Ottawa Business Coach-Eric Deschamps

Located in the Ottawa, Ontario, Breakthrough Coach is passionately dedicated to the success and advancement of the business owners we serve. According to Fortune Magazine “Put simply, business coaching works. In fact, when asked for a conservative estimate of monetary payoff … managers described an average return of more than $100,000 or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.”

We are fully committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals and improve their quality of life. This is achieved through a business-coaching model that is based upon the most up-to-date and effective tools and strategies available. Our coaching practice is supported by resources from a network of over 100 affiliated business coaches located across the United States and Canada. By focusing on our clients’ needs and tailoring a coaching experience unique to them, we help them implement the systems to improve their marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, financial management, profitability, leadership and more. For the owner this translates into higher revenues, added freedom, more time off, and greater peace of mind.

Breakthrough Coach offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, seminar training, and a number of assessment tools designed to empower business owners to play at the top of their game. Helping business owners achieve their business goals and their personal dreams is my passion. There is hardly a greater feeling in the world than helping someone achieve the breakthrough they have been longing for.

Eric works with business owners with a single and simple purpose: to help them define and attain their goals, one step at a time. Through regular coaching, he helps owners achieve more by delivering world-class business tools and advice individually tailored to each owner and their business.

As an experienced and highly successful business development professional, Eric has an employment background in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. Having both founded and led organizations in different fields, he has over 20 years of leadership experience behind him. His skill set includes: entrepreneurial know-how, Visioning, Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Communications and Training, Customer/Client Relations, Financial Management, Personal Effectiveness, Team Leadership, Human Resources, Change Management and Systemization.

Eric is a Licensed Professional Business Coach with the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA), an organization dedicated to the professional and ethical advancement of the business coaching profession throughout the world. He is also a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Development Program (Class of 2003) and has served in a leadership capacity on a number of boards and committees for non-profit organizations.

As a life-long resident of the Ottawa region, Eric is a family man who is passionate about living life at his full potential and helping others do the same. He is also a firm believer in “giving back” to the community in which he resides. Ottawa Business Coach, Eric Deschamps, 613-762-7975, is Coaching Business and a Business Consultant in Ottawa for Management Training Ottawa and Leadership Coaching.

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Ottawa Restaurant-Busters Bar and Grill

Ottawa Restaurant Buster's Bar & Grill is about great food in a relaxing and fun environment and getting to know your server on a first-name basis. Buster's is part of the community and a place the community can call its own. Come out and watch the game on one of our many HD televisions, play NTN, or take advantage of our many promotions. Buster's is about comfort food, (Buster's classics), also offering a variety of favourites, appetizers, Bad Boy's sandwiches, breakfast items, selection for our seniors and children and much more.

Ottawa Restaurant Buster's Bar & Grill is a franchisee of its Buster's Entertainment Company. Buster's locations include Ottawa, Carleton Place and Rockland. We look forward to our continued expansion. Our Buster's Founder (the "Dog Father" himself) has over 30 years experience. He started this concept because he remembers that good food was important to his mother who was also a Chef. It was time to bring back some of that old-fashion cooking including some of his mother's recipes - meat sauce, cabbage rolls, meatloaf and much more. The Buster's logo was created with the image of looking at the Founder's two Pug dogs that he owns; and yes, two breakfasts named after each of them - Bud, and Wiser.  We look forward to welcoming you to Buster's Bar & Grill. Equally, if you are interested about investing in a Buster's Bar & Grill or flipping your current restaurant in to a Buster's Bar & Grill, contact Buster's Entertainment. There are three locations serving you including Ottawa, Carleton Place and Rockland. Click on locations for details.

There are various events happening at various Busters’ locations. Did you know that you DO NOT NEED a COUPON for Buster's evening specials, but the purchase of beverage is required from 4-closing. These include: Monday night - 1/2 price Fucazza Night, Tuesday night - 2 for 1 Fajitas, Wednesday night Wing Specials, Sunday's (11-closing) purchase of adult meal required - kids eat for a Twoonie, Sunday's (4-closing) all you can eat spaghetti. Check out other in-store specials at each location. We are also a wheelchair accessible restaurant in Ottawa and cater to clients that require hearing impaired services. 2525 Carling Avenue, Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre, 613-828-9004 or Carleton Place-515 McNeely Avenue, 613-253-0707 or Rockland-2756 Chamberland Street, 613-446-0807 Ottawa Restaurants.

