How to Lower Cholesterol

I woke up one day, at age 53, to find that my cholesterol and blood pressure had skyrocketed.  I had also gained a middle-aged spread of nearly 50 extra ponds, despite my best efforts to hold it back.  I had become another predictable middle-aged statistic.

One day, I asked about getting a senior citizen discount at the movie ticket sales office, and the salesgirl told me she already gave it to me. I was very disappointed that I looked older than I was, and became preoccupied with this thought: Two of my grandparents died by their mid fifties and that is when I decided to learn how to lower cholesterol.

As a long-time research scientist, I did what comes naturally: thoroughly researched what caused these problems and found solutions without medication. Experiences with medications showed that the cure was worse than the problem, due to complications from side effects.  Upon asking several of my colleagues and people I met at conferences, they too had all had other complications from side effects. They had lost their memory, compromised their brain function, had muscle dysfunction, sexual dysfunction and joint pains. Side-effects are more prevalent than the Big Pharmaceuticals companies want to admit, and independent research corroborates this.

Therefore, over the last 6 years, I have been reviewing original research articles and reviewing any periodical on cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, and memory. During this discovery process on cholesterol, I found a number of popular strategies that simply don’t work, and a number of recommended foods are actually detrimental to lowering cholesterol.  My results are spelled out in Get Rid of Bad Cholesterol, a simple and complete guide to lowering cholesterol without using Lipitor.

The strategies and tips in the book are woven into an easy sustainable plan that doesn’t take up your whole day.  I too have a job that doesn’t end at 5pm.  I spend my evenings and weekends writing reports, grading papers, making up exams and emailing with students.  I am also a single mother with a household to run.  In other words, I have to fit everything into my day as efficiently as possible.  And honestly, who can afford extra hours every day exercising, cooking and preparing for tomorrow? Want to learn how to lower your cholesterol without using Lipitor? Get started now!

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