What is Visalus with Mike Kelly

In the infamous words of Mike Kelly, “Everybody eats!” Just in case you had any doubts our informal survey proved this to be true. But did you know that people who do not eat breakfast are 440% more likely to be overweight? That is because when you finally do eat, your hunger is high, you eat more that you need and your body grabs the fat and stores it, just in case you do not again anytime soon. In other words, by starving ourselves for short periods of time we engage the physiology that allowed us to survive for tens of thousands of years, when our meals would be days and weeks apart. Add that to our modern convenience of having an abundance of high fat foods as close as our phone, our sedentary lifestyle and the stress of modern life and you have a silent epidemic on your hands.

When you ask Mike Kelly “What is Visalus?” he will say that it is “a war on obesity.” It is a carefully crafted, scientifically designed nutrition system that supports healthy gradual weight loss through dietary support. The English version translates as such: Life gets in the way, time gets restrained, stress levels rise and we don’t have the time or energy to eat right. A strict diet is nearly impossible to maintain for most of us. Life just doesn’t work that way. So, when we deviate from a diet, we are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and disappointment, our inner voices increase the pressure and we have to start all over from zero. Obviously, this is an untenable situation and only super-humans are able to overcome it.

The "all or nothing" attitude makes us fatter faster as we cycle through failure, guilt, self-loathing and inner arguments that never lead to success. But where is the sanity in that? What we really need is an easy system that does not leave us hungry, supports our lifestyle without big changes and is affordable.

What is Visalus? It is a motivated group of individuals that focus on Ottawa Weight Loss. They motivate and support people who are struggling with methods to Lose Weight and Weight Reduction by creating an easy Diet Plan. Take the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge and join the growing list of success stories in your region. We dare you!

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Income Tax Return and Bookkeeping Service in Ottawa

It sneaks up on us every year like a silent creature in a horror film. Without a sound or any warning, they are on us and we are helpless to resist. YES, it’s your taxes and YES, you cannot avoid them and YES it’s about time to be proactive. In the words of Francine Allaire of Dion, Vallee Bookkeeping Service and Income Tax Return in Ottawa, “Sell your strengths and Buy your weaknesses.” In other words, some of us are good at fixing things, others have people skills, some of us catch the bad guys and we are all surrounded by entrepreneurs who are busy executing their ideas. The precision, persistence and patience that is required for Bookkeeping is rare and difficult to maintain, which the exact reason why 99% of us need to BUY this skill from someone else.

It happens all of the time. Your best intentions are to collect your receipts, jot down your mileage, enter them in ledger and file them on a weekly basis. Not unlike a New Years resolution, our best intentions give way to every other immediate crises that we need to solve. So, while we are busy putting out today’s fires, our ledgers are quietly building into five alarm fires in the bottom of a drawer. Suddenly, we grasp a moment to devote to our Bookkeeping and we pat ourselves on the back for actually taking five minutes to straighten out our numbers. But when we blow the dust off the cover and crack the ledger open to the last entry, we realize that more time has transpired since that entry and we need to make all of the entries between then and now.

Suddenly our five-minute duty becomes an hour of frustration as we attempt to track down receipts, remember numbers and make entries. And after all of that, there are enough holes in our ledgers to accommodate a family of Tax Agents. Once you admit that Income Tax Return and Bookkeeping Services are not some of your stronger skill sets, then you are well on the road to recovery and you will sleep like a baby tonight. Good intentions don’t fill empty ledgers, so get yours fixed today at Dion Vallee Income Tax & Bookkeeping Management.

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Isagenix Ottawa-J’lene Bradley

Several years ago, J’lene became disgruntled with her job as a nurse. She loved the health field, as helping others was her calling in life. Throughout her nursing career, J’lene worked with all ages of people, but found her calling in supporting women through pregnancy, labour, delivery and post-partum issues. She was even responsible for med-evacs from the Arctic, where communities have limited resources and personnel.

About the same time that she was becoming disgruntled with her position as a nurse, a friend introduced her to Network Marketing. And you know what they say: “When a door closes, a window opens.” After trying a number of Network Marketing companies and products, J’lene realized that she loved being an Entrepreneur, but had yet to find the right fit. Having embraced the opportunity to try something new she wanted to find an opportunity that would allow her to continue to fulfill her need to help others, apply her health experience and have the opportunity to become financially independent. And that is when she discovered Isagenix.

Isagenix Ottawa, which is a larger part of Isagenix Canada, is a world leader in Cleansing and Fat Burning Systems.  Their programs help individuals optimize their health through a stimulant-free, nutrient infusion routine that results in having higher energy and a more youthful constitution. Amoungst many high-end health products, they offer easy, complete 9 and 30 day Cleansing, Fat Burning and Weight Loss packages.

