Ottawa Mobile Mortgage Specialist Sylvain Joanette

Sylvain Joanette is a Mobile Mortgage Specialist with Desjardins. But what does that really mean. Sylvain: In this case it means bilingual. Desjardins: With over $170 billion in total assets it is the top cooperative financial group in Canada and 6th largest in the world. Mobile: Sylvain comes to you. Mortgage: The means by which you purchase your home. Specialist: He has 20 years of experience in this field working with the ups, downs and changes in the industry.

Now that you have the terminology, lets look at what a Mortgage Specialist does. According to Wikipedia the term Mortgage includes this definition: A homebuyer or builder can obtain financing, in the form of a loan, either to purchase or secure against a property from a financial institution, such as a bank, either directly or indirectly through intermediaries. Features of mortgage loans such as the size of the loan, maturity of the loan, interest rate, method of paying off the loan, and other characteristics can vary considerably.

If you are looking to Buy a Home in the Ottawa Region, then you will most likely require a Mortgage. With 20 years of experience, Sylvain has seen the market fluctuate and change and understands the processes of the mortgage industry. He can give you answers to FAQ’s like: What if I am self employed? What if I have been living abroad and just returned to Canada? Do I need a full down payment? How do I re-establish my credit? What credit score do I need? Can I refinance my existing home? What are the fees involved with obtaining a Mortgage in Ottawa? What does the term "final approval" mean? What is the calculation for a typical cancellation fee on a mortgage? I have a considerable down payment but borderline poor credit, what can I do? What is a readvanceable mortgage? And there are many more questions that come up, depending on the variable of your personal situation. Get the answers that you require and let Sylvain draw you a map of the shortest rout between you and your new home.

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Federal Budget 2012 with Ottawa Chartered Accountants Logan Katz


Am listening to Charles Rotenberg of Doris Law Office speaking about changes to the Federal Budget for 2012.
In the foreground left frame, is David Logan. The Logan in Logan Katz. Am also sitting with Scott Pedlar of BDC.
The infornmation is very interesting. It seems that there is a lot of little changes. Apparently not a lot of things to promote jobs, but Research and Development is getting a lot of attention.
Chuck is a great speaker and the free breakfast, as my table unanimouslly agreed, was fantastic.

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Ottawa Dwellings and Homes for Sale

Just in case you missed the market collapse in the last couple of years, it has had a massive affect on Ottawa dwellings and homes and property for sale all over the world. There was a massive exodus towards DIY Real Estate Sales that has only increased awareness of the importance of a qualified, experienced Real Estate Agent.

When it comes to Ottawa Real Estate, Jacen specializes in making home purchases sustainable, and even profitable.  Since the collapse, people have been looking at ways of generating income, leveraging equity and some even buy their first home while creating equity. In the last few years he has been helping with the purchase multi-dwelling properties including Duplex, Triplex, Fourplexes and homes for sale in Ottawa. With extensive knowledge in the Ottawa market, reliable tradesmen to rely on and a proven formula for sustainable success, he is able to help homeowners and house hunters well beyond the sale of a property.

The Ottawa Real Estate Market is flooded with discount brokers. Everyone is competing for the bottom dollar, and not matter what industry you’re in, “you get what you pay for.” Not the best strategy when making the largest single investment of your life. You do not need to ask too many people to get a horror story. The key is to identify the true value that an experienced person brings to the transaction, and then find that person with the skills, connections, experience and understanding.

I know that it sounds simple, but like most things that are worth the effort, it’s not as easy as it seems. Anyone can sell you a house. I have a neighbor who is selling his own house, and I see him letting people in while he is wearing his PJ’s. I see new Real Estate Agents sticking warm loaves of bread in ovens to give the house a “homey appeal.” But that is not going to be comforting after the deal is done and you find all of the little surprises that were masked by the low commission rate of my neighbour and the aromatic smokescreen of fresh bread.

But don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of fresh bread, and the numbers have to work, but I also understand that successful business relationships are built on communication, respect and sustainability. My name is Jacen Matthews with Royal LePage Performance Realty at 165 Pretoria Avenue, Ottawa Ontario, K1S 1X1 and 613.238.2801Cell: 613.296.8582. Let’s work together to make your largest financial investment work for you.

