Ottawa Real Estate-Pat Durant

When it comes to Buying or Selling Real Estate in Ottawa, Pat Durant is a name that floats above the competition. Experienced homebuyers know that there’s more to look for than a good neighbourhood and a sturdy foundation. Experienced house shoppers employ the wisdom of their hearts and their minds. With an extensive amount of experience in Real Estate and Home Staging, Pat has advice for any home buyer or seller, newbie or advanced.

“Don’t get caught in the trap of finding a perfect home that you can’t afford,” she claims. She suggests that you spend valuable time defining your budget and doing your homework. Seek out a preapproved mortgage and observe the market fluctuations. Know how much you can afford to spend defines many of your other choices and expediates the process of getting what without putting yourself in a compromised position.

Pat also recommends that you make a list, and check it twice. “Smart shoppers never head to the grocery store without a list and neither should you when you head out to an open house.” Often when we walk into a home, everything seems exciting and new and distracting. Suddenly we are thinking about bay windows on four sides, walk-in closets and big back decks. Which are all fine, but if you do not have the means to afford it, then your impulse decision is going to waste your time and your money. By putting your thoughts on paper, it ensures that you will not forget the questions that you need to ask, look for the faults that may lay beyond the hype and ensure that your choice will be right for you for now.

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