Dinner is Served in Ottawa

Let’s look at the obvious. By the time you get to Dinner in Ottawa, or anywhere else, you have managed a whole day, fed yourself numerous times already, solved problems, been given new problems, made money, spent money, cried, laughed or wished you had, negotiated traffic, negotiated life, fought, loved, sweat and managed to survived to this point. As nature kicks-in, it comes to you in the sound of a growl from your mid-section accompanied by a tank-empty feeling and slight ruffling of anxiety on the edge of your sanity. What you are experiencing is low blood sugar, and although you knew it was coming, somehow it got lost in all of the pressing details and demands of surviving the day…again!

Have no fear because at Stone Face Dolly’s in the heart of Little Italy Ottawa, there is flavour, atmosphere, variety and sustenance of the best kind. With an eclectic menu of scrumptious main entrées, original appetizers and delicious desserts you and your family and your friends will find the gastronomic satisfaction that you need.

“Dolly’s” quietly opened at the corner of Bronson and Beech Streets in the mid 1990’s. Business was slow and the original owner would sit after lunch with her mother, Dolly, and play cards to pass the time away. Dolly, as it turns out, was an exceptional card player. This was at least partly due to what her daughter referred to as Dolly’s poker or “stoneface”. The nickname stuck and Stoneface Dolly’s was purchased in 1999. Dolly’s evolved from a single diner into two unpretentious café’s serving home-style gourmet food with an international twist - the type of food you might serve guests at a dinner party. Stoneface Dolly’s is a casual and affordable restaurant catering to a local neighbourhood clientele of all ages. In the heart of Little Italy Ottawa, find us at 416 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 4M9 or 613 564-2222

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