“All network marketing companies are not created equal,” is the advice that she offers to others who are looking to improve their physical and financial health.

Through her experiences, J’lene discovered that she had a love for networking, meeting new people and empowering others. “Catch me a fish and feed me for a day, teach me to fish and feed me for a lifetime.” As her success grew and she applied herself, J’lene started to see that she was having a positive affect on the lives of others and knew that she had found a new calling. Currently she is waiting for your call so she can help you move forward to completing your goals in your life.

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Ottawa Real Estate-Pat Durant

When it comes to Buying or Selling Real Estate in Ottawa, Pat Durant is a name that floats above the competition. Experienced homebuyers know that there’s more to look for than a good neighbourhood and a sturdy foundation. Experienced house shoppers employ the wisdom of their hearts and their minds. With an extensive amount of experience in Real Estate and Home Staging, Pat has advice for any home buyer or seller, newbie or advanced.

“Don’t get caught in the trap of finding a perfect home that you can’t afford,” she claims. She suggests that you spend valuable time defining your budget and doing your homework. Seek out a preapproved mortgage and observe the market fluctuations. Know how much you can afford to spend defines many of your other choices and expediates the process of getting what without putting yourself in a compromised position.

Pat also recommends that you make a list, and check it twice. “Smart shoppers never head to the grocery store without a list and neither should you when you head out to an open house.” Often when we walk into a home, everything seems exciting and new and distracting. Suddenly we are thinking about bay windows on four sides, walk-in closets and big back decks. Which are all fine, but if you do not have the means to afford it, then your impulse decision is going to waste your time and your money. By putting your thoughts on paper, it ensures that you will not forget the questions that you need to ask, look for the faults that may lay beyond the hype and ensure that your choice will be right for you for now.

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Chiropractor in Stittsville and Kanata

You may, or may not know this, but our bodies crave alignment as much as they crave vitamins, minerals and all of the things that let them function as they are designed. When properly aligned, our bones support our weight, the same as the frame of a house supports the walls. Effort is minimized, strain is reduced and all things are allowed to function as they have been designed. The immediate result is improved health, blood is free to move, oxygen gets to the places it is required, , and waste is removed.

They were not far off the mark when school girls walked around balancing books on their heads. Standing up straight supports your whole body, removes pressure from where it is not supposed to be and makes you aware of and connected to every zone your body. Great posture is a way of doing things with more energy, less stress and fatigue. Without good posture, you cannot really be physically fit. Without good posture, you can actually damage your spine every time you exercise.

Think of it: our frame is made of bones that are stacked upon each other. Our head rests directly over the spine, which is comprised of many vertebrae, each fitting with the next like a puzzle. These are stacked on our pelvis, which is divided equally over two knees and two ankles, thereby distributing the weight of the entire frame. Then you add a hundred pounds of muscle, organs and fluids and you have a highly functioning, simple yet complex machine that transports us through our lives.

People who spend a lot of time sitting, hunching or immobile put a lot of pressure on their systems. First of all, the neck and back have to carry the weight of the body rather than it being supported by the spine. This creates joint pressure, which comes in the form of neck and back pain, which can lead to headaches, short attention span, and depression. One system affects another, and each system compensates for the shortcomings of others until the whole system is at risk. By then it may be too late to return the whole system to a pristine sate. Got a headache? It may be your spine talking to you. See Jim Moore, Chiropractor in Stittsville and Kanata.

Chiropractor Kanata, Chiropractor Stittsville, Kanata Chiropractor, NUCCA, Stittsville Chiropractor

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Ottawa Kiosk

Ottawa Kiosk is Ottawa's largest and most popular online local directory in the Ottawa region. Established in 1996, they have over 1000 small businesses in their directory and maintain a 95% renewal rate. With over a quarter million visitors every thirty days, Ottawa Kiosk is highly optimized and refers 1000’s of visitors for Ottawa business including Ottawa tourism, Ottawa travel, Ottawa restaurants, Ottawa bars, Ottawa Hotels, Ottawa lawyers, Ottawa dentists, Ottawa spas, Ottawa radio stations and Ottawa everything else you can imagine.

Ottawa Kiosk has an extensive community program whereby they assist local charities with their online marketing. They are proud sponsors and partners of the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest, Max Keeping Foundation, United Way Ottawa, Sens Foundation, and more. They also have developed a charities portal to highlight local Ottawa charities and their events, which can be found at Ottawa Charities on their website. They have created Official Web Sites for Ottawa's tourist destinations, like the ByWard Market, Somerset Village, Somerset Heights, and Preston Street.  We have also developed the Official Ottawa Festivals web site and the Ottawa Convention Guide. Other initiatives that OttawaKiosk.com is involved in; Ottawa's Real Estate portal, Ottawa Living and Ottawa's used car portal Auto Catch. One of our goals is to contribute towards a paperless society... doing our part in contributing towards preserving the world we live in.

