Da Bombe Desserts Ottawa

Since 2004 Da Bombe Dessert Factory has been delivering gourmet individual style Dessert in Ottawa. These exceptional Ottawa Desserts are available for retail and wholesale purchase from one of the Best Dessert Places in Ottawa. In the tradition of grandma's kitchen, they use only pure Belgian chocolate, fresh cream, butter, eggs and top quality fruits. When it comes to indulging, Da Bombe Dessert Factory's individual style desserts are Ottawa's fastest growing trend.

Why settle for one cake and one flavour at your next get-together when Da Bombe's combinations are endless? You'll never have to cut another cake again. Defuse your sweet cravings, and take home Da Bombe cheesecakes, mousse cakes, tarts, pies and exotic decadences.

You might enjoy a one of our Caramelized Apple Cheesecake: Apple flavoured cream cheese in a gingersnap & rolled oats crust, topped with caramelized apples, crumble topping and caramel drizzle. Or you may like our White Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake: Cherry and white chocolate flavoured cream cheese on an oreo cookie crumb crust, topped with sweet cherries, whipped cream and a sprinkle of white chocolate. Or you might want to try our Blueberry Lemon Meringue Cheesecake:

Smooth cream cheese with plump blueberries, baked on a shortbread crust, topped with zesty lemon & meringue.

But don’t stop there, because we have mousse cakes as well. There is Triple Chocolate Overload: White and dark chocolate mousse layered between devil's food cake, topped with chocolate ganache, drizzled with white chocolate and a dusting of cocoa. Or, perhaps a Chocolate Raspberry Bombe: Mini dome cake filled with raspberry mousse, chocolate mousse and smothered in chocolate ganache. As well as Chocolate Orange "A Peel": Devil's food cake topped with orange flavoured chocolate mousse, with chocolate ganache and candied orange peel.

If you enjoy pies, then we have banana cream, coconut cream and lemon meringue. And a mountain of tarts that include Chocolate Pecan, Ricotta Field Berry: A citrus flavoured ricotta cheese, topped with a field berry blend & rhubarb, baked with a crumble topping. Or Mango Lime: A flaky pastry tart shell, baked with pistachio & hazelnuts filled with ripe mangos and refreshing lime curd.

And for the ultimate in dessert we have our Sinful Selection. This includes White Chocolate Cream Horns: A flaky sweet pastry horn filled with smooth white chocolate cream, ganache dipped and dusted with cocoa and icing sugar. Caramel Chocolate St. Honôre, which is Puff pastry & white sponge cake layered with chocolate ganache and caramel butter cream, topped with a mini cream puff and caramel drizzle. Or indulge yourself with Ginger Peach Upside Down Cake: Ripe peaches baked with essence of ginger on a moist sponge cake. Amongst Ottawa Dessert Places, Da Bombe is high on the Dessert Ottawa list.

Wholesale pricing is available for restaurants and other dessert vendors. Why spend hours on labour preparing a few good desserts when you can offer dozens of outstanding desserts prepared by an experienced Pastry Chef? Our prices will persuade you to consider the savings and our product will have your customers coming back for more. And thanks to Felice Miranda of felicemiranda.com and Dean Emerick of ottawasocialmediamarketing.com. Please call or e-mail us for a quote at orders@dabombedesserts.ca or find us at Da Bombe Dessert Factory, 18 Beechwood Ave, Ottawa, ON K1L 8L9, 613 741 0044.


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Stimulus Strategies Networking Ottawa

Stimulus Strategies Networking (SSN) is a team of business architects who build and structure REAL networking opportunities for ALL types of business professionals, owners and entrepreneurs. We believe that strategic networking is the ONLY way to grow your business network, get quality referrals, generate profit and build a sustainable brand. You may or may not know that successful sales people get 80-90% of their business through networking. That Referrals generate 80% more business than a cold call. Or that 70-75% of all buying decisions are made on a friend’s recommendation. Contrary to popular belief, networking is NOT talking to people, selling yourself or exchanging business cards. The real definition of networking is the art of making and maintaining relationships.

Regardless of what type of industry, the number of years in operation, or the level of profitability, every successful business professional MUST network! Stimulus Strategies Networking provides the RIGHT environment for that to take place.