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Big Box Marketing Group

Many small businesses view getting their products onto the shelves of big box retailers such as Wal-Mart, as winning the lottery. Besides dramatically increasing a business’s profits and opening doors to other lucrative retail contracts, having your products on a big box retailer’s shelves gives consumers and other retailers the message that your company’s products are winners.

However, competition is fierce; in 2004, about 10,000 new suppliers applied to become Wal-Mart vendors. Of those, only about 200, or 2%, were ultimately accepted. So, how can your company be one of those few companies? The first thing you have to do is ensure that your product and your company will be attractive to a big box retailer. And for that there is a specific, designed process to be followed.

Big box retailers don’t want to bother with the untried and unproven. They are about volume and margins and what the consumer will buy. There are so many businesses competing to be suppliers that they don’t have to take whatever comes. According to Gwendolyn Bounds in her book The Long Road to Wal-Mart Shelves, “Wal-Mart doesn't like to account for more than 30% of a supplier's total business because if it suddenly had to change an order based on shifting trends, it could sink the supplier.” So, having other retail accounts increases your chances of getting the big box retail account.

Creating the kind of product that big box buyers are looking for is the top priority. With thousands of product categories and duplication, there’s absolutely no incentive for a big box buyer to commit to carrying a clone. The ideal product is something different, which will still fit with the retailer’s current product lines. Even if you can get the buyer interested in your product, having only one product to offer can be a deal killer. Setting up a new supplier takes time and effort, so the potential supplier who can offer a complete line rather than a single product will always have the edge. And although it can take six months to a year on average for a supplier to get a first purchase order, when that first order comes in, you’re expected to move fast.

If you want to be a Costco, Home Depot or Wal-Mart supplier, you’ve got to win over the buyer and show that you can overcome obstacles. Whether it's upgrading your packaging or changing your pricing you have to show that you’re willing to work with the retailer. 918 625 4946, Big Box Stores require specific Marketing Strategies. Design your Marketing Plan with Big Box Marketing and get your idea onto Big Box Shelves.

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Get Storied-Help For Entrepreneurs

At Get Storied, we are evangelists for the global storytelling movement and authors of the The New About Me. Here at Get Storied, we’re a hub for the business of storytelling: teaching entrepreneurs how to tell their story. Whether that’s how you raise money, attract customers, build a brand, gather a tribe, or redefine your industry. Our own tribe includes thousands of creative’s and change-makers that believe in the power of storytelling to transform the world.

It all began in 2009 with our Storytelling Manifesto, Believe Me, a book enjoyed by 10,000 fans around the world. As an education and media company, we produce how-to programs and online events that teach how to apply storytelling to entrepreneurship. We cover topics like branding, innovation, social media, and even personal development as part of the journey. We geek-out on tools and strategies for building a platform that can get your story to travel and engage your tribe. And we collaborate with many partners including CopyBlogger, BlogWorld, Social Media Club, Tech Soup, ThoughtLead, PSFK, and Young Entrepreneurs Council.

We consult selectively to leading brands such as NASA, Omnicom and Audubon on game-changing initiatives. We also do private 1-on-1 coaching for entrepreneurs and thought leaders that have a really big story to tell. And we love to advise on visionary cultural efforts like Zappos Insights, the National Storytelling Festival and The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. We’ve created Story University as an online learning platform with curriculum for entrepreneurs. Our latest program, The New About Me, teaches you how to talk about yourself, online. We also produce the Reinvention Summit, a virtual conference online with 30 speakers and 500 participants. This is one of the most comprehensive learning events on storytelling in the world. You can join us for our next summit scheduled in November 2011.

Hey! I’m Michael Margolis, organizer of the Reinvention Summit and chief instigator at Get Storied. People often ask how I came to be obsessed with storytelling. I was born in Ohio, raised in Switzerland and Los Angeles. Today, I call New York City my home. My father is an inventor, born in the bush of Africa. My mother is a teacher, artist, and toy designer, from the arctic tundra of upstate New York. To put it mildly, my family’s lovingly…different. So despite a charmed childhood creating pirate ships out of super junk, I forever felt lost in translation and struggled to find my place. Seeking answers, I studied cultural anthropology, business, and comparative religion. Realizing that I was “unemployable”, I stumbled into a career as a social entrepreneur, co-founding two nonprofits before the age of 23. I experienced my share of fast success along with a healthy share of failure. These early endeavors came to a screeching halt due to a series of severe blood clots. In the process of healing, I embarked on a journey of discovery that took me from acupuncture and herbs to yogis and shamans. As I rewired my brain and rewrote my life, I came to realize the stories we tell make the world.

