CPR Saves Lives-OCRI Entrepreneurship Centre

Rebecca Lewinson saves lives! CPR Saves Lives is an innovative new concept that focuses on teaching CPR and First Aid to seniors, new mom’s and groups in the privacy of their own home or workplace. It is a service designed to capture those most vulnerable people in our community who may not have the desire or ability to participate in group courses offered at set locations and duration. CPR Saves Lives offers flexible hours and in-home instruction so seniors can learn the skills necessary to potentially save their partner’s life. CPR and First Aid instruction in a home environment not only removes a key barrier to learning these skills, but more importantly it teaches what to do in an emergency - in the location where heart attacks and accidents are most likely to occur.

NCPR Saves Lives is committed to teaching individuals of all ages and ability levels their choice of a 4-6-hour CPR class; a 16 hour full certification of Standard First Aid and CPR; or an 8-hour re-certification of Standard First Aid and CPR. Emergency First Aid and CPR is also available, with a course running time of 7 hours. With CPR Saves Lives, you will be taught first aid and CPR by certified, First Aid Instructors and examiners in the privacy of your own home, school, or place of work. These courses are adapted to suit your needs and abilities so that absolutely anyone who wants to learn how to save a life can do so. Course times can be divided up at your own discretion to allow extra time for rest or to rejuvenate, as many courses can be tiring. Knowing CPR, and delivering CPR as quickly as possible greatly improves the victim's chances of surviving. That next victim could be a friend, loved one, or a family member. Learning CPR is now easy with CPR Saves Lives. Reach us at www.CPRSavesLives.ca, info@cprsaveslives.ca or (613)-791-1869

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