Business Coach - Productive to the Max

Anne Max of Productive to the Max is a Business Coach who increases ROI through guiding individuals, building effective teams and fine tuning divisions. Refined environments translate directly into Increased Productivity, Enhanced Performance and Improved Profitability.

It all begins with asking the right questions. A Business is much like an engine in that regular maintenance is required for maximum performance. Initial consultations unearth underlying issues that may be slowing your progress, eating up energies and reducing performance of the overall machine. Working closely with management we create action plans that allow your management team to identify goals and create actionable plans for achievement.

The 21st Century is a new and challenging environment for business where you may be encountering shifting priorities, increasingly short deadlines and changes in the marketplace. These can lead to uncertainty amongst employees, procrastination and confused communications, which can undermine existing processes. Through a variety of methods, Productive to the Max will build focused and motivated teams, recreate cohesion, deliver on corporate objectives, refine processes, reduce unnecessary expenses, duplication and confusion.

Through extensive experience we know that there are five key areas that need to be addressed and balanced. Change and Re-Alignment assesses needs, roles and responsibilities, clarifies processes, improves communications and monitors implementation of action plans. Teambuilding and Productivity determines issues facing the team(s), identifies solutions, facilitates open dialogue, creates action plans and monitors follow-up. Information Management appraises paper and electronic filing systems, identifies effective reorganization strategy, coordinates information sharing, coaches on workflow and monitors adherence to procedures. Applied Time Management assesses time management styles, documents workflow processes and goals, implements action plans, coaches on communication and improved time management, and monitors performance. Strategic Alignment oversees mission statements, facilitates strategic planning, coordinates action plans and tasks, improves communication processes and implements systems and resources. Change is inevitable, how quickly you respond will determine your Productivity, Performance and Profitability. Become Productive to the Max through Business Coaching.

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