Business Goals and Web Development Design

Business Goals and Web Development Design are two elements of one direction, one vision, one mission. Having one without the other is like building a BBQ for the first time, without using the instructions. If you have a lot of time and money to spend on figuring out what professionals already know, then feel free to deviate from the path. On the other hand, if your goal is within site and you would like to build the most direct path between you and it, then keep reading.

As far as Business Goals are concerned, your business may be trying to acquire new customers, make it easier for existing clients to get services, introducing new products and services or a myriad of other options. The first step is to be clear on WHAT you are trying to achieve, WHY you are striving for it and the RESULT that you expect from it. That way, you have a map of your goal. The importance of the map will become more apparent once you begin moving toward that goal. Even the most direct path has many branches and deviations along it and if all goes well, you will find yourself lost in the woods, where you will learn the humbling, but necessary lessons. Once you are enlightened, you will pull out your map and get yourself back on the path toward your goal. Those who do not make a map are still wondering around in the woods, lost. And when it comes to the Web, you will find that the woods begin on Page Two.

Your web development design is exactly the same. It is like designing a brick and mortar retail space. There are proven layouts and designs that expediate every product, service and action. There are extra products and services that your clients seek, but may not know are available. There are avenues for those in a hurry, and deeper information for those that need to take their time. Some clients make decisions based on what they read, others by what they hear and some by what they see.

On the web there are also the Search Engines that are looking, reading, listening, indexing. They use completely different elements, patterns and clues from your web development design than your human visitors, but they are there on behalf of people to find the most relevant choices for their searches. If you cater to human and droid, and you will find the best of both worlds right in the sweet spot. We are N-Vision IT. 613 722 1965.

Posted via email from Ottawa Social Media Marketing