We would like to invite you to use the Ottawa Kiosk whenever you need to find an Ottawa-based business, company, service or organization. Ottawa Kiosk is also growing… We are part of a network of local directories across Canada called Canadian Kiosk, as well as the Canoe Travel Network, a Quebecor Company. As the World Wide Web grows everyday, we hope you will find our "kiosk" an efficient and easy tool to use. If you have any suggestions please email us.

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Active Release Technique in Ottawa((Active Release Technique Ottawa, Ottawa Massage, Stittsville Massage, Massage in Kanata, Spotrts Injury))

Active Release Technique in Ottawa, or otherwise, is also know as ART and is an effective method of treating scar tissue in overused muscles. As adhesions on your muscles build up, they become shorter and weaker. These affect the joints and the motion of the muscle and may compress nerves. Hence, your tissue gets less blood, pain increases and mobility decreases.

Although Active Release Technique is being used by many professional athletes to get them back into the game, it can also be used to treat common muscles problems like headaches and back pain, common office related problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and other nerve issues, common sport ailments like shin splints, or temporomandibular joint, otherwise known as TMJ, plantar fasciitis, sciatica and numerous soft tissue inflammatory problems. The application of ART restores the smooth movement of tissue over each other, releases trapped nerves that are causing pain and allows for increased blood flow, which naturally restores health to the affected region.

Active Release Technique providers use their hands to gage texture, tightness and movement of soft tissue areas. Applying the right amount of pressure, they interrupt the adhesions and begin to break down the problem. Combined with stretching the fibrous area in both the venous and lymphatic flow directions, breaks the pattern and quickly restores motion to the affected area. Since there are many levels of ART, it is imperative that patients use a Certified ART Practitioner, because in the first three levels, the practitioner does the movement. But in the fourth and final level, the patient is required to move, assisting the practitioner in their application and contributing to their own recovery. Obviously, patient involvement has lead to better outcomes and speeds the process of getting people back to physical health.

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Making a Million Look Small ((What is The Secret, The Law of Attraction, How to be Rich, How to Be a Writer, How to Be an Author))

Making a Million Look Small is not about money. As Bob says “it’s about how we spend our days.” Someone once asked, “if I can show you how to make $10,000 dollars, what would that be worth to you?” Hands shot up around the room. One person answered “a thousand dollars,” obviously guessing. Another answered “well, $10,000 dollars, obviously.” The speaker did not try to respond to any guess, or any response. All of the responders were so quick to look smart that they failed to stop and consider the question, before submitting their answer. After numerous guesses, one final person stood and stated, “it would be infinite.”

Correct. If I could teach you how to make $10,000 dollars, then you could apply it as many times as you like, infinitely. If you want $10,0000 dollars, then apply it once. If you want a million dollars then apply it 100 times. And so on, and so on. So there is no limit to how much success you can achieve.

Making A Million Look Small is your opportunity to have the ear, advice and mentoring from Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl, Mary Morrissey and Gay Hendricks. “So, what?” you say. What, indeed! If you want to raise the bar, up your game, increase your potential, reach the stars, fulfill your goals, overcome your situation, move forward, blow the nay-sayers out of the water, you are going to need to rely on the experience and connections of those who have been there and done that.

Listen to your heart because it knows that you cannot get where you want to be by listening to the advice of someone who has not achieved this level of success. That is like taking directions from someone who has never been there, but it’s not difficult to find someone who is willing to give them. This is your invitation from Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl, Mary Morrissey and Gay Hendricks to join us.

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DJ Service for Wedding and Event in Ottawa

Let’s face it, planning weddingsand events have a lot in common. What is the difference between a CEO and the Brides Parents… very little, when it comes to expectations. The event needs to be inspiring, accommodate multiple cultures, generations and styles, and be memorable for all of the “right” reasons.

It is expectations in pressure situations that bring out the worst or best in people. Every successful conference, event, wedding or mitzvah requires music, live entertainment, decorative lighting, activity coordination, video services, pre-recorded or live ceremony music, disc jockey services and a thousand unseen variables. In fact, the sheer volume of decisions from colours, styles, invites, exceptions, flowers, etc is enough to overwhelm the most ardent of multi-taksers. And then when it comes to being responsible for the FUN, well the pressure only increases. Your decisions will affect and hopefully inspire the participants to interact across generations, cultures and styles. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

Here are a few ideas that will help your decision process when engaging a DJ Service for a Wedding and Event in Ottawa.

