Process Server Alabama

Being a Process Server in Alabama is only a portion of what a professional Process Serving Company should be able to provide. Skip Tracing or Skiptracing or Skip-tracing is an informal definition that is used to describe the process of locating an individual's whereabouts.  Using modern technology to retrieve private and public information, when cross-referenced with state departmental information, it is possible to find accurate, up-to-date information on individuals or any entity.  Information could include public record information, Corporate affiliations, Bankruptcies, Credit reports, Job application information, Criminal background checks, Utility bills, Social security, Disability, Tax information, Judgments and Liens.

For skip tracing to be effective, it is important to verify and follow up on all data and drill down where applicable in order to uncover vital information.  Every lead must be exhausted in order to be truly effective. Digital records can hold a wealth of data, some of it useful and some of it not so useful. It is the skip tracers’ job to weed through the leads, correlate and prioritize the information. A good skip-tracer can spot the hot leads and knows how to expediate the verification of the information, making the process for clients quick and effective. The best skip tracing investigators have the experience and resources to be able to distinguish between accurate leads and time wasters.

The World Wide Web has increased the sophistication level of effective skip tracing techniques. It wasn’t long ago that people could disappear forever and be living in the next county under an alias. Today there are many avenues and lead sources that can be checked with the use of a computer. It may be easier to check social security numbers, voter registration, neighborhood inquiries, traffic ticket and marriage licenses. As more personal information is held on databases, it would seem that skip tracing has become less time consuming with a higher chance of success, but with the increase of conflicting information, it is even more crucial to employ an experienced professional to eliminate the chaff and deliver the kernels. With 1200 Process Servers nationwide, we specialize in Process Serving across the street, across the country or across the entire State of Alabama including, but not limited to Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Dothan, Decatur, Auburn and Gadsden. Call us toll free at 1 800 228 0484 or find us at Adam.

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