NUCCA Ontario

NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, founded in 1966, whose focus is to relieve pain and dysfunction through precise corrections of the upper spine. The NUCCA procedure relieves stress on the nervous system so that the body may employ it’s own natural self-healing process. Although there are many variations of spinal health-care, may focus on addressing local joint function by administering a short, quick thrust to a localized area. NUCCA Chiropractors influence the entire spine through correcting the balance of the skull on the neck. The weight of the head perched atop the narrow neck can easily affect our posture, which in turn, affects every move that we make.

The benefits include long-term spine balance. I know what you’re thinking….WOW! But remember that the spine carries all of the nerves that allow your brain to speak to your limbs and your organs. So the next time you bend over to pick up a pencil, think of your spine. The next time your bladder functions properly without you having to think about it, thank your spine. The next time that you do not need to concentrate to take a breath, thank your spine. The next time that your leg takes a step and keeps you from falling flat on your face, thank your spine. Got it? So, you do not need to build a shrine to your spine because your local NUCCA practitioner has already done that. But you might want to take it in for a regular check up. 

The NUCCA approach is a comprehensive plan for long-term sustainable spine function. It is a highly specialized approach that requires considerable extra training and commitment and is exclusive to 200 practitioners worldwide. In Ottawa and eastern Ontario, there is Moore Chiropractic Clinic, serving Stittsville and Kanata and operated by Dr. Jim Moore. Get a consultation by calling 613 831 8374 or email us at or find us at, your NUCCA practitioner in Ontario.