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Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Strategies and Web Design

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of improving the visibility of a website, article, blog, podcast or video in “organic” search results by leveraging the processes that search engines use to rank sites. FYI: Consumers trust organic results over paid advertising. Just so you know, SEO in Ottawa is the same as it is everywhere else, because it is all in one place, cyberspace.

By now you should understand that the more visitors you get to your website, the more opportunities you will have to inform and sell. You might also know that the more often your site appears on Page 1 of any search, the more traffic you will receive. You may not know that less than 20% of searchers will click to see Page 2 results, and 80% will just re-enter a different search string. You may also know that some search strings are used over and over and these are known as “keywords.”

Words may be created equally, but not all words are used equally. For instance, adding an “s” to “Designer” or “Company” can be the difference between hundreds of searches per month and hundreds of thousands of searches per month. Suffice it to say, that if you know which keywords have high traffic, you understand how to leverage that information so that search engines index your site under those terms, then you get more traffic than your competition.

If your company marketing strategy is to acquire more customers or extend extra services to your existing clientele then it is imperative that you find partners to help you leverage Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Strategies and Web Design.

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online marketing.jpg


Past marketing modalities held us hostage.... Watch the adds if you want to hear your favourite song or see the end of your favourite show. Online, no one is going to watch your "commercials."
Take a look at what's captivating views and being freely shared on social media channels.

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Easy Guide to Understanding Teenage Problems and Relationships

You actually already know the answers, but no one is asking the right question. Let’s face it, when it comes to understanding teenage problems and relationships, there is no definitive guide. If you are a teenager, then you are being bombarded on a daily basis with “advice” on what you should do, what you should wear, what to expect and how to decide. If you are a parent of a teen, you can’t help but feel responsible for bringing such turmoil into their lives, and pray that it ends soon.

The Teen phase of life has only be recognized by society as a stage of development for the past 50 years or so. Prior to that, children became adults in one gigantic step. For young men it was heading off to university, to work or to die in a war. For young women, it was off to become wives, teachers or work in a factory. But today evolving humanoids are granted a transitional period whereby they learn what they need to know in order move successfully into adulthood.

To understand teenage relation problems, it is imperative to understand yourself. What expectations do you bring to any interaction with teens, what is your relationship history and how does it affect how you interact with the world? And if you are a teen, how do you react to fear, how do you handle pressure, how do you interpret what others ask of you? Did you know that what we observe as children is what we carry forward as examples of how we should live?

There is an old saying that goes “You don’t know what you don’t know.” If you have not observed successful relationships between your parents, your family, and your friends, then you are less likely to build successful relationships. If you depend on fairy tales and romantic comedies to guide you, then your success will be ever-greater peril and you will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes until you give up completely. Get the Best Advice Your Mother Never Gave You and learn how to find love in the 21st Century!

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Changes in Internet Development Strategies

If you plan to leverage your online presence for the next two to five years, then you may want to know about Changes in Internet Development Strategies. What went before, no longer applies the same as it once did. Let’s admit that it is time consuming, frustrating and technically impossible to keep up with all of the changes that happen online. But don’t sweat, because if you your strategy is to acquire new clients, provide your clients with more products and services or to cater to emerging markets, then there is a solution. If you just want the Yellow Pages back, then we may not be able to help. The only way out is through, and through is in the forward direction. So let us help.

Not long ago, a web development strategy would mean having a website with hundreds of pages of text. Then it was imperative to have pictures or jpegs on your site. After that it was essential to have hyperlinks, a blog, bookmarks, backlinks, video, articles, podcast, mobile apps, games, social media, on page, off page, SEO, keywords, and, and, and. Today, you need to understand what each element can do for you. Most importantly, you must know what your business strategy is, because it will determine your overall Internet Development Strategy. You may need a mobile app more than you need social media. Videos may increase your bottom line more than articles, you may not have enough backlinks but you need to decide whether to focus on Google+ more than Twitter or your Facebook Page. If you cannot answer the pertinent questions, then the risk is that you waste time and money guessing, and not getting the results that you know are possible.

There are numerous and separate strategies for increasing ease of use for your customers, for finding new clients or helping your sales people close deals more easily. It is sort of like cooking: you plan the meal, invite the guests, identify a recipe that will ensure success, get the right ingredients, execute the directions, and serve. All that is left are the accolades. Simple! Get your Internet Development cooking for your Business.

