Daytime Ottawa Co-Host Search- Joanne Jordan

Bio: Joanne is an accomplished multi-tasker, always busy planning new events and activities with enthusiasm, producing big smiles and lots of laughs to those experiencing them. This creates a positive atmosphere in her day-to-day life, influencing the lives of those around her.

Three adjectives that best describe you: 1. Energetic, 2. Outgoing, 3. Adventurous

Favourite Activities: Joanne enjoys competing in BMX races with her family, playing squash and travelling.

Proudest accomplishment: Having successfully started her own business. It has afforded Joanne the opportunity to work from home and be very involved with the upbringing and development of her children. This has in turn inspired both of them to get involved in the community and become young philanthropists and follow in her footsteps. Knowing that she has taught others to be involved and care for people in the community is a rewarding life achievement.

 “Daytime” on Rogers TV at 11, 2 and 5. Derick Fage & Joanne Jordan know What to Do in Ottawa and about Ottawa Attractions. If you are looking for Fun Things to Do in Ottawa or What to Do with Kids in Ottawa then watch Daytime Ottawa for the best Attractions in Ottawa and Activities in Ottawa and the National Capital Region. “Daytime” on Rogers TV at 11, 2 and 5. Derick Fage & Joanne Jordan reveal What to Do in Ottawa, Ottawa Events and Activities in the National Capital region.

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