Daytime Ottawa Co-Host Search- Catherine Marion

Bio: Open to all sorts of possibilities and experiences, Catherine lives life to the fullest! Passionate about her family, an avid reader, always organized, and a certified shoe-a-holic, where there is fun to be had, Catherine is bound to be there!

Three adjectives that best describe you: 1. Curious, 2. Determined, 3. Light-hearted

Favourite Activities: Anything involving her kids, weight lifting, reading and shoe shopping.... Which she considers an activity, don’t you?

Proudest accomplishment: Raising four smart, kind and funny kids, including twin boys no less.... And not having lost her mind in the process!

“Daytime” on Rogers TV at 11, 2 and 5. Derick Fage & Catherine Marion know What to Do in Ottawa and about Ottawa Attractions. If you are looking for Fun Things to Do in Ottawa or What to Do with Kids in Ottawa then watch Daytime Ottawa for the best Attractions in Ottawa and Activities in Ottawa and the National Capital Region. “Daytime” on Rogers TV at 11, 2 and 5. Derick Fage & Catherine Marion reveal What to Do in Ottawa, Ottawa Events and Activities in the National Capital region.

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