketing" was created in 2001 to cover the activities involved in performing SEO, pay per click advertising, submitting sites to directories, search analytics and developing online marketing strategies for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Search Engine Marketing Management also focuses on return on investment (ROI) and integrates organic SEO. This is the art of achieving top ranking without using paid means of achieving top in search engines, and PayPerClick SEO. For example fifty percent of your Page Rank comes from On-Page elements or the information that is gathered form your website. The other fifty percent comes from Off Page elements or where search engines find you in the rest of the web. If they aren’t finding you Off Page then you are only running a two-cylinder engine on one cylinder.

Ottawa Social Media Marketing is an online consulting company helping business with lead capture and follow up using video, blogs and social media including Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Corner your niche like never before.


Great meetings...

Have been helping a number of businesses and individuals in Ottawa and Montreal with refining their online marketing efforts and focusing their endeavors for maximum exposure through keyword mining and lead capture. Oh yea, we also drank too much coffee. Mam Mia!

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Marketing Strategy Ottawa

Marketing Strategy Ottawa 

Every business in Ottawa needs a marketing strategy. Marketing has shifted away from the one-way broadcast that dominated the last 70 years. Ninety-seven percent of today’s consumers begin online when searching for new services and if they don’t find you there they will find your competition. Your Marketing Strategy might include creating videos to highlight your products or services. You might write articles that talk about you history or answer frequently asked questions. You may want to start a blog, align yourself with authority sites or create a podcast. These methods of marketing can be highly effective, but if this is your first time you will want to spend some time on your campaign focusing your message.

You will need to know “whom” your message is crafted for. This is known as your primary demographic. Does your business serve men, women, children or all? What age are they? A message to capture the attention of a man will be different from a message to capture the attention of a child. Next you will need to know “where” your clients are. Do you sell mostly in your own street, neighborhood, city, country or planet? If you are a chiropractor, then it is likely that your clients come from within a fifty-mile radius of your practice.

The most successful business leaders use all of these methods. They have videos on Youtube, articles on article sites, postings on blogs, podcasts on channels and social media marketing posts on various sites. Ottawa Social Media Marketing is an online consulting company helping business with lead capture and follow up using video, blogs and social media including Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Corner your niche like never before by having a full spectrum marketing strategy in Ottawa.

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LinkedIn: Why you need to be there...

LinkedIn has over 85 million users. It's focus is on Business as opposed to being social. Keep in mind that it is considered to be the first Social Network as it was around prior to FB and TW. If you are in business, then you need to be there. Stay tuned for Tips on how you can maximize LinkedIn for yur business. If you do not have a LinkedIn strategy then you are going to need one now!

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