Our business philosophy is founded upon efficiency, innovation, and quality; entrenched in services which target experienced business owners and young entrepreneurs, in the small and medium enterprises market. We provide the strategic Business Networking framework to these targeted groups that enable them to efficiently grow their business network, generate profit, develop long lasting business relationships and grow a sustainable brand.

We start with providing a structured environment for business owners to network, share quality referrals and generate leads, while building lasting business relationships. Our SSNetworking events serve as a platform to network on a larger scale and increase brand awareness. Through our online promotional tools, your business will be spotlighted in various arenas that will further cultivate brand awareness. We then incorporate business success growth seminars and workshops presented by leading industry experts to help you increase your overall skill set, build your brand and operate a profitable business. Our mission is to help members grow their business network, generate profit and build a sustainable service or product. We deliver the highest level of professionalism and experience through strategic business networking and referral programs. For more information please contact Kelvin Shaw or David Delice at 613 440 2975 or contact@ssnetworking.ca, and get your business moving in the right direction.

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Au Poirier Jewellery Ottawa

There is no guarantee that you will stay out of the doghouse, but Aurele can help to reduce the sentence for good behaviour. When it comes to jewelry, both men and woman use it as adornment, as a status symbol or as an expression of feelings. It is a part of our everyday life and each piece speaks volumes about the person. Personal ornaments such as necklaces, rings and bracelets can be manufactured from precious metals like silver and gold, and accented with gems or other precious stones. And there are no limitations on which part of the body that they are worn on.

Necklaces are the most beautiful way to accent your neck and draw attention up to your face. Manufactured from precious metal or fashion jewellery, necklaces have always been a symbol of elegance and refinement. Can you imagine Cleopatra without a necklace? I think not! From pendants to pearls to a simple chain, there are no limits for setting off the beauty of the line of your neck.

Rings have been used for centuries as a symbol of power, wealth, love or membership. The most obvious use of rings are as a symbol of the bond of love and commitment between two people. Factors affecting the choice of materials include cultural differences and the availability of the materials.

Jewellery may be appreciated because of its material properties, its patterns, or for meaningful symbols. Jewellery differs from other items of personal adornment in that it has no other purpose than to look appealing. Which leads us back to the doghouse. If you want to be released on good behaviour then you had better learn to trust your jeweler. He can be reached at aurele@aupoirier.com or call him 613-764-2100 and get your walking papers today.

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Dominique Bridal Ottawa

The Dominique Levesque Bridal Boutique is the Bride's BFF and the largest salon in the Outaouais, Ottawa and Gatineau region. With an impressive selection of bridal gowns, bridal party attires, prom dresses and accessories, your only challenge will be to choose just one. That is where our experienced staff will assist you in picking the perfect dress for the occasion. We invite you to browse our website and see the different services we offer. If you need more information or would like to schedule an appointment please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Bridal Party is such an important part of your special day. They support you, encourage you and lend a hand whenever possible. For those very important persons we have everything they need. For the bridesmaid and flower girl, we have Mon Chéri, Venus, Party Time, and Joshua B. For the Mothers we carry Montage, Cameron Blake, and Party Time. Each company offers it's own selection of colours, styles and size charts. Most of our dresses can be ordered and require 90 to 120 days to arrive. To serve you better it is best to make an appointment, if you have a large bridal party we recommend more then one appointment to minimize waiting time.

To create the finished look for your wedding day, Dominique Levesque Bridal Salon offers a wide selection of accessories. From tiaras, gloves, veils, purses, ring pillows, shoes and garters that will help you shine on the big day. Accessories complete the look of your dress, and we also have different sized crinolines if you need to add fullness to your dress.

Our Prom selection showcases over a hundred of the latest designs offered on the market. Prom girls will experience the same one-on-one service offered to the bridal customers. As an added perk the dress you chose will not be sold twice to the same school. To do so, we keep a registry of all dresses sold at every school. For the best selection, book your appointment early. Please keep in mind that if we need to order your dress it requires 90 days for delivery. Every girl dreams of the perfect dress, but every dream dress is unique. With an elegant mix from ultra modern to classic romance, with world-class quality to offer your dream! 613 321 1136, 1300 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON.