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How Your Business Goals Affect Internet Development

If you have a Business, we hope that you have Business goals. Some goals are short term and others are long term. When it comes to Internet Development, you only need to look a short distance behind to understand how you should apply yourself to the future. Five years ago, most Businesses were working to have a website. Today, having a website is the bare minimum, but working your overall web presence is the key to online success.

If your mind just shut off, you are not alone. After the SEO, on-page, off-page, Web 2.0, keywords, apps, mobile, smart phones, www, video sites, social media, local search, upload, download, exe, dir, url, clf, lol, mic-key-mouse, it’s a wonder we get any sleep at night! And, you are expected to get everything else in your life and business accomplished at the same time. It seems that there is no rest for the weary. But actually, there is.

When it comes to your web presence, DIY will no longer produce enough results to make it worth your while. The web has changed, continues to evolve and in five years will be ten generations older. Currently, the trust factor is increasing and more people are buying directly from Internet, to a degree. The most powerful piece of information is that most consumers go online to research new products and services in their neighborhood, then hop in their car to go purchase them. On the other hand, less than thirty percent of local businesses are properly leveraging search engines, apps and social media. The conclusion is that there are more people searching for products and services than there are businesses to provide them. The businesses are physical there, but they cannot be found. Ask not what the Internet can do for you, but find out How Your Business Goals Affect Internet Development.

The Shotgun Show is a highly effective and cleverly disguised Online Marketing How To platform that is the 21st Century Internet Marketing Strategy and vehicle for Social Media Marketing. Get with an Internet Marketing Company that knows how to leverage the new “word of mouth.”

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Why Bother with an iPhone iPad App?

Why bother with an iPhone iPad App is a question that we get on a regular basis. To me it sounds like Why bother buying a car? Often we miss the importance of things that make Business easier, and an App is one of those things. Like most new things, the early adapters grab it while the majority sit and wonder why. Then they turn it inside out and upside down until it becomes something that more of us can use. This describes an App or a Mobile Application, in this case for an iPhone, iPad, or any smart phone on the market.

Now imagine that you have a sales force that is constantly away from the office. In the field potential clients are asking your team for information on your services and products. Imagine if your sales person can access the specs, quantities, reviews, pictures and history of the products and services that you offer? If there is an objection to the sale that cannot be answered, immediately, on the spot, as it is being asked, do you think that might have an effect on your closing ratio? That is what an Mobile Application can do for you.

What if your Business relies on sensitive and changing information? An App can allow you to update and alter information as needed in real time, so that you people have the most current information. Perhaps the sensitivity of your information needs to be protected, then an App would make it easily accessible, transportable and protected.

There are an endless number of applications for Applications for Business. When your team needs information to close deals, educate your clients and impress potential new clients, an App is one of the most effective forms of support. Of course, you could also just use it to play games, but only after the work is done!

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Why Your Business Needs Mobile Application Development

“Why” is no longer the right question. 18 months ago, “why” would’ve been an acceptable question that deserved an answer, but right now, it may be more of an indicator of whether you “get it,” or not. Let us be clear: there is nothing wrong with not “getting it.” There is something wrong with not doing anything about it. Did you know that when they introduced the automobile, people responded “why do I need an automobile when I can feed my horse free grass instead of gas?” Yes, we are loosely paraphrasing, but something relatively close to that was said. And you know who it came from, a naysayer. In our lives there is always a naysayer, a person who shoots down new ideas, that they are sure will never work. And when something actually does become popular, they are usually the first to say “I knew that was going to work!”

Well, this is one of those times. The mere fact that a quarter million smart phones were activated over the Christmas Holidays last year, each enabled with web browsing, each sporting several apps, or applications, should be enough to catch your attention. Whether the naysayer like it or not, apps are here, they are used in abundance and they are the tools of today and the future.

I guess I should explain that App is short for Application, which is short for Mobile Application, which is short for Massive Opportunity to Connect, Engage and Provide Services to consumers. And it is all user controlled from a phone. What a planet! So, if you have sales people, they can easily access information to inform your potential clients. You can make it easy to spread the word about specials, clearance items or promotions. You can make it easy for everyone in the universe to do business with you. Don’t be the last one on your block to be leveraging the power of Apps and Mobile Application Development.

