The Power of More Than One

The latest episode of Shotgun with Carlo is with New York Times Best Selling Author Peggy McColl. At least 15% of our views are secondary... meaning that, because we are fun and interesting, our visitors watch more than one video when they visit us.

That equals 550 new client views in the last 30 days. Divide that by the number of videos on the channel and it works out to about 55 extra views each. that is 55 customers walking through you store, looking at your business, learning about your services.

Peggy will bring at least a thousand people to the channel in the next 30 days. That is about 150 new client views on top of the other videos on the channel. As we add more and more businesses, those numbers continue to grow. Are you ready to BE the talk of Social Media?

Think of it… If you had to attract the circle of people that each person brings to the channel… well, that is the Power of More Than One.

Stop trying and start doing.


Posted via email from Ottawa Social Media Marketing