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There are several essential Business Etiquette techniques and strategies that are needed to establish a professional presence in interactive environments. The first is Body language. An awareness of body language is essential to becoming an effective communicator. We will train you how to enhance your communication skills and decipher the non-verbal responses of your colleagues and clients.

The next important strategy is the Handshake. How you shake hands - another universal non-verbal interaction - tells others so much about you. It offers insight into whether you are confident or shy, decisive or tentative, friendly or aloof. Indeed, a handshake alone may immediately influence your client's response to your proposal even before you begin to speak. Introduction formulas for business and social settings count every time you use them and count more every time you don’t. Whether you are introducing yourself or others, knowing the elements of a proper introduction is essential to maintaining your professional presence.
The next important step to success is the ability to have exceptional Conversation skills. You will discover key skills to engage comfortably in important discussions. You will learn several practical tips on how to overcome conversation lulls and engage in appropriate small talk. And don’t forget the impression that you will leave behind in the form of a Business card. You will be shown how to convey class when handing out or receiving business cards. You will learn to avoid common gaffs.
Not lastly, but last in this list is the ability to Working a Room. Before you test your newly acquired skills at your next client event, you need to know more about working a room successfully. We will show you how to make the best use of your valuable time when attending business receptions, trade shows or conferences.

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