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MindGame Marketing Consultants

If you woke up this morning and suddenly realized that you are in the 21st Century, which is not the Century you were born in, not the century you were trained for and you wish that you had watched more episodes of Star Trek, well you’re not alone. But don’t panic, we are only at the beginning of the Century, and although you may feel like you’re behind, there is time to catch up. Let’s bring up to speed.

The Universe started with a Big Bang and now it’s a half hour television series. But that may not help you much. The world that we left behind was the 20th Century. In that world, Marketing had evolved to be a one-way communication for those who could afford it. Past marketing modalities for Business were limited to spending thousands of dollars for the printed word, tens of thousands for radio broadcasts and hundreds of thousands for television spots. Broadcasts were a one-way communication that consumers were forced to endure in order to read an article, hear the latest hit or see how their favorite show ends. MindGame Marketing Consultants.

With 97% of consumers going online to research new products and services, it is no mystery that Businesses need to find a way to connect online. But in this Century consumers CHOOSE what they want, how they want it and when they want it. If they are not engaged, they can be gone in less time than it takes to finish reading this sentence.

So, now that you understand the concepts, it is time to bring you to the conclusion that other things have changed as well. Communications have changed, expectations have changed and how we handle Business has changed. For better or worse, we are in a pivotal point in time where everything is in flux. And, as they say, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” See us at MindGame Marketing Consultants.

The Shotgun Show is a highly effective and cleverly disguised Online Marketing How To platform that is the 21st Century Internet Marketing Strategy and vehicle for Social Media Marketing. Get with an Internet Marketing Company that knows how to leverage the new “word of mouth.”

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Website Builders Discuss SEO and Online Marketing

site Builders N-Vision IT in Ottawa, Ontario have been Designing and Building Websites the turn of the century. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you think of it, at the turn of the Century, the internet was 17 years old, Napster was the first massively adopted peer to peer sharing platform and there are 20 million websites worldwide, double of what it was 9 months earlier. Search Engine Optimization was barely a valid term, the dotcom bubble bursts and bandwidth is more likely something to be applied to aging rockers than to the Internet. It will be 4 years before Facebook shows its face for the first time, 5 years before Youtube plays its first video named “me at the zoo,” and 6 years before the first Tweet.

In the history of mankind it just a blip, a nano second less time than it takes to think a thought, but for those of us who have lived through it, it has been the equivalent of decades collapsed into weeks and a million ideas balanced on the head of a pin. And as we stand here today, none of us can be certain where it is going and what it will evolve into, but we all know that the odds of guessing the outcome correctly are exponentially worse than winning the lottery.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the creation of your website is a system that makes it easy for search engines to index your content and connect you with the people who are searching for your products and services. Simple!

But, then again, not really. Like most things, if you know the tricks, then it is easier. But in reality, everything on the web is in flux all of the time. When it comes to Online Marketing, there are elements that you can leverage to increase your credibility and authority-ship. After all, Google is looking for valid authority on all subjects. We wouldn’t want to disappoint now, would we. Come and discuss SEO and Online Marketing anytime with N-Vision IT. 613 722 1965

The Shotgun Show is a highly effective and cleverly disguised Online Marketing How To platform that is the 21st Century Internet Marketing Strategy and vehicle for Social Media Marketing. Get with an Internet Marketing Company that knows how to leverage the new “word of mouth.”

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The 4 Crucial Components of Web Site Design

Four may seem like a small number for most people when they think of the components of a web site design, but alas, four it is. Each element contributes to the effectiveness of a site and is designed to capture, inform and lead a consumer through to an outcome.

Look and Feel, sometimes referred to as CLF, or Common Look and Feel, is the first crucial element of Web Site Design. Your face page is your first impression. It is like entering the lobby to your space. When looking at it, does it make you feel at ease or tense, does it say inviting or hurry-up? It can say whatever you want, depending on the services and products that you supply, and the outcomes that want to have.

Content is like the voice of your site. It sets the tone of you services and product. What may begin as a “hello and welcome” might eventually help visitors to quickly narrow down their choices, help them understand what you offer, and direct them to where it can be found. It may also offer an overview for short attention spans and a deeper explanation for those who need more information. Content can include pictures, text, video, links, slideshows, games and Apps. There are no restrictions, but there are unwritten rules that one site more effective than another. Like anything, once you know the tricks, it is easy. The problem with applying that philosophy to the Internet, is that it is in a constant state of change, and so must your website be.

