Man vs Dinner in Ottawa

Here you go again. It is late afternoon, you’re toasted from the day, your blood sugar is low, and making a decision about dinner and then executing it… well you might as well be executed yourself!

You know that somewhere in town there is a slice of pizza with your name on it, but you also know that will only fill the hole in your gut, not satisfy the hunger within. It will be quick, bloating and leave you feeling like a cheese eating high school student. And there is nothing wrong with feeling like a cheese eating high school student, if you are one, but you’re not.

A Conundrum, according to the dictionary, is “anything that puzzles,” and it explains exactly how you are feeling. Your hunger cannot be satisfied by bulk, you don’t have the patience or energy to collect food, cook, eat and clean up. You’re feeling frustration like a worn edge and all you want is an immediate solution. The sustenance you choose needs to be delicious, nourishing and adult, without having to apply for a second mortgage.  You need to make the right decision.

Take a breath because there are easy solutions at hand. Think rosemary Gorgonzola cream sauce topped with caramelized pear. Imagine tomato, roasted garlic, olive oil, and penne. Envision focaccia, beer, wine and bruschetta. Conceptualize caramelized onions, red Thai soup, Malay-style fish and Caprese skewers. Visualize Caesar, spinach, house or goat cheese salad sprinkled with your favorite shredded toppings. Did I mention Tarragon or almond encrusted chicken, grilled salmon, tuna or steak? And, there is always my favourite states of being: BBQ, jerk or grilled. 

StoneFace Dolly’s is home to Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch and Dinner in Ottawa. Like all good stories, StoneFace Dolly’s is a tale that is better served over dinner with friends and in this case, delivered with your favourite entrée by owner and Chef Bob Russell. Don’t forget to ask about Dolly. When it comes to Food in Ottawa, StoneFace Dolly’s accommodates its guests with a casual dinner-party style atmosphere, interesting guests and gourmet food with an international twist. Find us at 416 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 4M9 or 613 564-2222 or

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