In 2002, I started a brand consultancy to help organizations change and adapt their culture. Storytelling was a core methodology of my work with AARP, Ernst & Young, Marriott, The Nature Conservancy, and the YWCA. A painful divorce in 2009 turned everything upside down. Broke and on the verge of bankruptcy, I walked away from my business and once again reinvented myself. In 2009, I wrote Believe Me, a Storytelling Manifesto for Change-makers, and established Get Storied as a global educational platform. During the last two years, I’ve been on a mission to democratize storytelling for the new age of communications. Everybody has a story. Our deepest desire is to express that story. Getting others to believe in your story opens the door to creative and financial freedom., 212 777 0813, for Entrepreneur Help, Small Business Help, Entrepreneurship Issues and Young Entrepreneurs or How to Start a Small Business, email

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MJM Cleaning Ottawa

Over-night service for the hospitality industry is a centerpiece of the MJM business. Floors, bathrooms and kitchens will be made to shine, offering a welcoming and polished environment for customers and staff. Maximize the life of your equipment with regular cleaning maintenance.  Contact us to set up maintenance and cleaning schedule that meets the needs of your business in the most cost-effective manner.  Our reliability and rates cannot be beaten.

The MJM team has significant experience in regular theatre cleaning.  Floors, seats and services areas are cleaned to perfection, at a schedule that suits your business needs.  Viewing screens and equipment and dusted to spotlessness.  Our reliable staff will ensure that your theatre environment is always spotless for viewing customers. We will cater a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule to suit your cleaning needs and budget.  In addition to basic cleaning of premises (dusting, floors, etc.), MJM will periodically "deep clean" floors, walls, etc. Or, simply retain us for a one-time cleaning to give your workspace a favorable appearance. Moving out? Give yourself a break from the busy process by letting us clean your recently emptied house. Spruce up the premises to ensure the prompt return of your damage deposit, or as a courtesy to the persons who have purchased your home. Moving in? Start off on the right foot with your new home by having MJM make it spotless for your arrival! MJM will truly make your home "shine" to ensure that your home shows nicely and that you fetch the highest price on sale.  In addition to routine house cleaning, we will "deep clean" walls, ceilings, appliances, shelves, drawers and cabinets. Renovations to your home or office can take their toll on the cleanliness of your space.  Dust reaches remote areas, and carpets and surfaces often suffer from ground-in dirt or stain.  Subsequent to a renovation MJM will restore your space to new and prevent permanent damage with a deep, comprehensive post-renovation cleaning.

As a realtor, you will be well aware of how important it is to present a home for sale that is clean and appears well-maintained.  We provide special deals to realtors who employ us for their regular open-house presentations or who recommend us for move-in or move-out services for their clients.  In addition to polishing up a home for sale, we can also provide full-blown painting services at very competitive rates, or touch-up painting services in cases where a major investment in a re-painting is not warranted.  Purchase our pre-sale cleaning services for your clients to provide a competitive advantage. Or purchase a move-in cleaning service as a "thank-you" gift for your valued clients. MJM Cleaning Ottawa 613.862.4911, has been providing commercial and residential cleaning services in the Ottawa area for over 12 years. 

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Evening Fest Event in Ottawa

Evening Fest is an extraordinary Ottawa Event and social soirée in support of a wonderful humanitarian cause called Child Haven International. It’s happening at the Ottawa Convention Center, overlooking the canal and the glow of the city under a 20-foot high panorama of floor to ceiling windows. Be surrounded by music and energy of Ottawa’s elite, sipping cocktails in the capital city's hallmark ballroom.

Child Haven International is a registered charity founded in 1985. We assist children and women in 4 countries, who are in need of food, education, health care, shelter and clothing, emotional and moral support, as Inspired by the ideals and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi.

