Why Your Business Needs Mobile Application Development

“Why” is no longer the right question. 18 months ago, “why” would’ve been an acceptable question that deserved an answer, but right now, it may be more of an indicator of whether you “get it,” or not. Let us be clear: there is nothing wrong with not “getting it.” There is something wrong with not doing anything about it. Did you know that when they introduced the automobile, people responded “why do I need an automobile when I can feed my horse free grass instead of gas?” Yes, we are loosely paraphrasing, but something relatively close to that was said. And you know who it came from, a naysayer. In our lives there is always a naysayer, a person who shoots down new ideas, that they are sure will never work. And when something actually does become popular, they are usually the first to say “I knew that was going to work!”

Well, this is one of those times. The mere fact that a quarter million smart phones were activated over the Christmas Holidays last year, each enabled with web browsing, each sporting several apps, or applications, should be enough to catch your attention. Whether the naysayer like it or not, apps are here, they are used in abundance and they are the tools of today and the future.

I guess I should explain that App is short for Application, which is short for Mobile Application, which is short for Massive Opportunity to Connect, Engage and Provide Services to consumers. And it is all user controlled from a phone. What a planet! So, if you have sales people, they can easily access information to inform your potential clients. You can make it easy to spread the word about specials, clearance items or promotions. You can make it easy for everyone in the universe to do business with you. Don’t be the last one on your block to be leveraging the power of Apps and Mobile Application Development.

Posted via email from Ottawa Social Media Marketing