Transactions or is it easy for your visitors to find, assess and comprehend your offerings and then check out with the greatest of ease? Just like the design of a physical store, there are processes to leading Web Site visitors into your store where they can find the milk, and then lead them past all of the other things they may need on the way out.

A Call to Action is the final crucial component of web site design. Think of it as a gentle nudge or a direct push. Either way, consumers need to know that they have made the right choice, and if you do not provide it, well I think you know the rest. According to N-Vision IT, Ottawa, 613 722 1965 the 4 crucial components of web site design are Look and Feel, Content, Transactions and a Call to Action.

The Shotgun Show is a highly effective and cleverly disguised Online Marketing "How To" platform that is the 21st Century Internet Marketing Strategy and vehicle for Social Media Marketing. Get with an Internet Marketing Company that knows how to leverage the new “word of mouth.”

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Optimize Your Webpage Design Ottawa

op·ti·mize [op-tuh-mahyz] verb, to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible, so as to maximize efficiency. When it comes to your Webpage Design, Optimization is the difference between lost and found. As the Internet continues to expand at an exponential rate, the number of websites multiplies, the number of pages multiplies twice as much, and suddenly, your website is just another text link on page 5 of a Google Search. Sure, if your name is Rasputin Goodfellow, it is easy to find your links at the top of page one, after all how many people or businesses in the world have that particular moniker? If it’s more than one, I’d be surprised.

But if you are in Real Estate, Weight Loss or have a system for people to Work at Home, then the competition levels are going to be considerably higher. And this is where Optimize Your Webpage Design Ottawa comes in. Did you know that 97% of consumers go online when researching new services and products? That is everyone, including your Grandmother. In fact, Seniors are one of the fastest growing demographics for online usage. The other stat that should interest Business Owners is that most of these surfers want to find information online and then find local vendors so that they can go out and physically visit the store. The other stat that should wake you up is that only about 30% of bricks and mortar stores have a web presence that able to be found properly by search engines for high traffic keywords. Translation: there are more searchers than businesses to be found online. This is where Website Builders in Ottawa, and Flash Design Ottawa can make a difference. In fact Wordpress in Ottawa and/or Mobile Application Developers in Ottawa are prime examples of high traffic keywords and how we are leveraging text for an Ottawa Facebook Company that executes Social Media Marketing. They are called N-Vision IT and they have answers. 613 722 1965.

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Trailing Spouse Support from Spouses Without Borders

Although male and female spouses have been following their respective partners across borders for Millennia, it wasn’t until the July 15, 1981 issue of The Wall Street Journal when Mary Bralove quoted the term “Trailing Spouse.” It is one of the most difficult elements of an International Career, to find meaning and work for the partners of dual-career couples that did not initiate the move.

They say that renovating a house is the largest challenge to any marriage. If that is true, then the trailing spouse phenomena must run a very close second. Challenges may include, but are not limited to, dual-career challenges where the partner is forced to relinquish their career to join their partner on assignment. Obviously, with all of the new changes and culture shock, the stress on families can be immense. Uprooting children and especially teenagers can have lasting positive and negative effects, depending on how they approach the move. Sponsoring employers may not offer much support for the relocation of the Trailing Spouse and many countries do not have the resources to be of much help . They may have difficulty finding new or meaningful employment. They may suffer from a loss of identity, as every facet of their lives is reshaped and structured. If they are women or girls, they may face restrictions that are tantamount to house arrest, their wardrobe might be inadequate and their credentials may be become moot. Even something as simple as having blonde hair or blue eyes can become a challenge.

In most cases the Trailing Spouse phenomena is experienced in military, diplomatic and government groups. With the world changing as quickly as it does, it has also become a factor in the private sector. But, because it is recognized as a phenomenon, it means that it has happened to enough people that common recurring issues have surfaced, and solutions have been tried and tested. The key thing is to understand, is that you are not alone, and Spouses Without Borders is there to offer help, resources and support.    

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Financial Planning and Prosperity for Couples

Money, money, money. It is not as much about how much you make, but what you do with it. Money trouble is responsible for destroying more marriages, friendships and families than natural disasters. Most of us can look back at our lives and unequivocally know that whatever advice or education we received about money was too little, too late or too irrelevant. Just as new approaches evolve for every facet of our lives from automobile design to designer foods, so does the world of money and how to leverage it.

