Easy Estate Planning

Put your life in order with My Life Locker. Anyone who has to organize, manage and safeguard personal information will find invaluable. They might be just starting out and want to safely manage their personal data, busy parents and heads of households protecting the safety of their families, or the elderly needing an estate planning tool as their lives and lifestyles change. It can easily be tailored to safely lock up and neatly encapsulate anyone’s life records.

The secret to organization is relayed through four sections. Each locker covers a number of related categories, using specially designed, simple forms to safely record specific information. Although, practically every possible category has been addressed, My Life Locker is also easy to customize and modify if necessary. After all, it’s a safe, personal archive for your life, no one else’s. It really is all about you!

Think of it as your personal mobile filing cabinet, keeping all your critical information in one safe place and the ultimate organizational system.

When your external life is in order, you feel safe within, and it enhances your peace and serenity, which adds completion to your world. It is a brilliant new system that leaves nothing out, nothing to chance and nothing undone. It solves organizational chaos as it ensures your safety and security. Use it to keep your vital life information in one place, enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing that if something happens to you, your family can easily find the information they need. It creates a safe repository of your life events and is perfectly timed to serve the growing elderly population.

Amanda wrote that “Despite its appearance, My Life Locker is not a book; it’s a magnificent life tool. I have spent my lifetime – even as a child – being extremely organized, but never as organized as this system has shown me how to be. I have always known where all of my important information was (wills, investments, bank statement, passwords etc.) but if needed, in an emergency; my family would spend frantic hours searching for this information because it was all under my “system.” With this brilliant Life Locker, everything is in one place and it makes it simple, not only for me to find, but for my family to find it as well, if necessary. This has alleviated a great deal of worry because finally everything is where it should be and everyone who should know now knows where to find it.”

http://mylifelocker.com My Life Locker™ is the ultimate organizational system, your personal mobile filing cabinet. 207 Beech St, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Y 3T3, 613-294-9400 info@mylifelocker.com

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