Bedbug Insurance for Property Management Companies in New York

With bedbugs at Victoria’s Secret, Nike Shoes, Abercrombie and Fitch, movie theaters, libraries and Howard Stern’s Office, it was only a matter of time before the blame started to fly. So it comes as no surprise to see bed bug legal action being taken against the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. Property Management Companies are wondering how they can protect their clients from bedbugs and protect themselves against litigation.
There is no silver bullet for bedbugs. There is no “cure” for bedbugs. Like many pests, they will not be eradicated easily because it is their planet too and like cockroaches we will probably find that bedbugs are better suited to surviving than we are.
There are several options for Property Managers when it comes to killing bed bugs. There is heat, which requires raising the temperature of the building above 120 degrees. The obvious drawbacks are that it is costly, labor intensive and very inconvenient for tenants.
Then there is steam. It is cheap, but not nearly as effective as other options because it is limited in application. It uses water vapor at high temperatures which might discolor fabrics and loosen wallpaper or paint. And it will leave a lot of moisture build up in cracks.
Pesticide, on the other hand, is easy to apply but it requires licensing. Although the cost of the chemicals is not expensive, the technician is and pesticides are not overly effective on eggs, which means that your initial problem will disappear until the next brood of eggs hatch and your technician will be returning for another battle. The effective life of Pesticides is  approximately 6 months as bedbugs adapt to the chemicals and become resistant. Not only that, but if you are running a hotel, then you will need to shut down rooms around the affected area and loose revenues on all of those rooms. This can be very costly.
The final solution is to Freeze Bed Bugs with Cryonite. Cryonite was developed in Sweden and uses CO2 gas to create a bed bug killing snow that flash freezes bedbugs, cockroaches and destructive flour beetles from the inside out. Since it is a bi-product of natural fermentation processes, it is naturally occurring and therefore organic. In fact, you are exhaling it as you read this  article.
The advantages to using Cryonite to kill bedbugs are  that it is easy to use, is economical at a penny per square foot for application, it can be sprayed directly on electrical outlets which are like highways for bedbugs, there is no smell, no ooze, will not stain fabric, can be sprayed on food preparation areas, you can control when and where you need it and you can occupy rooms immediately after spraying. Assurance is insurance.
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