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Kunstadt Sports Stores in Ottawa

Winter Sports are a big deal in Ottawa. You’ll know if you a winter person, if the first snowfall gets your adrenaline pumping. Well, you are not alone! We offer a wide selection of skis and snowboards to meet the needs of all our customers. In the alpine ski department we have a huge selection of skis in the full spectrum of abilities, whether you are new to the sport, or an experienced racer. Our most prominent brands include Elan, Fischer, Atomic, and Dalbello to name just a few. We also carry a large selection of Nordic ski equipment in both the “classic” and “skate” ski varieties. If snowboarding is your preferred mode of transportation down the hill come see our snowboard department for an array of boards in both “freestyle” and “free-ride” styles. We specialize in offering boards from Elan, Drake, Northwave, Artec, and K2. We also provide tune-ups and binding calibrations for our customers. Our most notable feature in the service department is our Wintersteiger automated ski and snowboard tuning machine.

When it comes to Cycling in Ottawa, we have worked to enhance our cycling department to include products for customers of all needs. We have high-end road bikes for the long distance enthusiast, fully suspended downhill bikes for the adrenaline “junkie”, as well as hybrid and cross-country bikes for the more conventional cyclist. Our bikes come in a variety of sizes, including a wide selection of children’s and youth bicycles. Our most popular brands include Devinci, Norco, Stevens, Masi, Louis Garneau, Diamondback and Raleigh.  We also do maintenance.

We have worked hard to become Ottawa’s #1 source for all tennis and racquet sport needs. It is our goal to deliver a variety of goods and services to the tennis community, including a complete spectrum on racquets, clothing, shoes, balls, string, grips and service. We guarantee a 24 hour return on your racquet stringing as well as many demo racquets for your shopping convenience. We encourage you to “try before you buy” to ensure a perfect fit. Come in and take a look at our various brands including Wilson, Babolat, Tecnifibre, Yonex, Prince, Adidas, Völkl and Dunlop.

Our clothing and footwear is a perfect compliment to our hard goods selections. We compliment all equipment sold with appropriate apparel to complete a perfect package. Whether you need cycling shoes and shorts, tennis clothing and footwear, outerwear for the cold months or name brand apparel for the style conscience shopper we are your destination location, offering a full selection in all.

You can expect to find name brands from Karbon, Northwave, Hincapie, Ripzone, Adidas, Nike, Lole, Craft, Mexx, Swany, Louis Garneau….and many more.

As a family-run business, we value the importance of providing high quality equipment at an affordable price. One of most successful means of providing low prices to our customers is selling used equipment. Not only can you come in and purchase previously enjoyed equipment for a fraction of the price we also offer an in-store credit or trade-in value for your old equipment. This unique service to families ensures smiles on all our customers’ faces – big and small! Contact us by email at office@kunstadt.com or drop into one of our stores at 1583 Bank Street, Ottawa, K1H 7Z3, (613) 260-0696, 462 Hazeldean Road, Kanata, K2L 1V3, (613) 831-2059 or in the Glebe at 680 Bank Street, Ottawa, K1S 3T9, (613) 233-4820.

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Man vs Dinner in Ottawa

Here you go again. It is late afternoon, you’re toasted from the day, your blood sugar is low, and making a decision about dinner and then executing it… well you might as well be executed yourself!

You know that somewhere in town there is a slice of pizza with your name on it, but you also know that will only fill the hole in your gut, not satisfy the hunger within. It will be quick, bloating and leave you feeling like a cheese eating high school student. And there is nothing wrong with feeling like a cheese eating high school student, if you are one, but you’re not.

A Conundrum, according to the dictionary, is “anything that puzzles,” and it explains exactly how you are feeling. Your hunger cannot be satisfied by bulk, you don’t have the patience or energy to collect food, cook, eat and clean up. You’re feeling frustration like a worn edge and all you want is an immediate solution. The sustenance you choose needs to be delicious, nourishing and adult, without having to apply for a second mortgage.  You need to make the right decision.

Take a breath because there are easy solutions at hand. Think rosemary Gorgonzola cream sauce topped with caramelized pear. Imagine tomato, roasted garlic, olive oil, and penne. Envision focaccia, beer, wine and bruschetta. Conceptualize caramelized onions, red Thai soup, Malay-style fish and Caprese skewers. Visualize Caesar, spinach, house or goat cheese salad sprinkled with your favorite shredded toppings. Did I mention Tarragon or almond encrusted chicken, grilled salmon, tuna or steak? And, there is always my favourite states of being: BBQ, jerk or grilled. 

