Daytime Ottawa Co-Host Search- Kim Sullivan

Bio: Born in Montreal, Kim is bilingual, sociable, outgoing and a world traveller. Once a teacher for the deaf, now a radio personality in Ottawa, and she is absolutely loving this city! Her French side has her kissing cheeks instead of shaking hands, so keep that in mind when you meet her out and about!

Three adjectives that best describe you: 1. Curious, 2. Quirky , 3. Adventurous

Favourite Activities: Travelling is definitely at the top of her list. Closer to home, she enjoys walking the pups, trying new cuisines/wines, discovering the city & watching hockey, all while searching for her prince charming!

Proudest accomplishment: Not being scared of trying. Six years ago, Kimberly dropped all the securities of a job/salary to try out in the world of broadcasting and look at her now! Her advice is “just try... even if only once”.

“Daytime” on Rogers TV at 11, 2 and 5. Derick Fage & Kim Sullivan know What to Do in Ottawa and about Ottawa Attractions. If you are looking for Fun Things to Do in Ottawa or What to Do with Kids in Ottawa then watch Daytime Ottawa for the best Attractions in Ottawa and Activities in Ottawa and the National Capital Region. “Daytime” on Rogers TV at 11, 2 and 5. Derick Fage & Kim Sullivan reveal What to Do in Ottawa, Ottawa Events and Activities in the National Capital region.

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