Do they have a No-DJ Sound System? Sometimes you require a system but may not require a DJ. You DJ or UDJ is the worry free solution, whereby our professional team of technicians deliver, setup and ensure that you understand the basic functions of the system before leaving you to enjoy your event. Then, when the last song is played, they return to tear it down and take it away. Simple, effective and easy.

Do they have full-service destination planning? Sometimes you need to accommodate visitors to Ottawa Events from outside of the city. To make the best impression and guarantee satisfaction of participants you may require Quality DMC service that is customizable to include Event Planning, Ottawa Wedding Venues, limousine, shuttle and coach transportation, Ottawa City Tours, Motivational Speakers and Entertainers, City Tours, Conference or Wedding Style Tents, Ottawa Event Management and DJ Services.

Do they have the full A/V Package so you do not have to worry about a thing? Audio Visual is a prerequisite for success in any Ottawa Wedding or Ottawa Event. Quality AV focuses on satisfying all of your technical needs and make it easy to rent one projector or a full stage set-up-online! Managing the success of your event is as simple as delegating your needs to the right partner.

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Business Coach - Productive to the Max

Anne Max of Productive to the Max is a Business Coach who increases ROI through guiding individuals, building effective teams and fine tuning divisions. Refined environments translate directly into Increased Productivity, Enhanced Performance and Improved Profitability.

It all begins with asking the right questions. A Business is much like an engine in that regular maintenance is required for maximum performance. Initial consultations unearth underlying issues that may be slowing your progress, eating up energies and reducing performance of the overall machine. Working closely with management we create action plans that allow your management team to identify goals and create actionable plans for achievement.

The 21st Century is a new and challenging environment for business where you may be encountering shifting priorities, increasingly short deadlines and changes in the marketplace. These can lead to uncertainty amongst employees, procrastination and confused communications, which can undermine existing processes. Through a variety of methods, Productive to the Max will build focused and motivated teams, recreate cohesion, deliver on corporate objectives, refine processes, reduce unnecessary expenses, duplication and confusion.

Through extensive experience we know that there are five key areas that need to be addressed and balanced. Change and Re-Alignment assesses needs, roles and responsibilities, clarifies processes, improves communications and monitors implementation of action plans. Teambuilding and Productivity determines issues facing the team(s), identifies solutions, facilitates open dialogue, creates action plans and monitors follow-up. Information Management appraises paper and electronic filing systems, identifies effective reorganization strategy, coordinates information sharing, coaches on workflow and monitors adherence to procedures. Applied Time Management assesses time management styles, documents workflow processes and goals, implements action plans, coaches on communication and improved time management, and monitors performance. Strategic Alignment oversees mission statements, facilitates strategic planning, coordinates action plans and tasks, improves communication processes and implements systems and resources. Change is inevitable, how quickly you respond will determine your Productivity, Performance and Profitability. Become Productive to the Max through Business Coaching.

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Video Coaching with Kristen White of Instant Celebrity

Most of us find it a strange and unpleasant experience the first time we see or hear ourselves in a recording. It is because we are accustomed to hearing our own voices through the bone of our skull, which is completely different from how others hear us. As for seeing ourselves, suddenly the lens is close, the lighting is poor and the grain is accenting our flaws. Noses look funny, mannerisms become annoyingly obvious and we never measure up to the mental image of ourselves. But when we observe others watching us, they seem to be oblivious to the details that scream out to us. With a little Media Training from Kristen White of Instant Celebrity, you will learn how to control the message and control the medium.

Being self-aware and self-conscious are two completely separate states of being on camera. One leads down the road of success and the other leads directly to disaster. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, but go straight to jail and stay there away from the cameras, away from the lights and away from the most powerful communication tool in the history of mankind. And then, on the other hand, with a little Video Coaching with Kristen White of Instant Celebrity, you can slay your inner dragon and move into the spotlight with confidence, poise and certainty.

It’s true that most people fear public speaking more than they fear death, but that most likely evolved because death is inevitable and public speaking has been avoidable. But with the advent of Social Media, the power of online video marketing and multiple cameras in every household, it looks as though public speaking is soon to be inevitable as well.

Welcome to the 21st Century where the media paradigms of the last several hundred years are converging on the Internet. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the one-way communication that was controlled by newspapers, radio, television and film. Today’s consumers want to see who is behind the product and they want to communicate. Don’t let fear keep you from leveraging the power of video. Watch our Four Free Videos that are designed to help you immediately and let us help you slay your dragons at instantcelebritysuccess.com.

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