StoneFace Dolly’s is home to Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch and Dinner in Ottawa. Like all good stories, StoneFace Dolly’s is a tale that is better served over dinner with friends and in this case, delivered with your favourite entrée by owner and Chef Bob Russell. Don’t forget to ask about Dolly. When it comes to Food in Ottawa, StoneFace Dolly’s accommodates its guests with a casual dinner-party style atmosphere, interesting guests and gourmet food with an international twist. Find us at 416 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 4M9 or 613 564-2222 or mailto:reservations@stonefacedollys.com.

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Dow Honda Ottawa

DOW Honda Ottawa is the oldest Honda dealer in the Ottawa Carleton region. They offer their clients the complete range of new and use Honda vehicles. There are exceptional financing and leasing options available to provide ease of purchase. They boast an award winning staff who have knowledgeable advice in all areas of expertise. They don’t hide the fact that they want you as a customer for life and are ready to prove that they are worthy of that privilege. Their demeanor is professional their atmosphere relaxed and their service is unparalleled.

In a line of already reliable cars, the all-new Civic Sedan is our rock — it’ll be yours too. Completely redesigned from the outside in, the Sedan is laden with detailed design and innovative technology. The new intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) lets you personalize your Civic and manage many of its essential functions. The feisty i-VTEC® engine makes an invigorating drive a sure thing, while the ECON button assures it will also be an even more efficient one. And with plenty of safety features throughout, peace of mind is part of every ride.

Not only are they the oldest, but they are also the largest Honda Car Care Centre in the region. At DOW Honda they are proud of their state of the art repair facility. It features the most current diagnostic and repair equipment available, operated by vehicle service technicians of the highest standard. Their technicians are factory-trained and have received numerous industry awards for their service abilities. Unique to their clients is their convenient drive-in service reception lane where their courteous and knowledgeable service advisors will help you identify whatever challenges you are facing and attend to all of your automotive needs.

Dow Honda is so focused on service that they have the longest hours of any Honda Dealer in the Ottawa Region. They are conveniently located in Little Italy on the corner of Carling and Preston Streets. They also provide courtesy shuttles, Monday to Friday to keep you on your schedule and get your needs taken care of at the same time. For your convenience they are open Saturday's, they offer corporate discounts and special incentives for seniors. You can find them at (613) 237-2777 or drop by 845 Carling Ave, Ottawa, Ontario.

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Promotional Products>The FAB Light

Bring your Business into the Light! The FAB Light™ is a unique Promotional Product that consists of a single LED (Light Emitting Diode) encased in acrylic. The material causes a 'pipe' effect as the light cascades through the clear acrylic, lighting your enclosed container while it lights up your company's logo, branding or message. Patented in the U.S. and Canada, this invention was based on a single question:  "How come there is a light in a fridge, but not in a cooler?"  Now, the FAB Light™ can be placed on the inside lid of any hinged box that may require light: Tool Box, Jewelry Box, Toy Box, Chest Freezer, Fishing Tackle Box.  It can even be worn on the wrist as a hands-free lighting device, requiring only the bending of the elbow to turn the light on and off.

On a warm August night in 2005, Linda and Rhonda Pond - who have been the Mother/Daughter, Pitcher/Catcher duo for The Carleton Place Ladies Fastball Team, The FAB U Lasses since 1988, were enjoying an after-game refreshment with their team around the cooler.  It was then that Rhonda uttered those fateful words, "here's a NEED for your event tomorrow Mom - this cooler NEEDS a Light”.  It demonstrated perfectly what Linda meant by a NEED, so she used it as an example at her company's networking event, held the very next day.  Two engineers were so enthralled with the idea, that they came up with a working prototype two days later. 

An extensive search was completed and a complete patent search revealed that there was nothing like it in the marketplace.  And that is when the journey really began. Suddenly we were surrounded by a swelling number of people who said, "Wow, a light in a cooler, what a great idea! “ The network that had been built by Linda and Customer Connects® , was now paying off.  They took their ideas to Ottawa engineers who helped with the design, prototype and connecting Linda to the resources she needed to take the invention to the next step.  

