How to Get Rich with Bob Proctor

Learning How to Get Rich with Bob Proctor is about manifesting your “Law of Attraction” to do good in the world. Most people today need help, but they also know that with a few extra dollars their financial problems would melt away and they could focus on tomorrow instead of using all of their energy to put out today’s fires.

Every day we rise and we are confronted by problems. Some of them are in our heads, some are in our homes, problems at work and all of the problems in the world being pumped straight into our minds through the media. Let’s face it, sometimes we “Manifest” our own mountains to surmount. That word works in both directions.

Now imagine a life where you get out of bed because you want to. You have time to drive your kids to school, you work from a laptop while you enjoy a coffee, the world that seems to be in a constant state of collapse is no longer draining your will to live, your inner dialogue is peaceful instead of fearful, and your bank account is full. What would you do then? I can honestly tell you at this point of your development, that it is different that what you think.

Of course, most of you cannot imagine this state of being, but there are many of us who do just that. At first when it happens, you sit there waiting for the other shoe to drop. You continue the same patterns, confident that everything will descend once again into the state of madness that it was. And you wait. After an extended period, you will be begin to forget, you will begin to question and you will find yourself feeling still. You will suddenly be surprised to hear yourself laugh for no particular reason, you will compliment more, and you will begin to be more spontaneously generous. And after you have sated yourself, you will begin a search to find things that give your life meaning. And these will all be beyond your physical self.

This is your invitation from Peggy McColl the Author of the New York Times Bestseller “Destinies,” my “Laws of Attraction” co-host Mary Morrissey, Gay Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute and myself, Bob Proctor to co-author with us in “Making a Million Look Small.” So the question isn’t “How to Get Rich with Bob Proctor, the question is what good will I do when I “Get Rich” with Bob Proctor.


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