Process Server Nebraska

Process Server Nebraska

There was a time when Sheriffs, Marshals and Constables were good choices for serving papers. Since that time things have changed and they are no longer a reliable Serving source. They are often too busy with higher priority duties and your papers may sit for weeks before they are taken out for service. The other problem is that when people see the uniform, they refuse to answer the door, the Marshall leaves and the papers remain un-served and your case continues to go un-resolved.

Licensed private detectives and investigators can Serve but often charge more. Some investigators turn Service into an investigation and run up billable hours. But the good detective agencies will have numerous service assignments and investigators that can serve papers fast and efficiently for a reasonable fee. But, like finding a prince, you will need to kiss a lot of frogs first.
Most licensed investigators are trustworthy enough to be honest about the papers they serve. It is not easy to obtain a license and if they get caught committing perjury by saying they served a paper when they did not or if they get caught billing a client for work that was not done, they can lose their license. Prospective clients can contact the state licensing board to obtain a record of adjudicated complaints or use a service like Due Process USA that screens Servers and has reliable personnel Serving in every county in every state.

Registered process servers usually know the laws and rules, however it is easy to register and there is usually no licensing body that monitors these individuals. Therefore, if the registration is revoked the server can list himself as an independent contractor working for a new registrant. Since there is no experience required in order to register, there is nowhere to check or file a complaint against a registrant. The only recourse a client has against a registered process server is to file a lawsuit against the party and then if a judgment is obtained to go against the registrants bond. But why bother, when a company like Due Process USA is able to minimize your risk, by being able to Serve Process with consistency across every county in every state in the union, including the State of Nebraska.

Due Process USA is the market leader in Process Service and Skip Tracing. With 1200 Process Servers we provide end-to-end Service of Process and Skip Trace Services Nationwide. Due Process applies the same professional ethics and standards as the law firms which we serve. Our use of advanced methodology, attention to detail and proactive customer service provide you with end-to-end Service of Process, which is only complete once the case is adjudicated.

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