The turning point came with the introduction of The FAB Light™ to Coughlin’s Ltd, a Canadian distributor of camping accessories out of Manitoba. They loved the idea, and offered to help the ladies perfect it and get it ready for their customers.  Shortly following the required design changes, Coughlin’s submitted their first purchase order for their version of The FAB Light™, called 'The Cooler Light'.   Currently, 'The Cooler Light', is sold in most major retail stores. Look for the familiar green and red packaging in the camping aisle.  They are selling like hot cakes amongst Promotional Products!

          The really amazing part of this story had yet to be told.  With generous help from local companies, Linda created a business model where she received design and prototyping services in exchange for royalties, which attracted the commitment of inventors.  Their unique business model allowed the product to get to market, without the inventors incurring massive debt and streaming lining the time that would normally be involved.

Now Linda works inventors to help them bring their products through the challenges of launching an idea into reality. It isn’t easy, but the things that are truly worth it, rarely are. You can reach Linda by email at lpond@lindaleepond.com or by phone at 613-253-0240, 613-668-0280.

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Ottawa Spa-Image Essentials

Image Essentials is a luxurious spa in the heart of downtown Ottawa that is a perfect therapeutic retreat with a wide range of personalized services including manicures, pedicures, facials and hair removal. We are the only spa in Ottawa to offer a State of the Art Enzyme Peel that gives your skin a smoother, younger look by reducing deep lines and shrinking pores. Tara Taylor, Heather Pardon and Pat Armstrong are the Founders of Just Say Yes! These successful women created this event to help other women also achieve success in mind, body and spirit. It was no coincidence that these three dynamic women came together. The idea of Just Say Yes! came to fruition when Tara, Heather and Pat, who’d just met while taking a cruise together, whimsically decided to spent an entire day just saying “yes” to whatever life brought forth.  

The events that followed this simple step opened their eyes to what we all can achieve when we encourage and inspire each other to be our personal best and to say Yes! to what the world has to offer. As women, we often deny our true selves and what we really want in life. We may have aspirations and desires but feel conflicted because of the many demands placed on ourselves from work, family, spouse, children, chores and more 

And they wanted more women to share in the experience of saying yes to themselves and so the idea was born. While all three women have very different backgrounds they share the passion and belief that encouragement, faith and a “Yes” attitude are key to living life to its fullest. Share in their stories and the wisdom and experience of 12 other amazing women who offer up their tips on achieving your highest goals, aspirations and dreams in all areas of your life. Learn how you can Just Say Yes! to your personal best too. 

Full-body massages and exfoliation treatments are also available, as are more unusual services such as the Fango therapy body wrap, a relaxing paraffin mud treatment that is beyond description. We have Anti-Aging Treatments that make you look better, feel better and increase the vitality of your skin. Try natural, safe and affordable wave stimulation therapy or Spa Light Fine Line Treatment, which is designed to produce younger and healthier skin by reducing the visible signs of aging. You can purchase them as individual treatments or as an economical package of six. There is also Mr100 that is a non-surgical treatment for toning and rejuvenating the face. It will help smooth away lines and wrinkles and revitalize the elasticity of the skin. This marvelous technology works to produce long-lasting results. On average, most people require 10 to 12 sessions for a full facial program.

In addition to our anti-aging and esthetic services, we also offer exclusive professional lines of skincare and cosmetic products. We are the only spa in Ottawa, and one of a few in Canada, that are certified by Epicuren to distribute its professional enzyme skin treatment products. The enzyme proteins used in Epicuren products are organ-specific, and speed up the cellular activity of dermal cells so that the skin becomes self-rejuvenating. Epicuren products are always on the cutting edge of science, preventive medicine and skin care. We also distribute Niko Cosmetics that are preferred by leading professional makeup artists as well as industry and television personnel. Niko makeup was designed specifically to create a flawless look–even under the bright lights of film production and the unforgiving eye of today’s high-definition television cameras.

Image Essentials also distributes the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is an easy 4-phase medically designed protocol that helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue. You can find us at 436 MacLaren Street (between Bank and Kent), or reach us through info@imageessentials.ca or call us at 613-237-9393.

