See Live Hungry Bed Bugs Bite Me!

There you go, we’ve got some dead bed bugs, got a few live ones and they can smell me, so they are crawling around in here. Ohhh, they are hungry! A couple of them are, anyhow. There’s a good sample of an exoskeleton that they shed. Exoskeleton: the protective or supporting structure covering the outside of the body of many animals, such as the thick cuticle of arthropods. That is something that you’ll find lying around the apartment. The dark spots are excrement, Excrement: waste matter discharged from the body, so you’ll see that on your sheets or you’ll see that on your pillow case. Oh, I can feel it biting me right through the lid of this thing. You can see that we have a very thin lid and there are a few bed bugs inside. These are on loan from a Pest Control company and you can see them crawling around in there. They can smell me through the lid, where are they? Focus, focus, focus! There they are. A couple of them are hungry. They want to feed every several days. You can see how fat they are and full of blood. They have recently fed, but they are picking up the heat signature of ME. So there you go. This is what they are all about. They come out early in the morning and that’s when they like to feed. These are the signs you are going to see of them all around your place. Check your mattress. Your first line of defense is your mattress because if you block them out of your mattress and box spring they have nowhere to live (not completely true, but what I meant to say was that they will no longer be living so near to their food source-YOU!)…nearby and they have to travel. This is Dean, with, the talking about bed bugs, how to kill bedbugs, how to get rid of bed bugs and all the telltale signs of bedbugs and bed bug spray. O.K. that’s it! You can see them crawling at



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