Router Ford Furniture Design-O.C.R.I. Ford uses a precision CNC machine to create customized furniture and signs of any size. The machine is capable of cutting any piece of wood smaller than a 4' by 8' sheet less than 10 inches thick. Design work is done through various CAD and CAM software tools allowing the design to be created and approved by the customer before any part has been cut. This electronic design phase ensures the customers requirements are met without wasted time or materials.

We are local and provide our customers with the exceptional quality and time-management service. Quality was the way of the past and it is now the wave of the present and the future. We use any type of wood but prefer to use local wood products Whether it is for commercial and residential use, the cost is cheaper and the quality higher than the big box stores. Whether you are looking to redecorate a room or refurbish the an entire home or cottage, Router Ford will find exclusive designs or build on your specifications. Enjoy owning custom-made furniture that fits your specific needs and desires of size, design, functionality, texture and colour.

We work directly with designers, architects, general contractors and homeowners. The small size of our business allows us to provide a detail oriented, professional approach. We will build from your designs, sketches, drawings, magazine clippings or we can also offer our design expertise in transforming a room into a unique, aesthetic and functional space. Please reach us to get a fee quote.  The Entrepreneurship Center and O.C.R.I. presents the Summer Company youth entrepreneurship experience. This hands-on business training provides mentoring, leadership skills and financial assistance to help students start and run their own summer business.

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