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Aqua Academy-OCRI Entrepreneurship Centre

Sash Yasinski is the owner of Aqua Academy, a local business situated in Stittsville, Ontario. It offers an exclusive program that provides private and semi-private swimming lessons in the comfort of an outdoor backyard pool setting. The swimming lessons target children ages 3-14, following the Lifesaving Society swim program. Aqua Academy provides high-quality swim instruction, catering to the needs of each individual participant.  Health and wellness are important factors that contribute to the inspiration of the business, and are also incorporated into the swim programs.  Aqua Academy takes into consideration the time constraints many parents have with their career and will seek to schedule lessons based on the needs of the family.  It offers off-location private swim lessons where the instructor travels to the designated household to teach swimming in the comfort of the client’s home.

Learning how to swim is an excellent skill to have because most outdoor recreational activities take place around or near a body of water.  Aqua Academy strives to promote and teach the basic skills of swimming and strokes so individuals of all ages can feel more comfortable around a pool, lake or ocean environments. 

The Lifesaving Society Swim to Survive Position Statement explains, " the acquisition of basic swimming ability is a fundamental requirement in any meaningful attempt to eliminate drowning in Canada".  As an affiliate member of the Lifesaving Society, Aqua Academy follows the Swim for Life program.

In addition to swimming lessons, Aqua Academy offers small group aquafit for adults interested in building their fitness using the water.

Aqua Academy offers private and semi-private swimming lessons as well as small group aquafitness.

Private swimming lessons include one-on-one instruction with water expert, Sasha Yasinski.  One session includes eight classes, over the span of two weeks occurring Monday through Thursday.  Each lesson is half an hour in length with longer intervals available. Semi-private swimming lessons are designed for two participants with the same skill level.  A semi-private session includes eight classes, over the span of two weeks occurring Monday though Thursday.  Each lesson is half an hour in length.  One-hour private lessons are also an option should your child require a refresher on their swimming skills before heading to the cottage or going on vacation.  This type of lesson can take place on location at Aqua Academy or at your own pool.  One-hour private lessons are scheduled and paid for individually and are offered on Fridays and Saturdays.

Aquafitness is a one hour water aerobics class which incorporates water resistance as well as rebound movements.  It is a great way to stay fit, look toned and feel good in a bathing suit.  Aquafitness is great for anyone, all ages, shapes and sizes!  Get a group of friends together and register for a class or session.  Aquafit classes occur three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and evenings.

Aqua Academy also offers aquafitness programs for adults of all fitness levels. There are three classes for adults to attend; Aquajog (high-intensity), moderate-intensity with yoga (strength, cardio and flexibility) and low-intensity (light water resistance training). 

Aqua Academy targets families who are looking for private swimming lessons and fitness programs within their residential area. The programs are designed to attract children and adults who enjoy learning in the outdoors and are local residents. Sasha can be reached at syasinsk@gmail.com, 613-793-9231, www.aquaacademy.biz or 46 Beechfern Drive, Stittsville, ON, K2S 1E3

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CPR Saves Lives-OCRI Entrepreneurship Centre

Rebecca Lewinson saves lives! CPR Saves Lives is an innovative new concept that focuses on teaching CPR and First Aid to seniors, new mom’s and groups in the privacy of their own home or workplace. It is a service designed to capture those most vulnerable people in our community who may not have the desire or ability to participate in group courses offered at set locations and duration. CPR Saves Lives offers flexible hours and in-home instruction so seniors can learn the skills necessary to potentially save their partner’s life. CPR and First Aid instruction in a home environment not only removes a key barrier to learning these skills, but more importantly it teaches what to do in an emergency - in the location where heart attacks and accidents are most likely to occur.

NCPR Saves Lives is committed to teaching individuals of all ages and ability levels their choice of a 4-6-hour CPR class; a 16 hour full certification of Standard First Aid and CPR; or an 8-hour re-certification of Standard First Aid and CPR. Emergency First Aid and CPR is also available, with a course running time of 7 hours. With CPR Saves Lives, you will be taught first aid and CPR by certified, First Aid Instructors and examiners in the privacy of your own home, school, or place of work. These courses are adapted to suit your needs and abilities so that absolutely anyone who wants to learn how to save a life can do so. Course times can be divided up at your own discretion to allow extra time for rest or to rejuvenate, as many courses can be tiring. Knowing CPR, and delivering CPR as quickly as possible greatly improves the victim's chances of surviving. That next victim could be a friend, loved one, or a family member. Learning CPR is now easy with CPR Saves Lives. Reach us at www.CPRSavesLives.ca, info@cprsaveslives.ca or (613)-791-1869

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Left Click Productions-OCRI Entrepreneurship Centre

David Padbury is the owner and operator of Left Click Productions, a small Ottawa business dedicated to making fun, informative and innovative Internet shorts for your business, organization or band. Our goal is to give your business a unique video that you can put on your website, Youtube and/or any other social media site to garner attention. We will work with your input from the script through to the finished video to give you a product we all can be proud of.