We live in a zero-down and pay-nothing society where it easy to believe that consequence free financial transactions exist, where lottery tickets are the cornerstone of many people’s retirement plans and the economy that we grew up with has drained the social joint bank account that we might have depended on. In short, if you are going to transcend your money problems, you are going to need help.

As individuals, we know whether we prefer chocolate over vanilla or vice-versa, but if asked to explain our preference, the answer would be-because! We just know and don’t need an explanation or justification. Well, we have the same innate feelings with money. Our unconscious beliefs and instincts play a big part in our relationship with money. And since money is the “root of all evil,” then we instinctually hide our relationship, good, bad or indifferent. But life has two sides. If money is the root of all evil, then it is also the root of good. Imagine if you had an endless supply of money. You could bring clean water to everyone in Africa, you could help your family, you could sleep at night, you could take your time… in fact, the way that you lived your life would change dramatically. If you are trying to understand Where to Find Cash, Where to Get Money or learning How to Budget or have asked a greater power “Help Me Find Money,” then you are off to a great start. Financial Planning and Prosperity for Couples starts with Dr. Margaret Smith’s book, Money: From Fear to Love – Using the Enneagram to Create Wealth, Prosperity, and Love, and is the first of its kind.

The Shotgun Show is a highly effective and cleverly disguised Online Marketing How To platform that is the 21st Century Internet Marketing Strategy and vehicle for Social Media Marketing. Get with an Internet Marketing Company that knows how to leverage the new “word of mouth.”

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Business Goals and Web Development Design

Business Goals and Web Development Design are two elements of one direction, one vision, one mission. Having one without the other is like building a BBQ for the first time, without using the instructions. If you have a lot of time and money to spend on figuring out what professionals already know, then feel free to deviate from the path. On the other hand, if your goal is within site and you would like to build the most direct path between you and it, then keep reading.

As far as Business Goals are concerned, your business may be trying to acquire new customers, make it easier for existing clients to get services, introducing new products and services or a myriad of other options. The first step is to be clear on WHAT you are trying to achieve, WHY you are striving for it and the RESULT that you expect from it. That way, you have a map of your goal. The importance of the map will become more apparent once you begin moving toward that goal. Even the most direct path has many branches and deviations along it and if all goes well, you will find yourself lost in the woods, where you will learn the humbling, but necessary lessons. Once you are enlightened, you will pull out your map and get yourself back on the path toward your goal. Those who do not make a map are still wondering around in the woods, lost. And when it comes to the Web, you will find that the woods begin on Page Two.

Your web development design is exactly the same. It is like designing a brick and mortar retail space. There are proven layouts and designs that expediate every product, service and action. There are extra products and services that your clients seek, but may not know are available. There are avenues for those in a hurry, and deeper information for those that need to take their time. Some clients make decisions based on what they read, others by what they hear and some by what they see.

On the web there are also the Search Engines that are looking, reading, listening, indexing. They use completely different elements, patterns and clues from your web development design than your human visitors, but they are there on behalf of people to find the most relevant choices for their searches. If you cater to human and droid, and you will find the best of both worlds right in the sweet spot. We are N-Vision IT. 613 722 1965.

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10-Minute Website Design Strategy

I was riding with a friend in his car, who is a self-proclaimed technology neophyte, but he is very dependant on his “toys.” He would be challenged to exist without being grumpy if he were to lose his phone which docks with his car and delivers any combination of two thousand songs and movies and games and, and, and I can’t wait until he get’s a phone that makes French fries. Meanwhile, he has a website that he designed himself, he manages himself and neglects himself. He is always complaining that he can never find himself in search engine searches and designs his keywords by what he thinks is relevant and what his family think are relevant. Needless to say, this is like putting the wrong phone number and an address that is across town on all of your advertising.  Only the lost and random are going to find you!

DIY is great for personal or a hobby related Website Design Strategy. For a real business, DIY Websites are parallel to creating your business cards in crayon. What is most bizarre is that my friend is a Real Estate Agent who scoffs at people who try to sell their house themselves. I try to point out the obvious hypocrisy, but it’s his argument and his car, so I look out the window.