Child Haven International has five homes in India, one in Nepal, one in Tibet and one in Bangladesh. Our homes accept children who are disabled, parentless, or from socially disadvantaged situations - and who are destitute, i.e. do not receive even one good meal a day. Girls and boys are treated equally, and without regard to race, caste, colour, religion or culture. Living is simple and meals are vegetarian. We try not to Westernize the children, but rather attempt to raise them according to the highest ideals of their own cultures. We respect the heritage of each child, whether Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, secular or other.

Destitute children from birth to six years of age are referred to us by local social welfare agencies. Child Haven Homes provide full care through high school and then provide vocational training so that each child can enter the local society as a self-sufficient adult. Another aspect of Child Haven's Gandhian philosophy is our commitment to improving the condition of women through direct employment, education, medical aid, legal aid, and training opportunities.

Evening Fest is an Ottawa Event, a Party to support Child Haven International 613 527-2829, which houses and feeds Children in Need on this Planet.

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Maxwell’s Restaurant Ottawa

The award-winning culinary team at Maxwell’s has established our kitchen as a distinctive culinary destination. Their knowledge and experience of worldly flavours, local ingredients and unique culinary techniques, has garnered numerous raves from discerning visitors and locals alike.

Our Chef Johnny Scratch, to know him is to love him! With his love for music and his booming voice one cannot mistake the true talent of which is the self-made chef. Johnny happily rests his fedora at Maxwell’s Bistro as the Executive Chef. He started as Sous Chef in 2002, under the mentorship of Danny Dawson, Maxwell’s long time Executive Chef. Johnny rose to the position of Maxwell’s Executive chef in 2009, with his unique style of self-learning, earned skills from past mentors, and his constant research. His style is Continental meets French provincial with a Johnny Scratch twist. He is passionate not only for the food he plates but the establishment he works for. He is kind hearted, strong willed and a joy to be around. And he welcomes you to Maxwell’s Bistro.

Chris Blais is the Owner and General Manager at Maxwell’s, a native of the Ottawa area, Chris worked at a number of highly respected establishments including Rideau Carlton Raceway where he was Director of Food and Beverage Operations. In this establishment Chris worked closely with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to obtain the required AGCO licenses. That knowledge of AGCO regulations became a key asset when Chris returned to Maxwell’s, and became Owner and General Manager. With over 24 years of industry knowledge, 14 of which has been at Maxwell’s, Chris is very familiar with the customers, and runs a highly energetic team of individuals with a key focus on customer service. Additionally Chris is a well respected member of the Ottawa Restaurant community, and has been a strong supporter of several community and charity events.

Maxwell’s is committed to working with charitable organizations in order to create a better community. Our current policy supports charities through restaurant promotional gift certificates, donations and facility support. These initiatives may be utilized for fundraising activities and charitable events. We are proud of our involvement in our community and especially as one of the founding partners of BON APPETIT. Charities/Fundraiser’s that Maxwell’s has contributed to include

Sunshine Foundation/Nike Pro Am Golf Tournament, Breast Cancer Action, Shriners, Bon Appétit, Faucher Foundation, Brian Smith/ Camp Smitty, Summer Alpha Program/ City of Ottawa, Children at Risk/ Autistic Children, Pat Hardick Memorial Golf Tournament/ Ottawa Police Services, Elgin Street School Auction

South-East Ottawa Heath Center, Ottawa Law Enforcement Athletic Association

Ottawa Food Bank, Ottawa Police Association/ Big Pull, United Way, Multiple Sclerosis /walk for MS, Kids Help Phone/ walkathon, Dignitas/ AIDS, Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign, Children’s Wish Foundation/ Ultimate Ladies Retreat, Canadian Law Enforcement & Fire Games, Cancer Society/ Smiling over Sickness, Canadian Diabetes Association, Ottawa Professional Firefighters Benevolent Fund, Operation Come Home/ ORHMA Rotary Club/ Boys and Girls Club, Children at Risk, Weekend to End Women’s Cancer, Amazing Race Fundraiser/ Team Diabetes, Wabano Center for Aboriginal Heath, Pentecostal Missionary Church, Ottawa Police Association/ Drug Treatment Center, Senator’s Foundations and Rogers House, Babylon Cancer Cookoff and Easter Seals. Maxwell’s Bistro 613 232 5771, is among the Best Restaurants in Ottawa, Downtown Restaurant, where Foodies find Food in Ottawa.

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