If you have a band and need to get the word out about your music, then an affordable music video will get you the attention that you deserve. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words then how powerful is 30 frames a second? Very! We will work with you to get your ideas on video and out to where the world can find them. Then you can leverage those videos to get attention, attract scouts and sell band merchandise.

For many years, video sites have been full of low quality video and if you are just doing Jackass tricks or spreading your own testament, then that is just fine. But if you are a real business and a real band that wants to get to the next level, then you are going to need a little more. You will need professional shooting, lighting, design, concepts, editing, titling and graphics if you want to attract the big players. This is what we, at Left Click Productions, provide. A young, fresh, professional approach that “gets you.” Give us a call and lets chat, because we’ve been there and we understand your issues. leftclick@live.ca or (613) 231-6274

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Carolyn’s Couture Closet–O.C.R.I.

Carolyn’s Couture Closet is one-of-a-kind amongst the “Consignment Stores in Ottawa.” Located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, it offers a collection of unique couture fashion from different parts of the world, different designers, and different people’s closets! Each and every piece is hand-picked, dry cleaned and made available to you to RENT. That’s right, nothing is for sale but everything can be borrowed! “Something old, something new…. “ You know how it goes. No longer will you have to splurge on that perfect outfit for the birthday party you have to attend, the date you are going on tomorrow night, your friend’s wedding or the job interview in which professional and fashionable attire is a must. And if you’re like me, you know that the dress you bought to wear to last week is lucky if it sees the light of day TWICE.

The entire collection is available to view at our website where you can reserve items to rent up to 48 hours in advance and borrow them for 72 hours. All items must be picked up and dropped off at the in-store location where the items can be tried on. A deposit is required for each item borrowed. Please visit my website or contact me for more details! Happy Borrowing!

To borrow an item, simply reserve it by sending a message in the "contact" page. Fill out the message box and make sure to identify the code that you want to borrow. The items will be placed on hold for 48 hours. They must be picked up from the in-store location and returned within 72 hours of pick-up. All items require a deposit. Methods of payment include VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX or cash. The deposit will be returned upon inspection and return of the borrowed items. All item pick-ups and drop-offs are by appointment only. Please call Carolyn's Couture Closet 613-889-9555 or 357 B Elgin Street, Ottawa, K2P 1M7 or email or carolyn@carolynscouturecloset.com to arrange an appointment.


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Router Ford Furniture Design-O.C.R.I.

http://RouterFord.com Ford uses a precision CNC machine to create customized furniture and signs of any size. The machine is capable of cutting any piece of wood smaller than a 4' by 8' sheet less than 10 inches thick. Design work is done through various CAD and CAM software tools allowing the design to be created and approved by the customer before any part has been cut. This electronic design phase ensures the customers requirements are met without wasted time or materials.

We are local and provide our customers with the exceptional quality and time-management service. Quality was the way of the past and it is now the wave of the present and the future. We use any type of wood but prefer to use local wood products Whether it is for commercial and residential use, the cost is cheaper and the quality higher than the big box stores. Whether you are looking to redecorate a room or refurbish the an entire home or cottage, Router Ford will find exclusive designs or build on your specifications. Enjoy owning custom-made furniture that fits your specific needs and desires of size, design, functionality, texture and colour.

We work directly with designers, architects, general contractors and homeowners. The small size of our business allows us to provide a detail oriented, professional approach. We will build from your designs, sketches, drawings, magazine clippings or we can also offer our design expertise in transforming a room into a unique, aesthetic and functional space. Please reach us to get a fee quote.



entrepreneurship.com  The Entrepreneurship Center and O.C.R.I. presents the Summer Company youth entrepreneurship experience. This hands-on business training provides mentoring, leadership skills and financial assistance to help students start and run their own summer business. http://ottawayouth.ca/

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