Process Server Maryland

A Process Server delivers legal documents for civil court matters. Documents include subpoenas, summonses, court orders, legal notices and writs. There are different types of Process Servers, with the differences explained below.
Registered or licensed process servers, for most states, are registered by county. In California a process server can serve papers in any county within that state. In other states a process server can only serve papers in the county where they are registered. Most counties require the applicant to be bonded and insured.
Private detectives and investigators are mostly licensed by the state and are exempt from registering as process servers. They, and anyone in their employ, can serve legal process and are considered officers of the court.
Sheriffs, Marshals and Constables who are sworn peace officers, can Serve Process. Equally, Non registered or licensed individuals who include friends and relatives may serve up to ten legal documents per year, provided that the individual is not a party to the action. When the service of the papers has been completed the server must sign an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, stating that the paper was properly served.

The shortcomings of having a non-professional serve process. Is that they do not understand the laws and rules involved in process serving. Nor do they usually know how to fill out a proper proof of service. This can cause a service to be declared invalid and possibly cause you to lose the case or at the least force you to start over. Additionally, many people attempt to evade service and a professional is more likely to complete the service. Process Serving can be dangerous because the people being served are attempting to avoid their responsibilities, which is why a Process Server is required in the first place. Recipients get angry and attempt to take it out on the process server, using whatever tools or weapons they have at their disposal. That is where a company like Due Process USA is able to minimize your risk, by being able to Serve Process with consistency across every county in every state in the union, including the State of Maryland.

Due Process USA is the market leader in Process Service and Skip Tracing. With 1200 Process Servers we provide end-to-end Service of Process and Skip Trace Services Nationwide. Due Process applies the same professional ethics and standards as the law firms which we serve. Our use of advanced methodology, attention to detail and proactive customer service provide you with end-to-end Service of Process, which is only complete once the case is adjudicated.

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