Business at a Thousand Views per Hour

It’s Monday, and in the last 72 hours, there was one seemingly ordinary business in a quiet corner of Ottawa, who introduced themselves to over 73,000 people. While they brushed their teeth they presented their company concepts to 500 people. While they were eating their breakfasts, lunches and dinners they expounded on their products to 7,500 people. While they enjoyed a movie with their kids, they demonstrated their expertise to 2,000 people. You might think that they are the best multi-tasking, networkers in Ottawa, and you would be right… sort of.

Meet N-Vision Interactive, who also go by the online moniker of betterwebsites. They are a humble group of diligent, somewhat geeky and definitely effective Ottawa based Website Design firm. They specialize in Mobile Apps, ecommerce, Social Media Marketing and all Web related actions to get more attention from search engines, more eyes on pages and easier routes to satisfying their clients, clients. Translation: They apply their extensive understanding of Internet processes for whomever wants more traffic.

On Friday, an episode of the Shotgun Show featuring N-Vision Interactive was posted on Youtube and dispersed to multiple blogs, social media, video, and article sites that has had over 72,000 views since. It might surprise you to know that there are not any lingerie models or pop stars associated with this video. It lacks a cute puppy, is devoid of any and all Jackass-style stunts and does not contain footage from a natural or man-made disaster, caught on a phone.  It is just a 3-minute video about them and their business.

What’s the catch? Actually, there is no “catch.” This is corporate video in the 21st Century. It’s a combination of entertainment and information that grabs the viewer and carries them through the entire episode. It is the new “first-impression,” cleverly distributed on social media, the “new word of mouth.” What really got the ball rolling was the ability of these two companies to leverage their combined established networks that were built by the Shotgun Show and N-Vision over the last nine months. Because they had spent time and energy building their friends, followers and lists, the video was shared by friends and re-posted repeatedly. And their friends shared it, and their friend’s friends shared it, and so on. This caught the attention of the search engines, increased their authority and directly contributed to its success. And since 20% of viewers watch multiple videos in a given channel, then all of the other episodes of the Shotgun Show benefitted as well.

So, if you would you like to talk about your business to 24,000 people while you sleep next weekend, or you need a little more search engine love or you are having challenges getting your information across the internet, you might want to contact the teams who know how to do it. N-VisionIT,  613 722 1965, is a Website Design Company in Ottawa with clients on several continents. Specializing in Ottawa Web Marketing for Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Social Media Marketing and Flash Website Design. The Shotgun Show is a highly effective Online Marketing platform that is the 21st Century vehicle for advertising and Social Media Marketing, the new “word of mouth.”

Posted via email from Ottawa Social Media Marketing