The 4 Crucial Components of Web Site Design

Four may seem like a small number for most people when they think of the components of a web site design, but alas, four it is. Each element contributes to the effectiveness of a site and is designed to capture, inform and lead a consumer through to an outcome.

Look and Feel, sometimes referred to as CLF, or Common Look and Feel, is the first crucial element of Web Site Design. Your face page is your first impression. It is like entering the lobby to your space. When looking at it, does it make you feel at ease or tense, does it say inviting or hurry-up? It can say whatever you want, depending on the services and products that you supply, and the outcomes that want to have.

Content is like the voice of your site. It sets the tone of you services and product. What may begin as a “hello and welcome” might eventually help visitors to quickly narrow down their choices, help them understand what you offer, and direct them to where it can be found. It may also offer an overview for short attention spans and a deeper explanation for those who need more information. Content can include pictures, text, video, links, slideshows, games and Apps. There are no restrictions, but there are unwritten rules that one site more effective than another. Like anything, once you know the tricks, it is easy. The problem with applying that philosophy to the Internet, is that it is in a constant state of change, and so must your website be.

Transactions or is it easy for your visitors to find, assess and comprehend your offerings and then check out with the greatest of ease? Just like the design of a physical store, there are processes to leading Web Site visitors into your store where they can find the milk, and then lead them past all of the other things they may need on the way out.

A Call to Action is the final crucial component of web site design. Think of it as a gentle nudge or a direct push. Either way, consumers need to know that they have made the right choice, and if you do not provide it, well I think you know the rest. According to N-Vision IT, Ottawa, 613 722 1965 the 4 crucial components of web site design are Look and Feel, Content, Transactions and a Call to Action.

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