Process Server South Carolina

It is important, when hiring a Process Server in South Carolina, that the company meet all federal and state requirements related to the service of process. Some states require process server licensing, while others do not, but there are many that are moving quickly to license Process Servers. Some states require servers to be registered in individual counties and cities. Currently statewide licensing is required in Alaska, Arizona, California, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma and Washington with several other states implementing licensing this year. Additionally Florida, Missouri and New York have local licensing laws regarding service of process in specific regions.

There are many benefits to employing a Process Server. If your time has any value, then hiring a professional Server of Process will save you a considerable amount. Why go through the expense, hassle and frustration of having to do the research, cross-check hundreds of leads, track the information and deliver the document, at the expense of all of the other duties that your business requires? With varying state and regional requirements, you may not be familiar with constant changes to the law. The worst-case scenario would be to expend time and resources, deliver the documents and have it become a negative effect on your case, because of a minor loophole.

Service of Process is not easy. Many people do not want to be found, so they relocate often, they travel and they evade. It is likely that you are not the only one’s who they are running from. Even when found, people manage to avoid being served. Once you have cornered them and are about to serve, you will be confronted with an angry, indignant and embarrassed individual. At Due Process USA, we have acquired the best Servers in the industry who are professionally trained in the art of diffusing heated situations and getting the Process Served without incident. Due Process USA is the market leader in Process Service and Skip Tracing. With 1200 Process Servers we provide end-to-end Service of Process and Skip Trace Services Nationwide. Due Process applies the same professional ethics and standards as the law firms which we serve. Our use of advanced methodology, attention to detail and proactive customer service provide you with end-to-end Service of Process, which is only complete once the case is adjudicated.


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