The next day, I went into his admin area, altered a few of keywords, made some internal adjustments to his text, titles and pictures and set him up a blog. Before long, his site had an increase in hits and he was able to find himself in searches. He never reached Page One, but was suddenly aware that DIY was not the most effective Online Marketing Strategy for a Business. Contact N-Vision IT at 613 722 1965 for a 10 Minute Website Design Strategy from the best Web Development Design team in Ottawa.

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Summer Camp for Teens in Ottawa

Camp Ottawa 613 596 6258, Youth Leadership Programs, Summer Camps for Teens, Ottawa Summer Camp,Teenage, Teenager, Adventure Ontario, 2700 Queensview Dr. Ottawa Ontario. With Participants from Toronto, Kingston, Western Quebec, Montreal, New York State, Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.
It is not just an Ottawa summer camp when you Join the Black Jack and Island Adventure Camp. Sign up for a summer camp experience like no other. With a maximum enrollment of 15 participants per session, The Black Jack Island Adventure Camp offers youth one of the most unique camp experiences in the country. Based on a private 15-acre island near Fitzroy, Ontario,, participants become immersed in an environment that could be described as Peter Pan meets the Pirates of the Caribbean.
Under the direction and guidance of our professional crew and experienced staff, Campers set sail each day (weather permitting) on the camp's very own tall ship, "Black Jack". From the moment participants step aboard this majestic and historical vessel, they are swept up in the training and challenge it takes to sail her. Under direction of the ship's certified Master, participants work closely with crew to learn all aspects of seamanship, from hoisting sails and learning basic navigation to tying knots and even steering. When the evening sky is clear and the weather is warm, the Black Jack may sit out at anchor while participants fall asleep under the stars.
When not sailing the Black Jack, participants could be racing or exploring in our 27ft. traditional sailboats, 'Agnes Irving & Alan E. Jacques'. After long days 'at sea' our crew and staff take advantage of our time ashore to teach campers other aspects of sailing, navigation and teamwork through popular games like the "Great Canadian Buoy Hunt" and the "Island Bridge Challenge". Evenings on the island are filled with camp fires and our extremely popular island-wide manhunt or capture the flag games. At the end of a long day, participants find their beds on an authentic floating bunkhouse, the Stanley Carson Bunk Barge.
Camps d'été à Ottawa

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Sales Management and Training with Sandler

This is a direct message to all President’s, CEO’s, Sales Managers and Sales People who are looking to increase their sales growth, establish successful long-term habits and increase the quality of their sales. If you have not been getting the results you want by working hard, then it’s time that you started working smart!

Somehow, Sales Training became more like a Boot Camp than a School of Higher Learning, with an emphasis on “taking the hill at any cost.” And since Sales is really about the wants and needs of your clients, this has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. It is listed as the single largest barrier to almost every sale in every vertical. But this is the 21st Century and if you haven’t noticed, a lot of things have changed. How a transaction occurs, where consumers get their information and what their expectations are, have little relevance to Sales Training that you may have received 10 years ago. People still need to purchase, they still want your goods and they are more than willing to part with their money, but you need to acquaint your Sales Force with what is working today!

When have you ever heard a sales person talk about sustainable growth, weaknesses, limitations or increasing your business valuation? Never, if you are the CEO, and that is because they value their jobs an, don’t want to rock the boat. Sales AboutFace flips the traditional sales paradigm, challenges legacy sales and management practices which erode successful processes. There are millions of businesses that have high turnover, mediocrity and complacency chewing away at their bottom line.

Sandler Training employs a Sales Impact Assessment, which measures your company's vision for growth and sets it as the foundation upon which our recommendations are developed. Instill your Sales and Sales Management team with the Sales techniques and Sales Strategies that they need, and set your company on a long-term, sustainable growth pattern.


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Business at a Thousand Views per Hour

It’s Monday, and in the last 72 hours, there was one seemingly ordinary business in a quiet corner of Ottawa, who introduced themselves to over 73,000 people. While they brushed their teeth they presented their company concepts to 500 people. While they were eating their breakfasts, lunches and dinners they expounded on their products to 7,500 people. While they enjoyed a movie with their kids, they demonstrated their expertise to 2,000 people. You might think that they are the best multi-tasking, networkers in Ottawa, and you would be right… sort of.

