Events in Ottawa-Faces Magazine

For everyone who wants to know “What to Do in Ottawa,” or has been out and about in the Nations Capital, there is resource available. You may even find yourself in the pages, therein. Now that Ottawa is the best-kept secret between Montreal and Toronto when it comes to exciting and engaging things to do, it’s time that you joined the fun.

Faces Magazine is a high-gloss, full-colour monthly publication available for FREE in Ottawa or by subscription delivered to our readers’ front doors. There is something going on every night of the week and special events planned for every weekend. Faces Magazine catches all eyes, as it’s an over-sized 10 x 11.5 bright and fun publication. It’s like having your own Paparazzi.

The Paparazzi trend is driven by an obsession with chronicling your life and experiencing fame. In Ottawa, it’s Faces Magazine that is capturing your friends, your parties, your life. Faces Magazine is non-traditional in the sense of print media. We focus on capturing Ottawa’s people and places through photographs, interviews and profiles. The Free publication showcases the city and its people in an entertaining and simple fashion and is distributed throughout Ottawa. Faces Magazine features those who partake in the city’s nightlife, dining, shopping and entertainment events in and about Ottawa. The more individuals who appear in the magazine month after month, the more the magazine circulates in the hands of our current and new readers. Each issue creates a desire for new readers to see if they or their friends have been captured by the Faces paparazzi. The goal is to heighten the experience of the event and show the City who the new movers and shakers are.  So get out and get discovered with Faces Magazine.

Posted via email from Ottawa Social Media Marketing