Bob Proctor on How to Be a Writer

If you do not him by name you will recognize Bob Proctor from the groundbreaking documentary, The Secret. He is the primary voice that states, "The Secret is The Law of Attraction." And now Bob Proctor has teamed up with Peggy McColl, Author of the New York Times Bestseller, “Destinies”, and Marry Morrissey from The Law of Attraction and Gay Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute, to Co-Author with YOU!

Very few people understand how to teach “The Secret Law of Attraction” and these are the best. Bob transformed his early life, with no formal education and no business connections or experience, into the story of a self-made multi-millionaire who travels the globe teaching people how to re-condition and re-program their thinking patterns for success in every facet of their lives. He was inspired by Napoleon Hill’s, “Think and Grow Rich,” plus a few others, at the dawn of new thinking in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Since then he has become the primary voice of “The Law of Attraction,” and has influenced millions with his insightful work.

Now he wants to work with YOU. Their new venture “Making a Million Look Small,” is designed to leverage your writing skills, or lack thereof, teach you “How To Be a Writer” and co-author with you. As you can imagine, this will become an instant Best Seller and skyrocket the participants to instant success. Having lesson from Bob Proctor on How to Be a Writer, will be like having Tiger Woods as your golf coach. Success is unavoidable, as you will have altered your own Law of Attraction and opened yourself the life you deserve.

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