Meet N-Vision Interactive, who also go by the online moniker of betterwebsites. They are a humble group of diligent, somewhat geeky and definitely effective Ottawa based Website Design firm. They specialize in Mobile Apps, ecommerce, Social Media Marketing and all Web related actions to get more attention from search engines, more eyes on pages and easier routes to satisfying their clients, clients. Translation: They apply their extensive understanding of Internet processes for whomever wants more traffic.

On Friday, an episode of the Shotgun Show featuring N-Vision Interactive was posted on Youtube and dispersed to multiple blogs, social media, video, and article sites that has had over 72,000 views since. It might surprise you to know that there are not any lingerie models or pop stars associated with this video. It lacks a cute puppy, is devoid of any and all Jackass-style stunts and does not contain footage from a natural or man-made disaster, caught on a phone.  It is just a 3-minute video about them and their business.

What’s the catch? Actually, there is no “catch.” This is corporate video in the 21st Century. It’s a combination of entertainment and information that grabs the viewer and carries them through the entire episode. It is the new “first-impression,” cleverly distributed on social media, the “new word of mouth.” What really got the ball rolling was the ability of these two companies to leverage their combined established networks that were built by the Shotgun Show and N-Vision over the last nine months. Because they had spent time and energy building their friends, followers and lists, the video was shared by friends and re-posted repeatedly. And their friends shared it, and their friend’s friends shared it, and so on. This caught the attention of the search engines, increased their authority and directly contributed to its success. And since 20% of viewers watch multiple videos in a given channel, then all of the other episodes of the Shotgun Show benefitted as well.

So, if you would you like to talk about your business to 24,000 people while you sleep next weekend, or you need a little more search engine love or you are having challenges getting your information across the internet, you might want to contact the teams who know how to do it. N-VisionIT,  613 722 1965, is a Website Design Company in Ottawa with clients on several continents. Specializing in Ottawa Web Marketing for Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Social Media Marketing and Flash Website Design. The Shotgun Show is a highly effective Online Marketing platform that is the 21st Century vehicle for advertising and Social Media Marketing, the new “word of mouth.”

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What is so great about Website Development in Ottawa as opposes to anywhere else on the planet?
Nothing, if you ignore keyword marketing Strategies. Nothing if you have not developed a network that includes social media marketing. Nothing if you think that Youtube is just a passing fad.
If you look closely at the picture below, you will see that out of 3 million competing web pages, 3 of 4 video thumbnails are for N-Vision, and none of the results were by accident. http://betterwebsiteszmcom 613 722 1967

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Dating Relationships Gone Wrong (( tag: Relationship Help, How to Find Love, Marriage and Counseling, Teenage Relationship Problems, How to Get Women ))

Who amongst us has not encountered challenges on the road to Happily Ever After? Perhaps, only those that have not truly made the effort, but we cannot be sure. What is dating? At one time it meant milkshakes, holding hands and the back row at the local theater. In the 21st Century Dating Relationships have become a connotation that defies definition because it in a constant state of flux. As dating evolves, it has left many of us wondering what just happened and how many therapy hours it will take to make it go away. The only thing we know for sure, is that whatever we once learned is no-longer applicable to creating successful relationships. But it doesn’t need to stay that way.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have patterns. Most patterns neither good, nor bad, they just “are.” They developed slowly over time as you observed the world around you. Your preference for vanilla over chocolate does not require you to understand it beyond the level of taste satisfaction, but you established a preference for one over the other, early in life. You learned these preferences as you innocently observed the interactions of the people that you were exposed to. It is why you love pistachios but not peanuts, why you sing or will never sing, why you kiss some people on the forehead and others on the cheek, or don’t kiss anyone at all. Some of us hug when we meet people, others shake hands, some kiss each other on the cheek and some exchange kisses on both cheeks. Of course, when we are cornered into justifying the things that we do by default, we consciously grasp reasons and attach significance to them. But in reality, we are executing elements of our lives by our second-nature.

It all falls apart when we try to build relationships and they do not turn out as we expect. The key to success is controlling the elements that you can, and although most of us do not want to believe it, the only element in your control is YOU! Understanding who you are, your expectations, how you deal with adversity and how you affect the world around you is the like reading the owner’s manual. Turn Dating Relationships Gone Wrong around by getting The Best Advice Your Mother Never Gave You.


Find the answers You seek with Relationship Help, How to Find Love, Marriage and Counseling, Teenage Relationship Problems, How to Get Women all start with YOU!

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