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Thanks for getting back to me. The power of what we do is to use Google’s algorithm in conjunction with multimedia. Look at Youtube as an obvious example. Where does Google rate Youtube content in its algorithm? Well, Google bought Youtube, and obviously considers video a high priority, therefore the content and keywords within videos on Youtube play a significant role in the overall equation. The few businesses that are taking advantage of this are getting serious results. The funny part is that they are obviously guessing at keywords, they use home videos and they are only exploiting one of seven potential media avenues.  


Example 1:      My Keyword research for n1thai.com, a mixed martial arts school in Ottawa, revealed “MMA Lessons” as one of the search strings to pursue. Click for Google results for MMA Lessons Ottawa and click for Ottawa MMA Lessons. Either way n1thia has a video thumbnail with Google page 1 results. What is more catching… plain text or a video thumbnail? Their website is not to be found, but they have a stronger presence than any other site on page 1. What is that worth?

Example 2:      Keyword research for Restassuredmc.com revealed that variations on “bed bug killer” would be highly trafficked with acceptable competition levels. They needed to focus regionally for maximum effect and find a niche in a very busy subject in New York City. With a website this could take years to accomplish, but we managed to park them right downtown on page 1 with 2 video thumbnails, same video two different sites, no competition…and an article right below from Articlesnatch, one of many article sites that we use.

90 Day/10K    BTW the Restassuredmc Youtube channel has recently had its 10,000th view. We achieved that in just 3 months. Multimedia combined with email campaigns and traditional advertising will give your clients huge results and allow them to dominate their region. Equally, videos can be as simple as a slideshow or incorporate educational, marketing and advertising, prompt viewers to a free guide, create an FAQ series, take advantage of popular trends, entertain and exude any style.


That is a start of what we can do for you and your clients.

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