Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg during Ad Week... #2. Video: Upload videos about your cause as video is really powerful.

Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg during Ad Week gives three tips for social causes on Facebook. 1. Virality: Encourage sharing by tagging photos, for example. 2. Video: Upload videos about your cause as video is really powerful. 3. Insights: Use Facebook's analytics to learn what content most resonates with users.
Online video marketing is largely untapped by the average business and quickly becoming the medium of choice for advertising. Of course, there are right ways and ineffective ways.... I can help you with that.
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See Bed Bugs SUCK MY BLOOD! Latest Video-Control Pest-Pest Service to Kill Bed Bugs-Freeze with Cryonite Snow


Property Management Companies, Hospital, Government, Facility Managers or cleaning companies can now control pest and pest service fees by killing bed bugs, cockroaches and beetles through freezing with Cryonite snow.

Pest control using Cryonite is as easy as hooking up a BBQ and operating a pressure washer. It uses CO2 gas, which is readily available from your local gas company. CO2 is used to make soda pop bubble, is made into dry ice and is also applied like sand blasting to clean buildings.

Cryonite takes the liquid carbon dioxide and through a special process, turns it into snow. But here is the trick. Not long ago, CO2 was unsuccessfully used to freeze bedbugs. Bed bugs and cockroaches are covered in a hard skin that is called an exoskeleton which protects them from extreme temperatures. As they applied the CO2, it did not freeze them fast enough, allowing the bugs to go into a suspended state. While the bugs were hibernating the problem appeared to be solved and the good people resumed their normal sleeping patterns... until they all woke up.

So, having said all of that, what makes Cryonite snow different is that it produces two unique and instrumental snowflake sizes that penetrate the hard exoskeleton and flash freeze our unwanted visitors. It is also effective in killing the larvae and the eggs, something that has been giving other methods of extermination a challenge. Think of it… kill the eggs and they are gone forever, not just for now.

Other advantages to freezing bed bugs with Cryonite snow is that has no hydrogen molecules. Yes, I am sure that I have your attention hanging on my every word. Translation: Hydrogen molecules are what you get with water and since there are none in CO2 there is no risk of staining upholstery or clothing, there is no transmission of electrical current if you happen to spray it on electrical devices, it is odorless and it will not leave any chemical ooze.

So what are you waiting for??? Call me, Dean, toll free at 1 877 411 0053 or find me at dean at restassuredmc dot calm.

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Latest Video-Chicago Bedbug Summit-Pest Control for Property Managers-Freeze Bed Bugs with Cryonite

The Chicago Bed Bug Summit was a great success, raising awareness and providing options for pest control, extermination and the obliteration of bed bugs. We all knew that once bedbugs had invaded the sanctity of Victoria’s Secret, the evil bugs would need to be exterminated.

Adding insult to injury they also violated the pristine environments of Abercrombie & Fitch and challenged Nike by “just doing it” in their New York store.

America can only take so much of this type of insolence so this week America was exposed a myriad of solutions to annihilating the annoying pests. Bed bug extermination methods use heat trailers to bake them, frying them, chemical pesticides, tracking them down with Scooby the Bedbug sniffing dog and starving them with mattress covers for bed bugs. But, by far, the most interesting method was Cryonite, which turns CO2 gas into a snow that freeze bed bugs.

 “Cryonite was developed in Sweden and has been in use in Europe and Australia since 2005,” explained Lorne Chadnick of Restassured.com, the only licensed Cryonite distributors in North America. Their patented machine takes liquid CO2 and produces tiny snowflakes. Bedbugs have a hard outer skin that is called an exoskeleton and is very much like a space suit, in that it protects the bugs from extreme temperature changes. Therefore Cryonite’s claim to fame is that it produces two snowflake sizes that are able to penetrate their armor and rapid freeze them from the inside out.

Aside from being effective, the Cryonite process is also one of the most environmentally friendly pest control methods on the market. The snow is made from CO2 gas which is widely used in the creation of soda pop, it does not leave a residue or chemical smell, it does not stain fabric or furniture, it dissipates quickly and it can be safely used around people. If you have ever been to rock concert or the science center where you saw dry ice roll off the stage like fog, then you have seen what Cryonite is made of.

What about the recent EPA/CDC joint statement on the use of Pesticides in bed bug control? Another bonus with using Cryonite is that it is not a restricted substance. There is no licensing required, so for the first time Property Management Companies can take control of their pest management with a highly effective weapon. When you think you may have a bed bug problem, you can attack it immediately without having to call a pest control company, without having to close rooms, without having to wait hours or days, or displace your tenants… it is a concept that some Property Managers are having trouble understanding. DDT is gone, wake up, the future is here!

So, the next time that you are drinking a soda at a rock concert, think of Cryonite. More info can be had at restassuredmc.com or by calling Dean toll free at 1 877 411 0053.

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184 New Clients in 24 Hours... and see the blood sucked out of me, really!

184 new clients.


184 opportunities to make an impression, to plant a seed, to inspire, to educate or to convince, that you are the best company to service their needs.


What business could not profit from such an increase? 184 is the number of views that our Youtube Channel, youtube.com/restassuredmc, had in the last 24 hours. That is 184 new and returning people "walking through our store." How many do you need?


 We had viewers from specifically targeted areas in the US and CN and the age of our viewers fit the demographic that we needed to reach. We are on course to have over 3000 visits by the end of this month on our Youtube channel...not including our other 90 communication channels that incorporates podcast, article, blog and 20 social media sites.

Not only are we speaking, but people are reading what we have to say, hearing our message, watching our moves and sharing it with their friends. I think that we have arrived. How about you?

Our latest video...

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Response to National Geographic youtube video Bed Bugs

See our live hungry bed bugs at Restassuredmc.com.

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We need some friends at Restassuredmc on Facebook

FYI I am doing a considerable amount of work for Restassuredmc regarding bedbugs. We have around 100 Youtube views/day from the demographics that are most important to us. We could use some more friends on Facebook at Restassuredmc



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